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  1. Don Libby

    Has anyone swapped Arca Swiss quickset device from classic to flip lock or vice versa?

    You will need to heat the screwhead with either a heat gun or hair dryer. The heat gun works better as it'll take forever for a hair dryer (yup I know).
  2. Don Libby

    Anyone go back go GFX 100 from GFX 100s?

    It's like Graham was reading my mind. I agree withalmost everything he said. As much as I loved the GFX100 I was disappointed at the form factor as it was just too large and heavy. I had hoped the 100 was going to be on the same line as the GFX50; sadly it was much more like my older Canon 1Ds...
  3. Don Libby

    Coming back to photography: ditch Adobe?

    Need to check into this! Thanks
  4. Don Libby

    Coming back to photography: ditch Adobe?

    Like others, I’ve used Photoshop since maybe version 2. I liked the idea of buying the software whenever it was upgraded and doing it every time it was offered. Then a couple of years ago that changed to the subscription method which I decided to join. Having the subscription is no different to...
  5. Don Libby

    Trying out GFX...replacing Sony?

    I've been using a GFX body for several years while my wife stuck with her Sony a7riv. She has decided to make the switch to a GFX after finally trying mine while on a trip to Montana.
  6. Don Libby

    Cheap K&F Adapter - Pushing my luck?

    I've been using a Kapon smart adaptor with my GFX100s and Canon 24mm TSE for several months now. I've never removed the Kipon from the lens; most of the time I forget that the 24mm is an adapted lens - it works that well.
  7. Don Libby

    Tilt shift options for GFX100S

    Hi Ed, I haven't seen a need to do an LCC so far. I plan on using this lens while in Montana next month. I might try an LCC just to see if there's any huge difference, my gut says no.
  8. Don Libby

    Tilt shift options for GFX100S

    Sorry, just saw this. I'm currently busy closing up here in Arizona and about to head to Montana for a couple weeks so I might not be able to share a good image of the setup for awhile. I however just checked our Instagram account and saw we had posted a teaser of the setup. click here I've...
  9. Don Libby

    Tilt shift options for GFX100S

    I've been using a Canon 24mm TSE with a Kipon smart adaptor on my GFX100s with great success. I also added a ROGETI TSE frame to the lens which I like. Been using this combo now for several months and like it very much. All my lightning images this year are with this combo. The 24mm is a...
  10. Don Libby

    Mount Fuji Active

    Thanks guys! I might have posted the wrong file. I'll check it out later when I get the chance.
  11. Don Libby

    Mount Fuji Active

    Not sure I understand the question. The images should align top and bottom. The top is of a cliff face while the bottom is a wider view of another cliff area. (I use the term "cliff" very loosely) Just opened this using a different web browser and see the images side by side. The left (or top)...
  12. Don Libby

    Mount Fuji Active

    Took a very short trip to Mesquite NV and Gold Butte National Monument. Shot the entire visit with the 100s and a Canon 24mm TSE.
  13. Don Libby

    First GFX100s lockup

    Been using mine now for several months without issue. Heading to NV next week to shoot in Little Finland fingers crossed
  14. Don Libby

    Mount Fuji Active

    clouds began moving into the area a couple hours ago... GFX100s, Canon 24mm TSE, Kipon Smart Adaptor, H&Y Filter System with Lee Sunset 2 filter. Shot handheld processed in C1 and PS. Yep - I'm keeping everything :love:
  15. Don Libby

    Capture One and panoramic stitching

    I always open files in C1 first before ending over to PS. Just make certain the files are processed using the same formula. Send files to PS and let it stitch. I've done this with anywhere between 2 and 9 files (2x2 and 3 rows of 3).
  16. Don Libby

    Questions for Tilt-Shift Users using a GFX

    Many thanks to all for your responses and image samples. I currently have 2-smart adaptors one of which I've been using 99% of the time (Kipon) with no issues whatsoever. I'm very pleased with the files I'm getting using the 24mm TSE and might in the future add a 90mm. I'm also very pleased...
  17. Don Libby

    Mount Fuji Active

    Shooting yesterday using the Lilliput 7" field monitor. GFX100s, Canon 24mm TSE, Kipon Smart Adaptor, ROGETI TSE Frame and Lilliput 7" field monitor to check critical focus. f/8 1/125 ISO 50.
  18. Don Libby

    Mount Fuji Active

    Been do a lot of work recently with the Canon 24mm TSE. I've also added a field monitor to the mix in hope of getting better critical focus and so far I've been pleased.
  19. Don Libby

    FS: Singh-Ray Thin 95mm LB Color Intensifier

    Just found this sitting in the back of a shelve and no longer have any lens that fits. A FotDiox 86-95 step ring. Includes the niffy Singh-Ray soft pouch. Glass is clean of any scratches threads are also very clean. This runs new at $380. Condition is 9.9 out of 10 $250.00 shipped CONUS...
  20. Don Libby

    Mount Fuji Active

    I've been doing a little more testing using the GFX100s, Canon 24mm TSE and a ROGETI. It took some doing however I believe I'm past the learning curve and can now take 4-frames converting into a single image. I took these this morning; the first is a single capture no movements (24mm TSE...