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    Broncolor Verso A2 RFS +Power Dock battery

    Hello, I have had my Verso A2 RFS for several years and used it mostly in the studio alongside my other Bron lights. I have the Power Dock which can be at attached to the back and it makes it a battery strobe, although very heavy. Because I have not used and didn't charge the battery for...
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    Radio transmitters for 1/1000

    Recently I happened to need to shoot outside at 1/1000 of second to overpower the sun. I founded out that my Chinese radio triggers cannot reliably sync at a speed higher than 1/200 or 1/250 of second. What radio transmitters would you recommend for the fastest sync time? I use some old...
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    WTB Rollei rf 80mm lens

    Looking for a nice amd clean copy of: Rollei 80mm f/2.8 Planar HFT Lens for 35 RF , ltm Yevgeny
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    FS Sinar -M system Europe

    For sale: Sinar-M M-shuter+ AF Module+Prism finder+botom grip+ side grip+charger/AC +Zeiss AF 80mm +Zeiss AF 40 mm +Zeiss AF 120 mm +Zeiss AF 180mm + Sinar 75LV with the M adapter + two extension tubes. $15,000 for all $8000 without the eMotion 75lv Yevgeny
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    Leica m8 for UV

    Dear all, I asked this question on LUF and was directed here. I was advised not to make anything with the sensor and I was recommended to try Yupiter and Summarit 1.5. lenses and some filters. I own the UV/IR filter set and understand how to use them. Here is my original LUF post: I was...
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    WTB Aptus 75 for Contax

    My friend is interested in a Contax mount Leaf Aptus 75 in new or mint condition. Thank you. Yevgeny