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  1. stngoldberg

    For Sale PHASE ONE 150mm lens..$500.00

    Lens is in 9+ Condition, but not BLUE RING. I have the blue ring so I don’t need this one. I just want to find it another home…PayPal please Stanley
  2. stngoldberg

    Mac Studio

    Several week ago, I complained that processing my 150 mpx images had slowed down my trashcan computer to a crawl especially when stitching those large tiff's into panoramas and stacking large files in Helicon. Help came from members who suggested Mac Studio as a solution. I patiently waited five...
  3. stngoldberg

    Sony 600mm f4 lens

    The acuity is something to behold. I’ve owned the Nikon 600mm f4 as well as the Nikon 500mm f4, but this lens is much sharper with a huge improvement in contrast stanley
  4. stngoldberg

    Mamiya 500mm APO f 4.5

    Wanted to buy please contact me if available Stanley
  5. stngoldberg

    Harold Ross

    The article featuring him in the latest issue of the Medium Format magazine is spectacular as is his photography Stanley
  6. stngoldberg

    Rear lens cap size for Rodenstork 90mm grandagon lens, purple band

    I lost my rear lens cap On my 90mm Rodenstork Grandagon purple band lens Can anyone PLEASE tell me the size so I can buy a push on lens cap from B&H or someone else Thank you, stanley
  7. stngoldberg

    Sony A1 images of surfers during storm Elsa

  8. stngoldberg

    DXO Pure Raw

    I have been watching some YouTube videos showing the results from this new (to me) software. Does anyone here have any experience and comments on DXO Pure Raw? Stanley
  9. stngoldberg

    Sony A1 images

    Camera is remarkable...immediate focus..focus tracking is sensational...30 frames/ noise in the images stanley
  10. stngoldberg

    Sony 7RIV

    Camera is sold thank you, stanley
  11. stngoldberg

    Sony 7RIV for sale

    I only used this camera a few times for images of surfers and some bird photography. It is close to brand new condition; I’m selling it because I just received the new a Sony A1 i’m willing to sell it cheap as I no longer need it. ‘if you are interested please message me back stanley
  12. stngoldberg

    FS Hasselblad HC 300 MM LENS

    Condition 9+...includes all caps and hood and Hasselblad box for this lens...14,909 clicks $1500 PayPal friends and family..also listed on Fred Miranda stanley
  13. stngoldberg

    Sony 135mm f1.8 lens

  14. stngoldberg

    FS Godox V860II Flash for Sony Cameras

    Never used Send me $60 on PayPal and I’ll send you the flash Stanley
  15. stngoldberg

    Sony A9 at 840mm

    Sony A9 behind 200-600mm zoom with 1.4 tele extender. Some so called experts appear on YouTube and are critical of this lens with an extender on this camera, but I think the resolution and color are quite good and comparable with the Nikon D850 with the 500mm F4 with 1.4 extender Stanley
  16. stngoldberg

    Alpa 12

    I received an email this morning about the apparently new ALPA 12 and its ability to produce larger panoramas beyond the normal IC’s without determining nodal points. Maybe I misread the announcement, and maybe my 80 year old brain is slowing down; but I didn’t understand what they are doing to...
  17. stngoldberg

    From 400 yards

    Ida Lewis Yacht Club Newport Rhode Island Stanley
  18. stngoldberg

    WTB elinchrom rx 1100 pack with A head

    Must be in excellent condition Stanley
  19. stngoldberg

    WTB Elinchrom 39 inch rotalux deep dish Octabox with speed ring

    Must be a good condition and contain diffuser Please email if you have one for sale Stanley
  20. stngoldberg

    WTB Elinchrom cable EL11096

    Extension cable for a Elinchrom ranger RX Heads Stanley