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    IQ180/645DF+ vs IQ180 with XF Body.

    shutter vibration-avoidance delay works with any back. It’s possible you have an early XF. They made several improvements to the viewfinder latch design over the years, and the current shipping version is really quite robust re the viewfinder latch.
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    Setting up a repro stand

    That’s not correct. Our panel is custom made exclusively for us, and uses different LEDs. If the company told you that please forward me the communication as it would be false advertising. CRI is a legacy measure of 7 specific colors and a lot of manufacturers now make lights designed to nail...
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    Rodenstock 32HR stitched vs 23 HR

    Our XT launch testing raw files include this exact comparison (32 stitched vs 23 for an interior architecture scene). Downloading the raw files is free. Unfortunately forum rules prohibit me linking to them since we are competitors to the forum sponsor, so you will have to Google it down yourself.
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    Hasselblad H future...

    I wonder if you’ve tried an XF in the last year or so. With the most recent AF sensor and body firmware the responsiveness is much snappier, and possible button-function customization is very strong. Maybe you can share some functions you want to access blindly via hard button and I can tell you...
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    Best large format film stitching method

    If you’re doing a lot of stitching in a row (eg digitizing 50 sheets of 8x10, with a four shot stitch for each sheet) you should also check out DT BatchStitch, which is free and open source.
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    Best large format film stitching method

    Re getting things flat, the DT LaserAlign is designed for doing this at the precision required for very high resolution scanning.
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    Best large format film stitching method

    The DT XY is the best, as selected by Library of Congress to scan the medium format and large format film of the FSA collection. That probably doesn’t make sense budget and space wise unless, like Library of Congress, you can amortize it over hundreds of thousands of pieces of film. So at a...
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    Fuji GFX100s and "THAT" MF look

    This is the answer – right there as the first answer to the post! No one factor is responsible for the cumulative effect of the visceral, tactile, dimensional, beautiful rendering of a Phase One camera (or for the unique rendering of any given camera system). Heck, it's even hard to find the...
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    Capture one with P1 back and Fuji system

    On a Mac go to Applications and create two folders. Name one "Capture One Fuji" and Name the other "Capture One DB" Drag copies of the Capture One application into each of those folders Launch the Capture One app in the "Capture One Fuji" folder and it will ask you for license information...
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    Show your IQ4 film scans!

    The 120mm Macro is the only lens you'll want to bother with re the XF and flat-art reproduction of any size. Fortunately it's quite good!
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    Swebo Tech Cam

    I'm highly biased, but IMO one of the greatest benefits of technical/view cameras is that they will last you many generations of digital tech. That is you invest in a (Cambo/Arca/Alpa/Swebo/Whatever) in 2021 and expect that the digital sensor/camera you purchase in 2030 will still be compatible...
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    Normal to 1:1 product shoots with IQ4-150mp : XF 120mm BR vs SK 120mm Apo Digitar M with X Shutter

    I have spoken directly to the optical engineer in charge of all three lenses. "The 120 mm aspheric was made for standart work to replace the Apo digitar n 120 mm." – this is simply not correct. The 120mm ASPH was meant to replace (and did replace) BOTH the 120mm N and 120mm M in the Schneider...
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    Normal to 1:1 product shoots with IQ4-150mp : XF 120mm BR vs SK 120mm Apo Digitar M with X Shutter

    The 120ASPH and 120mm LS BR are both A or A+ lenses throughout the entire focus range you describe. I would not choose between them based on image quality as there is very little chance you will be disappointed in the color or sharpness of either lens. You should instead decide based on...
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    Coming back to photography: ditch Adobe?

    DT Capture One Basics and DT Capture One Masters are both now available as pre-recorded online classes. They are, respectively, the most comprehensive introduction and most advanced classes available (in my biased opinion)
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    Show your IQ4 film scans!

    You will be astonished how good they are if you do it right/well. They will beat a drum scan. You do need to address the fundamental challenges/limitations of camera based scanning: - Alignment (camera/film must be exactly parallel) - Film flatness - Focus accuracy and focus drift - Light...
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    Finding the right repro setup for Hasselblad 907x

    Disregard. I had confused this post (where I did not reply) with the same post made on Luminous (where I did reply). Apologies.
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    Finding the right repro setup for Hasselblad 907x

    Hmm. I guess the admins removed my post, which provided extensive technical information on the questions posted to this thread. My understanding was I was still welcome to participate on this forum, so long as I didn't link to any of our products or services, and my recollection is I did not.
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    Have you IR converted a digitalback?

    Achromatic models can be ordered with or without IR filter, like their color brethren. The main difference being that the "default" for a color back is with an IR filter while the "default" for an Achromatic back is a clear filter (no IR filtration).
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    Have you IR converted a digitalback?

    I've been fortunate enough to have shot with probably around a dozen IR modified medium format backs over the last 14 years. It was a kind of obsession for a while, and my job gives me great access – huge job perk :). The modern CMOS backs are *incredible* for IR – more dynamic range, more...