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    FS: Hasselblad HC 50mm F3.5 II Lens, 1500 activations, US$1450

    Very, very clean low-use sample of 'The Otus of the H Line". With only a measly 1488 activations, this remarkable glass has barely been test-driven. We've use(d) on H5D, GFX and X1DII with nothing but great results. Firmware is 17.0.0, so manual focus on X series. Body close to mint, glass...
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    Question: X1D II with Godox V860II/III N As Strobe TTL Controller ?

    While the range of Nikon iTTL-compatible radios and flashes that the X1D works with in TTL mode is very limited (Godox triggers are manual only), I've seen anecdotal reports that the V860II works in TTL mode. Now, does it also work in TTL as a CONTROLLER for other Godox strobes (300, 1200...
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    X1D II Exposure Sim

    Is it my imagination, or is there no way to have exposure sim on/off assigned to a programmable button on the X1D2? Anyone come up with a clever work around?
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    SOLD Hasselblad HC 1.7x Teleconverter

    Great for use on H body, X body with adapter or any Fuji body with their HC/D adapter. We use on H and GFX. Optics clean and clear. Body shows very minor signs of use. Works as designed, no issues. Comes with caps, no box or papers. Price is US$575 and includes Canada Post shipping in NA...
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    SOLD Fujifilm GFX EVF-TL1 for 50S and 100: US$300

    As the title says. Works perfectly, zero issues, minor if any signs of use. Comes with all caps and box. Price is US$300 shipped in NA by Canada Post. Payment by EMT in Canada or PP (add 3%). Pics to come
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    FS: Profoto Pro-B2 1200ws Pack, 2 Pro Heads, Extension, 2 Batteries, etc., US$2150

    For sale is a very clean Profoto Pro-B2 1200ws pack kit. No longer made, the Pro-B2 is NOT to be confused with the more recent and smaller 250ws B2. It is identical to the Pro-B3 pack with the only difference being the Pro-B2 came with SLA batteries vs LiO from the factory and (this copy) has...
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    FS: Powered Firewire 800 Hub Kit -> Hassy H3Dx-H4D US$99

    Hard to find kit to allow issue-free tethering of Hassy H3D and H4D cameras (which need power from the computer when tethered), especially with more modern laptops. When connected to a 12V-30V source, it supplies the 12V supplemental power needed to avoid tethered disconnects. We be put this...
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    FS (Can/US) Hasselblad H5D-40 US$2500

    I won't go into all the tech details, as if you're looking at this ad, you know what you're looking at/for. My main camera, now 2nd body. An ex-CPO unit in very clean shape (see below). A strong benefit of the H5D body with the 40 MP CCD back (vs. the older H4D-40 or H3x) aside from the...
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    If any established member has a Hassy X1D II (must be the Mod II) they're thinking of parting with, ideally in Canada, drop me a line with condition, proposed price, etc. If interested in partial trade, take a glance at my FS listings to see if anything of interest.
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    SOLD (Can/US) CV 180/4 APO in Nikon mount US$995

    One of the hidden gems of the CV APO line and one of the least-produced true APO lenses out there, the close-focus Cosina Voigtlander 180mm F4 APO (in Nikon mount). Fantastic lens with clean barrel and glass with maybe 1-2 specks of dust or similar that impact nothing. Smooth focus and...
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    SOLD (Can/US) Fujifilm GF 110/2 Lens US$1800

    Great lens that lives up to it's superlatives. Near mint condition. Operates perfectly, zero issues. Glass clean and clear with just one discernible speck of dust or similar inside that of course affects nothing. Complete with caps, hood, pouch and box. Price is US$1800 with shipping at cost...
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    SOLD: (Can/US) Compagnon Element Backpack, New, Desert Brown US$320

    Purchased for a trip that never happened. Never used. As new. No box. I also own the 15L Element Sling and they are fantastic German bags with a very, very useful roll-top, and often hard to find sadly. Price is US$320.00 shipped in NA by Canada Post ground. Payment by EMT or PP (add 3%). Pics...
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    SOLD: Zeiss Otus 85/1.4 Nikon

    Mint or damn near close. No issues, no discernible dust, works perfectly. Comes with Heliopan UV filter, caps, box. Price is US$2025 net to me. Shipping at cost based on online Canada Post estimate. Payment by EMT or PP (add 3%). Pics to follow.
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    Two ProMediaGear Elinchrom ELB400 / Quadra Cages

    Sadly no longer made, these 'cages' are the dog's bollocks if you own any Elinchrom Quadra or ELB400 pack(s). Old, new, LiO, Lead Acid or Hybrid, doesn't matter. A 30 sec install and instant handles (detachable) and cage festooned with 1/4-20" tapped holes for clamps, studs, heads, anything the...
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    SOLD: Elinchrom Ranger/Quadra RX Speed 1500 Ring Flash, w/PigTail, Partially Modified

    For sale is a RX 1500 (Speed) Ring-Flash that works with any Elinchrom Quadra, ELB 400 or Ranger Pack (with the included Quadra/Ranger pigtail adapter). Unknown if works / can be adapted to work with the either ELB 500 or 1200. What's rare with this kit is that unlike most ring flashes, it has...
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    SOLD PromediaGear Katana Jr. Pro Gimbal Head

    Unit is in as-new condition functionally with virtually no cosmetic signs of use. Comes complete, but no box or manuals. Price is US$465.00 payable in CDN$ equivalent and includes shipping in...
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    SOLD New Broncolor Para 88HR Reflector

    Bought new from Canadian dealer last Fall and used 3-4x in studio. Looks & functions as new in all respects. This is the high-heat version capable of use with strobes or 'hot' lights up to 2000W tungsten...
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    SOLD (Canada) Matthews Mini Max Boom C$1100

    There are booms and there's the Matthews Max line. This Mini Max is in excellent shape with only minor signs of use. Works perfectly, no missing components and EXCEPTIONALLY versatile...
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    SOLD Hasselblad HC 210mm F4 Lens w/ 171 Activations US$750

    For sale is a Hassy HC 210mm F4 lens in near mint condition. Firmware: 13.0.0 Activations: 171 As with any HC/D series lens, it works perfectly with: 1. 1/800 sync leaf shutter on any H series body 2. 1/800 sync leaf shutter on any Hasselblad X series camera (with Hassy adapter) 3. 1/800 sync...
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    SOLD (Can/US) FujiFilm GF 45mm F2.8 US$1250

    One hell of an optic and one of the best lenses I've ever used in terms of clarity and sharpness across the frame. I will be acquiring again at some juncture if I stay with the Fuji G platform. If it wasn't a duplicate with my already stellar HC 50 MkII, I'd be keeping it. Clean in all...