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  1. Don Libby

    FS: Singh-Ray Thin 95mm LB Color Intensifier

    Just found this sitting in the back of a shelve and no longer have any lens that fits. A FotDiox 86-95 step ring. Includes the niffy Singh-Ray soft pouch. Glass is clean of any scratches threads are also very clean. This runs new at $380. Condition is 9.9 out of 10 $250.00 shipped CONUS...
  2. Don Libby

    Questions for Tilt-Shift Users using a GFX

    I was supposed to be on a trip however I fell ill to a severe case of allergies to include vertigo so no trip for me. I’m into the 5th day and beginning to feel better and can now walk without looking like a drunk sailor With time on my hands I’ve begun researching tilt shit lenses for my...
  3. Don Libby

    BMPCC 4k

    Guess I'll be visiting this area a little more often now. Picked up the 4k along with an Olympus 12-100. Never had/used Olympus lens before and spent the better part of the day trying to figure out why I wasn't able to setup AF. All is okay now...
  4. Don Libby

    Sanity check...

    I'm thinking of using a small LCD monitor connected to something like a Connex HD Mini Video downlink connected to my GFX in order to observe what the camera is recording from at least 100-yards. The camera will be attached to a wireless remote pan and tilt so seeing what the camera sees will...
  5. Don Libby

    Surface Studio

    My older studio computer took a dump this morning and ended up ordering a Microsoft Surface Studio as a replacement. Been looking at this since they first came out and decided to take the plunge. I also ordered a Surface Dial (reminds me of a hockey puck). Anyone here using one of these?
  6. Don Libby

    Fuji GFX 50R

    Dante struck again when Fuji offered the GFX50R at a $1,000 savings. I got the 50R yesterday and compare it to what I remember of the Leica M9 I had a couple years ago. Both have a similar design of a brick with the M9 slightly smaller and less weight. It all evens out with the larger sensor...
  7. Don Libby

    Laowa 17mm GF

    I recently ordered this lens about a week ago and have been testing it since it arrived a couple days ago. I have an excellant copy of the Fuji GF23mm however there are times when it just isn't wide enough. I didn't order the Laowa thinking it would solve world hunger or magically make me a...
  8. Don Libby

    FS: Wine Country Camera Filter Vaults

    I have 4-100x150mm and 4-100x100mm vaults. Willing to sell the lot for $75.00. CONUS, price includes PayPal, shipping and insurance. Willing to ship outside CONUS however you must pay more for the shipping. Condition of all is 9+. Photos if needed. Don
  9. Don Libby

    FS: Arca-Swiss PO

    Up for sale is an extra little used Area-Swiss Monoball P0 with panning system which supports up to 44.1 pounds. This is the same as offered without a camera clamping system so you get to choose which one you use. New - these are $279.95 I used this one with a RRS dovetail (TH-DVTL-40) attached...
  10. Don Libby

    FS: Arca Swiss L-60 Leveler Fliplock Tripod Head SOLD!

    I got my L75 yesterday and decided to sell the L-60 that I had been using. This is the "baby-cube"; the smallest of the Cube family. I had a RRS QR dovetail attached to make it fast and easy to attach to my tripod, The L-60 is in excellent condition, never dropped or abused. New sale prices...
  11. Don Libby

    Arca Swiss 75

    Recieved the Arca Swiss 75 a couple minutes ago and want to share a couple thoughts. I had used the Cube for many years shooting Phase One and Tech and enjoyed it. I sold the Cube (I'll start calling it Pop) shortly after I stopped using eith the Phase and Tech. I still used an Arca Swiss head...
  12. Don Libby


    I thought I liked the GFX50s however after a 2nd day of shooting the 100 I can say that I love the beast. I'm currently shooting in the Jackson Hole area where it was a low of 1 and a high of 30 while I was out. I mention that in order to talk about the battery power. I received the camera Wed...
  13. Don Libby

    FS Lightning Trigger by Stepping Stone

    I just found a spare lightning trigger that hasn't seen much if any use. Made by Stepping Stone This is the Lightning Trigger IV and comes with the correct cable to use with a Sony A7r. Click the link above for detailed information. These cost $369.00 new however I'm offering this one for $150...
  14. Don Libby

    Ring Light for Fuji GF120

    I've been doing a lot of macro work the past couple months using the Fuji GFX 50s and GF120 with and without the extensions rings. So far I've been satisfied using the 3-flash setup however I've begun to research the possibility of using a ringlight on the lens. I've come close to ordering...
  15. Don Libby

    Lack of Paragraphs

    I have tried to respond to several posts using 2-seperate machines and on each I could not separate my paragraphs.I'd hit the enter key (which I just did at the beginning of this sentence) however when I hit either the preview button or submit new thread the space between paragraphs are gone. It...
  16. Don Libby

    Fs: Rrs pc-lr b

    I've got a Really Right Stuff PC-LR round panning clamp with lever-release that I found hiding in a dark corner of a closet. The thing is in near new condition. RRS and B7H sells these for $255.00 I'll sell this one for $200 which includes PayPal and shipping to CONUS, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii. Don
  17. Don Libby

    FS: RRS LPlate for Fuji GFX 50s

    I'm selling a Really Right Stuff RRS L-bracket for a GFX 50s without the battery grip. I returned from Alaska and ended up switching brackets so this one has to go. $75.00 includes shipping CONUS and PayPal fees. In excellent condition.I'll post a shot of it soonDon
  18. Don Libby

    FS: Arca-Swiss P0 with RRS QR Release

    I bought the P0 without any release plate on it then added a RRS QR. I actually have 2-of these and am selling one since it has been replaced by the new Arca Swiss "mini-cube". The P0 with panning costs $280 new The RRS QR (I believe it's a B2-40 LR) costs $105 new I'm selling the complete...
  19. Don Libby

    For Sale: Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16

    I've had this for slightly less than a year and found I'm not really using it to its full potential. 16GB, i7, 512 GB, NVID Quadro M1000M graphics with 4GB GDDRS VRAM. Comes with extra Wacom Art Pen as well as an extra power brick. I've had a screen protector on it since it came out of the...
  20. Don Libby

    FS: Schneider 40-80 LS 4

    No lie this lens is a beast. While it's heavy the trade off is stunning files (I've used this on an IQ160, IQ180 as well as IQ1-100). As with the other lenses this is gently used with no signs of wear. This lens is complete with lens hood, front and rear caps and the box. The normal price...