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    leica R lens sale

    All in excellent/good condition, but not mint. all 3 cam except the 28. i haven't used them since buying the dp1 and dp2s. i have used them on canon 20d, 40d, tsi, and a 5d with a shaved mirror. i've checked these prices against e-bay, the leica forum, etc. and they seem fair. many kinds of...
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    construction site constructions

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    library shadows

    variations on a theme wayne
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    construction site #7

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    a walk in the ghost forest

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    construction site #4

    more reserved about #3. wayne full series:
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    books again

    i swear i'll quit buying them. alas, new ones show up on amazon all the time. just bought these two: the second one on composition. i know composition the great key, yet...
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    january roses

    if there's nowhere to rest at the end how can i get lost on the way ikkyu wayne
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    a philosopher's key to photography

    On no account make a distinction between the Absolute and the sentient world. Huang-po wayne
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    construction site #2

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    miroslav tichy

    i've vowed to quit buying expensive photo books. alas, couldn't resist this one: tichy a phenomenon. google 'miroslav tichy camera' and you'll get plenty of images. he used homemade cameras. the...
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    construction site #1

    28 homes and a common house getting a face uplift wayne full series:
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    a plug for don wayne
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    is anybody real?

    san francisco moma wayne
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    december roses

    dp2s see the series: wayne ps. i'm stuck in a blog. enjoy my distress. :talk028:
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    meso american class projects

    full series: wayne
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    feeling negative

    full series at wayne
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    coffee with schopenhauer

    full series wayne
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    lensbaby annie

    at least the selective focus seemed to make it that way! whole series: wayne
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    thanksgiving 2010:

    a visit to laurie's. complete series: wayne