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    APS-C Sensor Cleaning

    I'm open for any tips about APS-C sensor cleaning. Usually my dealer cleans my MFDB and 50R sensor. I felt like I needed to learn to do this myself for the X-Pro3. I watched all the videos and used a GreenClean wet and dry system...It gets worse every time I touch it :o I'd noticed dust or...
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    FS: Leica MP 0.72 Black Paint and Lenses (AUS)

    This is a preliminary notice that the following is for sale. I will finalise pricing and pictures and update this thread accordingly over the next couple of days. In the meantime if you have any interest in any of the items, please don't hesitate to PM. 1. Leica MP 0.72 Black Paint analogue...
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    Interesting Image Gallery

    I can't see where to put things like this...I don't know whether she uses Fuji gear or not...but it's an interesting use of wide angle lenses and very topical for Australia: Gallery
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    FS: Billingham 225 Khaki Canvas (AUS)

    The Billingham 225 is the smallest of the 5 series Billingham bags and is ideal for a small DSLR kit or a bigger Mirrorless. I used it for some time for a small ALPA kit - STC, back and one lens. I've stopped using shoulder bags for anything but the smallest kit due to a dodgy spine :p The bag...
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    Fuji X Summit London

    There's a "live stream" recording here. Major announcements: X-T4 on 26 of February X-100V is now weather sealed, new lens design and sensor and processor as per XT-3 etc New GF lenses - 50/1.0 and 30 ... Much more low key event than the Shibuya X summit last year, mainly focused on the X-100V
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    Fujifilm & The great East Japan Earthquake

    I can across an interesting multi-part article from Fujifilm about the preservation of damaged photographs in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake (東日本大震災) It's an interesting article and gives a glimpse into the impact of this dreadful event and the feelings of needing to contribute to...
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    Fuji X Lenses - the 16s and the 90

    Now given the discussion in the XT-3 thread I shouldn't even be posting this, but nevermind :cool: I've been quietly putting together a Fuji X kit - X-Pro 3 and so far the 35 and 50 Fujicrons. The aim being to be lightweight and compact vs the 50R and the two zooms. The point has come where...
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    FS: Mamiya DM33/Leaf Aptus II/7 Digital Back (AUS)

    For sale is a Mamiya DM33, this is a Mamiya branded Leaf Aptus II/7. If you are reading this then you know about fat pixel backs and the lovely tonal and colour rendition from these backs. The back has a Mamiya mount. Shot count is an amazing 1323! The back and sensor are in great condition...
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    Profoto A1 and variants released for Fujifilm

    I had a preview of the A1X for Fujifilm a few days ago. I tried it on the 50R. It's an amazingly robust and smooth feeling piece of gear for those who haven't handled it. It also gave really good, "idiot proof" results in TTL mode. The dome diffuser gives really nice soft light. I like...
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    Cloud Image Storage/Display Options

    If this has been asked before I can't find it... I'm interested to know views on which online image storage and presentation solutions are being used and the pros and cons of those. Things that are important to me: Unlimited storage for a single cost Ability to have private and public...
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    Good Second Hand Shop in Shinjuku Wanted

    Not sure where to put this but the title says it. I could be tempted by a lightly used X series. Any suggestions appreciated.
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    GFX 50R - what size F-Stop ICU?

    Unfortunately with the race to online sales it's increasingly difficult to try out bags and see if they work. I'm looking for experiences with the 50R and F-Stop ICUs. I'd like the smallest sensible ICU for a small kit - the 50R and the two zooms. The best outcome would be if someone can tell...
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    Triggering Credo 50 from Alpa Schneider Lens

    The answer to this must be here somewhere but I can't find it. I currently have a Leaf Aptus II/7 and I'm thinking of moving to a Credo 50. My current trigger cable is from the sync terminal on the lens to a "stereo mini jack" style connector on the back. With a Credo 50 for Mamiya what is the...
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    FS: Billingham 225 in Canvas

    This is a great bag for a Leica rangefinder kit or a couple of Hasselblad V bodies and some lenses. It's in very good condition. Unfortunately it's not the right form factor for the Alpa so it's for sale. Apologies for the poor photos, we're moving house = chaos. USD $280 plus Paypal and postage.
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    Capture One 10 released

    My email just went berserk! Emails from 2 dealers and Phase One. To quote: I've just downloaded but it's too early to comment.
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    Odd artefact

    Can anyone tell me what's going on here? It appeared in none of the frames preceding or succeeding this one. Alpa STC with a Leaf Aptus-II 7.
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    Parallel...or Not

    As a newish tech cam user I've really enjoyed the learning process - getting the camera set up right, movements... I've got one small challenge that's really irritating me however: Whilst I can get the camera level and upright by using the spirit levels on the camera, I sometimes struggle to...
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    Leaf Aptus-II 7 Back Latch

    I haven't had this back for very long - it's on an Alpa STC. When I first got it I noticed that my right thumb sat against the latch for the back when I held the camera. I made a mental note to stay away from the latch. Unfortunately my thumb naturally lies against the latch, despite my best...
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    Photography & Aviation

    Not sure where to put this...but over on Pprune (Professional Pilots' Rumour Network) there is a very long running thread by a helicopter pilot in Nepal showing photos of his daily work, including in the aftermath of the earthquake. If you are into aviation and photography you might find it...
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    Understanding the SK 120

    I'm trying to understand the different versions of the SK 120 in Alpa mount. I've seen the 120N and a 120M...and there are probably others. Can somebody help with what the differences are and how the lens or particular variants perform please?