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  1. Woody Campbell

    What's the rationale for the SL after the Sony A9 announcement?

    Not meant to be a hostile question. The issue is where does Leica go from here?
  2. Woody Campbell

    Leica Service

    I thought that we should have a thread on Leica service. My own experience has been mixed trending to poor recently. There are a number of posts documenting poor service in the thread comparing the 007 to other MF cameras started by glenerrold. I would like to hear from others about their...
  3. Woody Campbell

    Mac Pro

    The Apple site is accepting orders. January delivery if you go beyond the basic configuration.
  4. Woody Campbell

    My 50mm cron Asph arrived today

    Very good news.
  5. Woody Campbell

    Which Monitor

    Sorry to bother this forum with a monitor question but this, I think, is where the most knowledgable folks hang out. My Eizo 301W is near the end of its life - it's developed darkening on one side and a color cast. What should I replace it with? I assume another Eizo but which one?
  6. Woody Campbell

    Coding for R to M adapter

    Does anyone know what the coding is for the R to M adapter that Leica will eventually be offering for the M240? [oops - wrong forum - I was in a hurry]
  7. Woody Campbell

    Old lenses on new Leicas

    I thought that it would be interesting to start a thread sharing experience shooting old lenses on Leica digital Ms or film By old lens I mean 40 years or more old with a preference for even older. I bought the following oddity on e-bay which sparked my interest in this topic. It...
  8. Woody Campbell

    Is the new 27" iMac the replacement for the Mac Pro?

    The specs for the 27" iMac are pretty impressive. Serious storage expansion is available via the Thunderbolt ports. My fully loaded Mac Pro is getting old. Really old by digital standards. I'm concerned about reliability. Apple doesn't seem to have much interest in it. Apple really does...
  9. Woody Campbell

    Monochrom and Leica lenses

    I thought that I would start a thread to collect experience with Leica and third party lenses on the Monochrom. My thesis is that at least some lenses that are fine with the M9 may be oversampled by the Monochrom (and presumably the M10). It would be great if all of you could share your...
  10. Woody Campbell

    My Lytro arrived today

    More to come . . . this will take a bit to figure out.
  11. Woody Campbell

    32mm HR

    Well . . . with some assistance from Jeff Hirsh of Fotocare I traded my 35mm Schneider for the current 32mm Rodenstock. Gain: a 90mm image circle which means I can go very wide (28mm or so equivalent) stitching with my Alpa Max and it's the end of the "blue zone of death". Indeed it's almost...
  12. Woody Campbell

    Has anyone strapped a Noctilux onto a Nex-7

    Experience? Ease of focus? Examples?
  13. Woody Campbell

    I've seen the future

    It's the Sony Nex-7. Go ahead, flame me. If you own Leica glass this thing rocks. IQ is equivalent to the M9 but maybe a little more DR. Manual focus works just fine, once you've spent a couple of weeks with it and learn it. I'm slightly astigmatic so the Leica rangefinder spot is tough for...
  14. Woody Campbell

    Lens experience with Sony Nex-5 and Nex-7

    Could you please share your experiences with lenses on these cameras? Sony E mounts? Sony A mounts? Leica M mounts? Others? Pros and cons of the lenses you've tried? Thanks.
  15. Woody Campbell

    Help on configuring a Mac Pro

    It's time to replace my aging Mac Pro. Like many others on the MF forum I'm running C1, PS and LR. I'm using a Drobo for mass storage. I'm shooting a variety of cameras, but at the high end it's an IQ 180 - the big files bring merely average computers to their knees. So what has your...
  16. Woody Campbell

    Short PC cables

    If you are shooting a tech camera with a P1 back you may be looking for a short PC cable to plug in to the short Phase One to female mini-jack cable. Paramount Cables makes custom cables. They appear to ship the same day you place your order on the internet. Here's a link: Paramount Custom...
  17. Woody Campbell

    An Alpa TC goes to Africa

    I have recently returned from two weeks in Kenya. My primary camera on this trip was an Alpa TC and a Phase One IQ 180 back. My kit included three lenses, a 35mm Schneider Digitar XL, a 47mm Schneider Digitar XL and a 72 Schneider XL. My kit did not include a tripod - all exposures were hand...
  18. Woody Campbell

    On the High Line

    Rather than continuing to hijack the "why did I choose . . . ." thread I thought that i would start one on the High Line outing with Lance and company. All images with an SK 35 xl on an Alpa TC plus 60 meg H back. I use my Leica D5 Disto for measuring distances - the Alpa hi rez focusing ring...
  19. Woody Campbell

    What is it about a Leica?

    I've been off messing around in other parts of GetDPI for the past few weeks. When I returned to the "Very Latest and Greatest . . . ." thread I was struck by the very, very high quality of work on display - I really can't think of any thing like it on the internet. Lot's of photographers...
  20. Woody Campbell

    Where did you find a GH2?

    They seem to be in short supply at the usual places.