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    Phase one back sizing - difference in tonal quality?

    Hi all - so I have seen some similar threads, but I'm very curious - right now I shoot with a Phase one IQ 40 MP back, and am seriously considering upgrading to a 60 or 80 back with the almost full size sensor. Besides the megapixel differences, will there be a tonal or color response...
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    RE: mounting Mamiya 645 IQ140 digital back on Hasselblad V system?

    Hi All - so this is a weird question, but since we have lots of entries on adapting Phase one IQ 140 backs to view cameras and the like - is there an adapter plate setup, or modification that can be done to transition a phase one / mamiya AF mounting IQ140 to hasselblad V series? Thanks in...
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    Anyone considered switching to shooting 100% with film?

    Hi All - just curious if anyone in the forum has switched off of digital for most things and prefers to shoot with film :-) Always wondered how many started as hybrid shooters and made the switch. -Rich
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    RE: Phase One DF+ shutter sticks / doesnt drop when back is attached

    Hi All - I'm having a weird issue. Currently I was out shooting some of my favorite flowers, and the shutter went up, after the back wiggled loose a bit, and stayed up. I've used a film AFD and had this happen as well, so I figured the sensor wasnt reading the back connection, powered down both...
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    Phase one IQ1 digital back battery issue - any ideas?

    Hi all - question for those working with Phase one equipment - IQ 140 or similar series backs. My official Phase one battery packs are showing differing levels of charge, i.e. the charge level jumps from 45-70 and occasionally throws up an error for db batt while shooting. Anyone had this issue...