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    What wrist strap with Miiich OMD grip??

    That was supposed to be MILICH grip.... While I wait for my grip/L I'm thinking of straps. I'm wondering if the old E-1 wrist strap would work. I've used it on quite a number of DSLRs over the years and its nice and soft and gives just the amount of support for carrying a camera in hand...
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    Recommended size for Ipad 3 photo imports

    The recommended size for Ipad One and Two for photo imports was 2304 x 1536 I believe. Has anyone seen any change in recommended sizes for the Ipad 3?
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    50 GB free cloud storage

    Saw this on Engadget this morning I think. is offering 50GB free cloud storage for IOS device users. It is a short lived offer so do soon. I've been using Dropbox but added this. Download the app on Ipad or Iphone and set up account and get the free storage. Good deal. I won't have...
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    Rental of Ipads, NYC

    I just saw this. $15/day rental of Ipad, they meet you at plane or hotel, have accessories like keyboards, etc available too. I'm not really sure who this would apply to since its so easy to carry your own but OTOH, if you don't have one and don't want to carry a laptop it gives you net access...
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    Photosmith app for Ipad

    Is anyone actually using the Photosmith app that allows cataloging, tagging, etc on Ipad and then syncing with Lightroom later? I can't seem to find much info except from the developers.
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    One of those bag threads

    I have a closet full of bags from really big for commercial shooting to the diminutive Terraclime. My favorite bags are my 3 Domkes so you know where I'm coming from and most of my bags are geared to big DSLRs with multi lens kit. I want a messenger style, slimmer profile, that will accomodate...
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    Lensbaby tilt transformer with lens adapter

    For anyone considering the New Lensbaby tilt transformer for m4/3rds and NEX I can report that a lens adapter works just fine with it. I ordered a Fotodiox Nikon to FD and it arrived today. I haven't uploaded to Lightroom my few ( in the rain, from the porch and a few inside) and am looking at...
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    Lensbaby tilt trqnsformer with lens adapter

    For anyone considering the New Lensbaby tilt transformer I cwn report that a lens adapter works just fine with it. I ordered a Fotodiox Nikon to FD and it arrived today. I haven't uploaded to Lightroom my few ( in the rain, from the porch and a few inside) and am looking at them on the Ipad...
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    Stacking adapters

    Since the demise of the adapter list (i know it had gotten too unwieldy to keep up) i'm a bit lost about stacking adapters. I want to stack a Nikon to FD adapter knowing that there has to be corrective glass in that adapter to allow infinity focus. I'm going to use it on an m4/3rds to Nikon...
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    Nikon to FD adapter

    I'm interested in the new Lensbaby tilt transformer with m4/3rds mount that was announced today. It works with a Nikon mount lens (also Composer) but I have several FD lenses that would work. Any recommendations for a Nikon to FD adapter? I've looked on ebay and there are quite a few choices...
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    New firmware for Panny Gs

    There is new firmware announced for May 10 for G1, GH1, and GF1 (so we can assume the new bodies will come shortly after that). Said it would improve AF on third party lenses and new 14-42. I wonder if there is a chance the one click for MF lenses could be added for G1 and GH1??
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    new firmware upgrade for DP2

    In case some of you DP2 folks haven't seen this, new firmware upgrade to increase AF speed on DP2 out 3/26.
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    wonderful video--GF1 one of cameras used

    From one of my favorite videographers, Philip Bloom. The GF1 was one of the 4 cameras used (2 5DIIs and a 7D plus the GF1).
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    GF2 or... with built in EVF??

    I'm not one to pass on rumors much, but since this has been discussed so often, thought I would pass this one on. Its the top story in 43rumors (rumors--that's the defining word here LOL) but is about a new patent (with the US patent number) and may prove interesting. It shows a GF1 like body...
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    Happy V Day, my m4/3rds friends.....

    GF1, 20 f/1.7 f/1.7 1/50s ISO 100 Diane
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    using MF assist with AF lenses.....

    This is a bit of a theoretical question I guess--and I remember Jono asked this, but can't find what his workaround for it was. AT times I like to tweak the focus with MF assist on an AF lens. I generally AF, then twist focus ring to go into MF assist, tweak my focus and want to shoot...
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    G1 with Lensbaby/FE`

    Thought some others might be interested in what to expect from a Lensbaby with FE optic (12mm). Got mine last night and tried a few interiors which will tell the tale a bit for a FE. Having a 15mm FE for my FF, I would say the spherical FE optic is more similar to the linear FE than a...
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    handy dandy item for GF1

    After reading about Guy's new Gorillapod, I decided to buy one for my trip next week. I've hesitated before but thought it would be nice to carry instead of lugging a tripod for video with the GF1--and maybe low light/night shots. Got it today--ordered the SLRzoom because it will hold 6.6...
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    Panny Leica 45 f/2.8 review up....

    on dpreview. I've been hedging on this one. I'm not a macro shooter too often and not sure if the lens suits my needs otherwise. I'd love to have something in a fast 40-45. The review is interesting nonetheless. Diane
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    Need some help....

    Need some help....found the answer..... Found the answer I think (not to fix the monopod, but for a bushing that will go from 1/4" to 3/8") I have an older Manfrotto 434SSB monopod with the dual 1/4" and 3/8" screw on top. The 3/8" sort of slides down to let the 1/4" screw be usable. I...