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  1. 4season

    Magazine B issue 34

    FYI in case anyone's interested, some time ago South Korea's Magazine B devoted an issue to, what else? BRAND. BALANCE. | MAGAZINE B Very costly to ship directly, but happily, Amazon in the USA is now stocking a few back issues, and that's where I got mine. I've also spotted them at Books...
  2. 4season

    Pentax 645D blowout

    Excuse me if this is already common knowledge, but I thought that a new 645D body selling for $4K sounded like a heck of a deal by medium format standards. You're welcome. Pentax 645D Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) 17971 B&H Photo Video
  3. 4season

    Olympus TG4 macro monster

    New toy: Very costly for a small-sensor camera by 2015's standards: Actually similar in price to an entry level APS-C mirrorless or SLR starter outfit if you shop around. But besides the weatherproofing and GPS, it does offer some unique features: Minimum focusing distance is 1 cm at all focal...
  4. 4season

    Noblex 6/150 E2

    Just scored a deal on a Noblex panoramic camera, but the catch is that it's a fixer-upper with multiple electronic problems. Top cover comes off easily enough. Top and bottom covers and camera back are plastic, but the chassis is a very stout metal casting. Circuitry consists of...
  5. 4season

    Fun with digital toy cameras

    Post your favorite low-fidelity images and digital gear here! I've created a separate thread for low-fi analog:
  6. 4season

    Fun with toy cameras

    I'll begin this thread by sharing a fun kit that I recently assembled. Otona no Kagaku (Science for Adults) is a series of "Mooks" (magazine/book) published by Gakken in Japan and available elsewhere through sources like Books Kinokuniya, Make Magazine,, etc. I bought mine from Books...
  7. 4season

    Canon SX50HS, E-Mount lenses

    All items conservatively graded 9.8/10 condition with original box, instructions and accessories as supplied by the manufacturer. Canon SX50HS. $300 shipped in USA. Genuine Canon lens shade and extra 3rd party battery included. Sony SEL16F28 $140 shipped in USA Sigma 30/2.8 for Sony NEX $90...
  8. 4season

    Leica M9 Steel Gray

    Submitted for your consideration: Steel gray Leica M9 camera body. 8.9/10 condition. Has light to moderate paint wear and a small edge nick on the LCD window which is not visible with the Giottos screen protector installed. Complete with box, manual, battery and charger as shipped by Leica. USA...
  9. 4season

    Is this M9 sensor broken--or just blooming?

    Hi all, A few weeks ago, I sold my M9 to a fellow forum member. Today, he contacted me concerned that the sensor may be failing. I looked at the sample photos he provided (posted below with his permission) and thought it was simply an artifact caused by an overloaded CCD, but he's still bothered...
  10. 4season

    FS Colorado USA SEL1855 lens for Sony NEX

    $140 with front and rear caps and ALC-SH112 lens shade. Lens looks newish with a couple of faint marks on the barrel which are just visible in the photos. Shade shows moderate use (light shiny marks). Ex++ / 9.2/10 condition overall. No box. $140. Free shipping in USA, no additional charge for...
  11. 4season

    FS First-gen iPad 64gb/3G (AT&T)

    9.8/10 condition, looks basically new. Works perfectly. With box, cable and charger as originally shipped by Apple. $299. Paypal add 3%. Free shipping in USA.
  12. 4season

    FS Colorado USA Sony NEX-5 + 18-55 kit

    My NEX-7 + 24/1.8 lens have arrived, so my NEX-5 is now excess. Kit is complete as shipped by Sony USA with flash, data cable, strap, lens cap, battery, charger, lens shade and owner's manual. Condition 8.8/10 mostly due to visible wear on lower corners of LCD, which Sony's screen protector...
  13. 4season

    FS Colorado USA: Leica M9 steel gray

    Submitted for your consideration: Steel gray Leica M9 in 8.9/10 condition. Light paint wear and a small amount of brassing near corner of viewfinder and on bottom lefthand edge of baseplate. LCD window has small nick along the edge (which is completely hidden by Giottos glass screen protector)...
  14. 4season

    NEX-7: Mostly brilliant (plus a couple of goofs)

    Still getting to know my NEX-7 and my initial impression is overwhelmingly positive. But what was Sony thinking with the SD card slot? You practically need tweezers to extract a card from it. And did the silver Video button really need to be located right where it can be accidentally pressed by...
  15. 4season

    How to process NEX-7 raw files? (Feb 2012)

    Just took delivery of my NEX-7 today! But how to process raw files while waiting for Apple to get their act together? Tried Capture One Express but it doesn't seem to offer chromatic aberration control, so that's not going to work.
  16. 4season

    Arca-compatible ballheads from Joby and Vanguard

    I haven't had a chance to try it, but Joby (of Gorillapod fame) has been selling a mini Arca-Swiss compatible ballhead for awhile now for all of $70. I did pick a quick-release plate for it at Mike's Camera for all of $14.99. Great for those situations where you don't want a custom plate bolted...
  17. 4season

    60mm Leica UV/IR filter #13414

    With plastic case but no box, 9.9/10 condition. One-fif...err two hundred...uh Twelve Hundred Dollars*. Blocks infrared and ultraviolet light and has a neat red metallic sheen, makes your Noctilux look even more exotic: Impress your buddies! Has black powdercoated ring with "Leica" engraving so...
  18. 4season

    FS: IV IR filters

    Have: (1) B+W #486 UV IR filter in 39mm for $29. 9.0/10 condition, no box or case.****sold**** (1) Leica 60mm UVIR filter #13414 with plastic case 9.9/10 condition (was $59) $45. Free USPS shipping to USA destinations.
  19. 4season

    FS: Toko FL-452 4x5 view camera outfit

    Hello, I have the following items for sale: Toko FL-452 4x5 wooden field camera 8.5/10 condition. I replaced the bellows a number of years ago with a new one by Camera Bellows in the UK. Still looks new & supple, no sign of pinholes etc. Bottom of camera is still in very nice shape. Really...
  20. 4season

    FS: Leica Summicron-M iV "King of Bokeh"

    Submitted for your consideration: 35/2 Leica Summicron-M Pre-Aspherical, Type 4 "King of Bokeh", serial number 3241390. 6-bit coded by Leica NJ. Recent CLA by Focal Point Lens. There is a tiny blemish in the center of the rear element which is visible in the photo. 8.5/10 condition overall. Lens...