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    How do you protect your tech cam from ghastly weather conditions?

    Here's the link to the Hestra glove I used as a liner within the mitts (and their liner) > Yes, 3 layers + hand warmers (required by my guide). I suppose technically they are not a liner and are actually a...
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    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    M10 Monochrom Summilux-21mm/ISO 8000/f11/ 1/500/yellow filter
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    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    Where I get to spend my post-Arctic travel quarantine time. At +40F, its 70 degrees warmer than where I left. Leica M10 Monochrom/21mm/ISO 5000/250th/f11/dark red filter Cheers, _Robert
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    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    M10 Monochrom in the High Arctic taking on subzero temps (F) and the Aurora... Snowmobile Refueling @ 5am Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Northernmost Norway Summicron-M 28mm ISO 5000 f? 1/90 Aurora N1 Summilux-M 21mm ISO 1600 f1.4 8sec Aurora N2 Summilux-M 21mm ISO 1600 f1.4 8sec
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    Fun with MF images

    Testing AFA and focus stacking on the Shepaug River, Washington, CT. The initial shots were w/ Lee Big Stop (10-stop) at 4 min exposures and those produce the desired silky water. For the images posted here I used shorter periods for AFA (1 & 2 min) and in retrospect they needed to be longer...
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    Fun with IQ4150 Achromatic Images

    Dreary and cold flat light days, when color has taken the day off, give the monochrome a chance to show its strength. This is when the landscape camera artist is forced to not only look, but see. It is an entirely different process to determine if there is something to be made from the more...
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    Fun with IQ4150 Achromatic Images

    There is such beauty in the simplicity of the pure grays proffered by the IQ4 150 Achromatic. This particular challenge was a black metal structure, an artists' studio barn, against the snow in bright sunlight. It was the reflection off the windows on the snow that captured my initial...
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    Phase One XT

    Putting the ease and speed of the XT use to the test, a Front of the Sensor shot of the XT on a highway in the middle of nearly nowhere where vehicles travel at 85 MPH or get passed. And the end result: "All hat, no cattle", Valentine, Texas 2019 (not final edit version) IQ4150 Achro/XT...
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    Fun with MF Achromatic Digital Backs

    In Scotland w/ IQ3100-Achro/Arca Factum/Rodie 40 Crooked ISO 200 / 1/30s / f11 / 1 deg tilt + 5mm fall for composition / Lee .6 GND + 486 filters Straight ISO 200 / 1/60s / f11 / 1 deg tilt + 5mm fall for composition / Lee .6GND + 486 filters Hey! I'm Down Here ISO 200 / 1/8s / f16 / 0...
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    Phase One XT: The First Modern Field Camera (and X-Shutter and new firmware)

    Hi Doug, How about this? Shot last week, screenshot at 100% for each image in C1: IQ4/Factum/Rodie 40mm/f11/Lee Little Stopper for the 2 longer exposures (different light conditions)/No filter on the 1/15. With a mechanical shutter at 2s the water would be silky/smooth and not have...
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    All My getDPI Account Data is Gone

    Not sure if anyone else has this issue, but last night I tried to reply to a post and so far its not showing in the particular thread. So I went to my account to see if it was showing there and lo and behold nothing else is showing up; i.e., none of the likes, posts, images I've uploaded, etc...
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    Fun with MF images

    From a recent tour of the Permian Basin wind farms and oil fields in West Texas. Dust and sand are not friends of a MF back, but nothing post-p and time can't solve. P1 XF / IQ4150 / S-K 75-150 @ 150/f11 / ISO200 / 1/640
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    Technical Camera Images

    The Channels on the Madison River, MT, 2019 IQ4150/A-S Factum/Rodenstock 40mm ISO100, 1/15(copal), f11, lens tilt -1deg, Lee GND Med .9
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    Technical Camera Images

    Art Model Orgy, 2019 A-S Universalis + IQ4150 + Rodie 90HRSW @ 1" (Copal) f11 -3 deg tilt Profoto D2, 2 x B1X, A1
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    Astrophotography - 101: How to get started.

    Hi Dave, With the advancements made in sensors and glass my recent years' experiences in astro-photo work continue to be even more rewarding and hopefully some of my comments from my experiences will help provide some alternative perspectives to reduce your frustrations.... :) Consider that...
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    Thoughts on schneider 43xl vs Rodenstock Hr 40 for Iq4 150.

    I'm shooting the Roden 40HR-W on Arca Rm3Di, Factum, and Universalis w/ the IQ4150. I've not seen the tiling issue when maxing out the shifts or under any circumstances, but certainly the IC vignetting is an issue beyond 10mm. I have been able to clean up the vignetting up to 10mm and even...
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    Fun with MF images

    Southern Cross and Milky Way over Junin de los Andes, Patagonia, Argentina, 2019 Arca R-Factum, Roden 40W, IQ4150 ISO 3200/15"/f4 Still in post-production and would appreciate any constructive feedback. The biggest challenge is due to the DB seeing a lot more stars than I. But given I...
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    IQ4 150 First Impressions

    Yes, some examples are below... Over a couple of weeks during the holidays I used an Rm3Di and Factum shooting singles, stationary shifted panos, and rotated panos using new Rodi 40 HR W & 90 HR SW. I've also shot some still life in the studio w/ tungsten just to test my older Rodi 135 and 180...