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    FOUND: Mamiya 7 35mm Panorama adapter

    Looking for a complete, fully functioning Mamiya 7 35mm panorama adapter kit.
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    WTB: Hasselblad 500 waist level finder

    I’m looking for a waist level finder for my 500 cm. Must be fully functional, clean but doesn’t have to be cosmetically perfect.
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    Please help me understand using the Actus or Swebo camera with the GFX100

    I know I would be able to have movements and the advantages that entail, but I assume this will not make stitching multiple column/row images together (to simulate digital 4x4 ) any easier. Am I correct on this? I suspect I may need to wait for something like the Fotodiox 4x5 stitching back to...
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    WTB: Fuji GF 45-100mm zoom - BOUGHT

    I am looking for this lens in as close to like new condition as possible, hopefully a one owner lens. Obviously it must function perfectly and have only minimum wear.
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    GFX100 - how to set Raw 16 bit?

    I have tried every different image quality settings and the 16 bit option is greyed out for every type of Raw -compressed, uncompressed, and lossless. I can only choose 14bit. i must have some incompatible setting somewhere but I can’t find it! Any ideas? Could it be SD card related? Thanks!
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    New to GFX- Filter system question

    Apologies if this has been discussed previously. I am trying to decide which filter system for the GFX 100 and in particular the GF 23mm. I have a kit arriving tomorrow and am not sure which way to go. I use a Nisi m75 for my full frame and they are pretty nice. But I may want to try a...
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    Leica R Kit for Sale - R8/28 mm VII/35mm VIII

    I have a very nice fully functional and beautiful Silver R8 and lenses. Everything is in great condition. This is a very nice kit to start your R system. Elmarit-R 28mm/2.8 Ver II great condition with 3 cams. Recognized is one of the best 28mm lenses ever made. Has a built in hood and...
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    Leica M Monochrom M246 Body Kit w/Grip, Finger Loop, and EVF 2

    My M246 is really in great condition - I have had it a few weeks and am only selling it because I found a really good deal on a M10 Monochrom. It is a very hard decision to keep the wildly more expensive M10M over this camera, but here I go. The files are fantastic and it has a perfect handling...
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    WTB: Leica M10 EVF Visoflex 020

    I am looking for a Leica EVF typ 020 in perfect condition, with accessories.
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    M10 Monochrom vs M246

    Can anyone point me to a good hands-on comparison between the two latest Monochrom versions? I have been on the fence regarding the M246, but not my decision has gotten more complicated. I understand the increase in megapixels could be advantageous, but how wide is the gap in other image...
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    WTB: 16-18-21 Tri-Elmar WATE w/Universal finder

    I am considering a WATE and the Universal Wide Angle finder. Looking for one with no issues and prefer all the accessories at a fair deal. I will consider just the lens, and I'll search out a finder after I find one. Thanks
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    Lenses for sale: OM 18mm,Canon EOS 100 Macro/85/F1.8, Voigtlander 21/F4

    A few great lenses for sale - I just don't use them much any more... Olympus OM 18mm Set - Rare later MC version with the very rare and expensive Olympus 49->72 hood/stepup ring. Glass is great, and there are no marks on the beautiful front element, with some slight wear on the body. Includes...
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    FS: Sony A7R Body only

    Excellent condition, with no obvious marks, but there is some very small edge wear on one corner that is hard to see (see photo below), lcd cover since new, one owner. It has a low shutter count of ~ 7464. See sample photo made with this very camera. $1000 US, net to me, shipping at cost...
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    WTB: Sony A7RII

    I am looking for a perfectly functioning great shape A7RII in the US. Preferably with box and all accessories and paperwork. Also, I am looking to save a few bucks over new. If you have one let me know the shutter count and whether there is any warrantee left. Thanks
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    Advice on displaying a Triptych

    I have three shots that I have printed that I think would be nice to spruce up my office at work. And yes, they are waterfalls, and I concede the cheese factor. Could I get some advice on hanging these? They are three different waterfalls on the same stream and two are digital, one is film. They...
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    WTB (or WTT for): Fuji GSW690III in excellent condition

    Looking for a great low mileage GSW690III at a reasonable price. Trade possible for my excellent Sony A7 if you add cash.
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    Any issues with the Elmarit-R 28 E55 on A7r?

    I have not heard of any issues with the lens on the A7r, but before I fork over the big bucks for one I thought I'd check. Please let me know your experiences and, if you have seen problems, whether you think it is the Lens/Sensor combo or the Adapter (and what kind).
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    WTB: Widelux ND Filter or Filter set

    I seek what may prove to be the unobtainable - filters for the Widelux F7 or F8. I really just need the Neutral Density filter, but if anyone has a whole set I may be willing to spring for them all. Thanks
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    FS: Epson 4870 Film Scanner up to 4x5 Large Format

    This is a good scanner - the only reason I am selling it is because I started shooting 8x10 and bought a 750 a while back. I have holders and disks - but you'll want to download the latest software anyway. The scanner came with Silverfast SE (IIRC) and I paid to upgrade it to Silverfast AI...
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    WTB: 77mm IR Cut Filter or Milich CV12mm Filter Adapter

    Looking for a nice - no scratches - 77mm IR Cut filter or possibly one of the Milich 12mm LTM adapters (used). Please PM me with description and asking price. Thanks