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    WTB: Phase V-mount IQ160 or Leaf Credo 60

    Hi everyone, I’m still currently looking for a nice and neat Phase IQ160 or Credo 60 for Blad V-mount. Condition I’m fairly open to, as long as all is in perfectly functional order. I’m also open to an IQ150 as an alternative. Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
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    Leaf Credo 60 - Mamiya/Phase mount MINT COND

    Hey everyone - I've decided to list for sale my Leaf Credo 60 for sale - Mamiya/Phase 645 mount. Condition presents literally as new - shutter count is 1,014, yes you read that correctly. Absolutely as few miles as you can get. Everything about the back is pristine and spotless. I've put on...
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    Phase One XF body w/HAP2 and serviced - MINT COND

    For your consideration is my super mint, freshly serviced and upgraded Phase One XF medium format digital camera body. This camera has been upgraded with the better HAP2 autofocus firmware from courtesy of Specular in Collingwood, with a full service as part of the upgrade - you’ll be in essence...
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    FS: Schneider Kreuznach Makro-Symmar 80mm f5.6 (industrial)

    Hi everyone! I've decided that I'm letting go of most of my large format and specialist macro lenses - I have my Schneider Makro-Symmar 80mm f5.6 in the specialist industrial v-mount I'm selling. Condition I rate in 9/10 (only signs of use at all are where the lens was mounted). Optics are...
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    FS: Rodenstock Apo-Sironar Digital 90mm f5.6 **please read**

    Hi everyone!! I have my Rodenstock Apo-Sironar Digital 90mm f5.6 I'm letting go - condition visually is excellent, front and rear elements spotless. Mounted in Copal 0, of course. Comes with a Sinar front cap. PRICED TO SELL and PLEASE READ - I've priced the lens accordingly as the shutter...
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    WTB: Phase One P65+ or IQ160 for V-mount

    Hey everyone - I'm just putting the call out seeking a clean P65+ or IQ160 back for V-mount. I've been wanting to shake the dust off my 503CW for more shooting and have finally decided to bite the bullet on getting a nice back. Definitely let me know what you have on hand! Stay safe and keep...
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    Sinar Copal shutter flash sync cable

    Hey everyone - just looking for a used flash sync cable connector for a Sinar Copal shutter system. Mine has broke after many years and will need a replacement if you have one? Have a great day!!
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    Profoto ProRing bracket replacement

    Hey everyone - I'm looking for some help on replacing my Profoto ProRing bracket (original version, Pro-6/ Pro-7 era). My assistant misplaced the bracket on our last location shoot. Can anyone confirm whether the hole centers on the latest ProRing Plus model mounting is at 150mm (what I measured...
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    WTB: Broncolor Striplite 120 Evo

    Hey everyone! Just putting feelers out there for a neat and tidy Broncolor Striplite 120 or Profoto Striplight M (I use both systems evidently) if anyone is wanting to send to a new home - definitely be in touch if interested. Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
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    WTB: Phase One IQ160 or Leaf Credo 60 - Hasselblad H mount

    Hey everyone, just putting feelers out for a neat and tidy IQ160 or Credo 60 that anyone is wanting to go to a new home. Must be in Hasselblad H-Mount. In box is preferable. Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
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    WTB: Sinar/Horseman 8x10 reflex hood

    Hey guys, just looking for anyone that has a Sinar or Horseman 8x10 reflex hood/viewer as I'm very keen to get my hands on one for some time. Feel free to be in touch. Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
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    Suitable lens for 10x8 image "scanning"

    Hey everyone - my first thread post opening! :) Great to be on this awesome forum! I'm back into large format shooting lately and with my Sony and MFD setup I figured I can start copying my 5x4 and 10x8 negatives. I'd most likely build my own back-lit diffused box with strobe to light, and...