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  1. Tim

    New Fujifilm X100V annoyance

    I bought this for my X100v and the Fuji supplied lens cap stays on tight. I often just leave the cap off ready for pickup, power shoot quick
  2. Tim

    RIP Tim Page, Vietnam war photographer

    The rifle under his right arm looks to me to be a M1 Carbine, upside down. As we are all gear nut here someone must want to weigh in on the models of Leica and Nikon cameras and the lenses even. Tim (another one)
  3. Tim

    Are there any wedding photographers in the UK that I can convince to have lunch with me?

    You should listen to this and message Neale and Kev, they are very approachable. Both guys are documentary style wedding photographers in the UK with many weddings under their belt. This is my #1 podcast I listen to, all others stop when a new episode is out. Neale...
  4. Tim

    Under Evaluation!

    The problem then is, all comments are subject to the moderators view of everything. I understand that its someone else's place but you can end up with filtered commentary. Free speech loses.
  5. Tim

    Fun with the Ricoh GR III

    Is the ultimate travel kit a GR III and GR IIIx with the GW-4 and the GT-2 in a small bag. This would give you 21mm, 28mm, 40mm and 75mm native in two bodies and two adapted lenses. I guess it could be achieved other ways but this is versatile.
  6. Tim

    Performance issues?

    I baby sit about a dozen servers. They need maintenance and sometimes also go down due to unforseen circumstances or failures or even bugs and things that should have worked didn't. As an example just recently there was a date bug with on premises MS exchange 2016 2019 servers that happened in...
  7. Tim

    A question for the technologically minded

    I think noise varies with exposure. We see that an image is virtually noise free when exposed under good light. Take an indoor photo with and without flash. The flash shot is lower noise. The pre-exposure idea is interesting. You could test it.
  8. Tim


    Well said. I could not click Like fast enough.
  9. Tim

    Tempted, very tempted... GRIIIx

    I will be buying one, my only dilemma is if I keep the X100V. Sure the X100V offers good WR and has the optical viewfinder with data that I love. But the compactness is compelling and the IQ from the GR IIIx has a certain pop that I have not seen for a while. Excellent lens at a valuable focal...
  10. Tim

    WTB: Olympus Zuiko 40mm f2

    Hi all, looking for an optically good Olympus Zuiko 40mm f2. PM me if you have something. Not the Olympus Pen F 40mm. I sold an item or two here. I am located in Australia. Thanks
  11. Tim

    Getting the best B&W rendering from digital.

    I wonder if bayer sensors with larger pixels render BW more closely to film ? There is a thread on this site about Medium Format fat pixel backs, so the 22Mpixel Blad backs etc. They seemed to still command a good price. Cameras like the Sony A7s (I, II, III) and the Nikon DF at 12Mpixel might...
  12. Tim

    Getting the best B&W rendering from digital.

    I have noticed this in BW portraits over the years, as you show here. Digital have a pastey flat look. It seems to me that IF a scanned film image can render close to desired then the digital input of the scanner is able to pick up something that the D800 etc sensor does not natively. So the...
  13. Tim

    Stop the upgrade Madness

    I wonder if we are we fear taking the most wonderful image ever made and it won't be made with enough MP and the opportunity lost. Its all compromises still. There is still room for development IMO.. Imagine the sensor from the Fujifilm GXR in an Olympus EM10 size body, ohh and the battery...
  14. Tim

    A major update!

    We may need the dead horse logo. I think that one got used from time to time. hehehe :D
  15. Tim

    How Can We Help GetDPI Stay Alive

    Donate Done, I had no idea how much, but I figure if we all do a small amount it adds up
  16. Tim

    Fujifilm X100V

    I have looked and looked at your sample BW here as I am quite taken with the subtle BW tones that this X100 makes. While different to the DP2Ms it is kinda of similarly as rich as the Merrill's has its own special charm IMO. I think this image alone has convinced me to buy. Keen to see some...
  17. Tim

    Fujifilm X100V

    Like Peter mentioned abobe this is exactly where I have been going. I had been like this for a while with the Ricoh GR series BUT the Ricoh is sometimes limited too much. I miss the VF either OVF or EVF but the X100V with that WLF option is just too much to pass up. I have used a GR on recent...
  18. Tim

    Fujifilm X100V

    I can be enthusiastic about a brand if they have "the goods". The Fujis deliver on ergonomics where the others not as good IMO. I'll slide to whoever works for me best and that includes price.
  19. Tim

    Fujifilm X100V

    Thanks for starting the thread Peter, The X100V is a definite buy for me. I enjoy the one camera one lens ideal and generally rely on the Ricoh GR for that. However I am lately wanting a VF of some kind, not sure if its age or lazy-ness but having grown up with film cameras and OVFs I guess old...
  20. Tim

    Compact A7r III kit

    So the Christmas specials came around and I jumped on a deal on that I could not pass up on the A7r III. It was quite a discount. I will only need a couple of lenses and they need to be compact. I am a lazy sod and will only tote so much. The end output is for large home prints, I've got a lot...