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  1. Mike Hatam

    Huge sale - tons of stuff! (NEX, M, Canon, Apple, and more)

    OK, I've been putting off selling off some gear, so I'm putting this all together in a huge mega-sale post. All prices include Paypal fees and USPS priority mail within the continental US. Other forms of shipping or international shipping is completely at buyers cost. I will only ship...
  2. Mike Hatam

    Working with NEX-7 video

    Thought it might be good to have a thread discussing how to work with NEX video footage. I'll start it off with my newbie questions... I would like some help/advice on how to work with some video footage that I've shot with my NEX-7. I shot using the AVCHD in 60p 28M (PS) mode. Now I'm...
  3. Mike Hatam

    FS: Elinchrom Ranger RX complete kit, 1200RX, modifiers, Skyport

    I'm selling off my Elinchrom gear, which just doesn't get used. I've owned this gear for about 2 years, and it's only been used about 5 times. Everything is in excellent working condition with no issues. Elinchrom Ranger RX complete kit: $2,100 - 1100 Watt/Second power pack - Extra batter...
  4. Mike Hatam

    FS: Voigtlander 50/1.5, Contax G 90, adapters, CCTV 35/1.7 for NEX

    Selling off a few items that I no longer use/need... Voigtlander 50mm f1.5 Nokton Aspheric LTM mount [SOLD] The lens is in excellent condition with only minor traces of use. Glass is clean and clear. Includes original box and all original manuals/accessories. Price: $430 shipped and paypal'd...
  5. Mike Hatam

    FS: X100 & X10 with accessories

    A couple of great Fuji cousins in need of a new home (I've switched to the NEX system)... Fuji X100 Purchased new on April 29, 2011. Includes all original packaging, accessories, and retail receipt. Camera and lens are in excellent condition with only very minor signs of use. This camera...
  6. Mike Hatam

    Sony alpha 16-50 vs Zeiss 16-80

    I got the a77 kit with 16-50 / 2.8 lens. The lens seems nice enough for casual snapshots, but seems to have a lot of CA at 16mm, and maybe not sufficiently sharp for critical images at the wide end. How is the Zeiss 16-80 in comparison? Does anyone have experience with both lenses? I'm...
  7. Mike Hatam

    WTB: Sony ZA 135 f1.8 alpha

    I'm interested in giving this lens a try (Sony SAL-135f18z) on my upcoming Sony a77. If anyone has one they'd like to sell, please contact me. Thanks, Mike
  8. Mike Hatam

    Advice on sports lenses with A77

    I currently use a Canon 7D with a Sigma 120-300 / f2.8 lens as my primary sports setup (mainly shooting soccer). I've ordered an A77 to give it a try. I'd like some recommendations on sports lenses to use in Alpha mount primarily for soccer. Sigma has announced that they will eventually...
  9. Mike Hatam

    WTB: 1DsIII L-Bracket

    Does anyone have an L-Bracket for the 1DsIII (also fits the 1DIII) available? Mike
  10. Mike Hatam

    Found: Canon 135 f2 L

    Anyone have a Canon EF 135mm F2 L lens available? Mike
  11. Mike Hatam

    SOLD: Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS

    Selling this, as I just don't use it enough, and need to fund a longer lens. Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS (Mark I) Serial number: 415536 Date code: UV0716 Items included: original box and all accessories (hood, tripod ring, etc), including blank warranty card. The lens is in excellent condition...
  12. Mike Hatam

    SOLD: Leica SF58 flash

    I bought this flash new last winter to go with my M9 (which I sold over the summer), and never used it. It's in perfect condition, with original box and all accessories. I mounted it once just to test it, but otherwise, it's sat in the box since I bought it. These sell new for $650 at B&H...
  13. Mike Hatam

    SOLD: G2, GF1, M4/3 Lenses

    I'm switching from mFT to Sony NEX, and selling off my mFT gear. Prices are NET to me (please add any shipping/paypal fees). Panasonic G2 Kit with 14-42 lens - $525 - SOLD Lightly used G2 kit with 14-42 lens, in excellent condition with minor signs of use. Includes original box, accessories...
  14. Mike Hatam

    Lens recommendations for NEX-5?

    Just picked up an NEX-5, and I'm new to the system. I'm getting the two-lens kit (16 & 18-55). What I'd like to add now are some fast manual-focus primes, but not sure what lenses work best on the NEX-5 with adapters. Are there issues with wide-angle M mount lenses (such as on the mFT...
  15. Mike Hatam

    SOLD: Leica M 35 Cron ASPH & 90 Summarit

    I have the following two Leica M lenses available for sale (I've sold off my M9 and other lenses). Prices are NET to me (buyer to pay any fees and shipping costs). Leica 35 Summicron ASPH (black, hand-coded) - $1,700 Serial number: 3873466 Included: Original box, case, metal hood, cap...
  16. Mike Hatam

    SOLD: M9, WATE, 28, 50, 90

    First of all, I apologize for my "pre-announcement" post earlier this week, which was against forum rules, as I didn't list any prices. I forgot about the rule, and was off-line for 48 hours after the post - my apologies. This sale is a GetDPI exclusive and will be listed only here on GetDPI...
  17. Mike Hatam

    FOUND: Lumix mFT 14-140

    Looking for a Panasonic mFT 14-140 lens. Thanks, Mike
  18. Mike Hatam

    TRADED: 35 cron asph - BP for regular black

    I recently picked up a "black paint" version of the 35 summicron ASPH. It's simply beautiful, excellent condition, with box and all original contents as well as the hood. It is hand-coded (recognized as 35 summicron on my M9). I love the lens, but the BP version is heavier than the standard...
  19. Mike Hatam

    SOLD: 35 Summilux ASPH

    Rearranging my M lens line-up to pay some bills... Leica M 35 Summilux ASPH - $3,000 Net [SOLD] Serial number: 4006834 Includes: box, leather case, caps, square hood and hood cap, manual, and original retail receipt This lens was purchased new in May, 2009, and I am the second owner. The...
  20. Mike Hatam

    SOLD: Contax Zeiss 35 PC "Shift" f2.8 for Canon

    Contax Zeiss 35 PC-SHIFT f2.8 w/ Canon adapter - $1,000 Net [SOLD] This lens is in excellent condition. It's very clean with only a few minor signs of use (such as some minor marks on the filter rings). The glass is clean. The aperture ring is smooth with nice clicks at each stop. The focus...