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    Is it possible to use a Copal 0 on Arca R-mount?

    I don’t have Arca R system, mainly due to the expensive lenses available to Arca R. I am think if I can use a Copal 0, I can use some cheap lens. The Arca R lens look just like a Copal 0 on a circular board with thread. But I don’t find the “board” sold anywhere. I wonder is it not possible...
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    Any camera supports tilting lens with <40mm flange distance?

    I have been researching the options on wide angle lens and body to use with MFDB. I wonder whether there is any body supports tilting a lens with < 40mm flange distance such as a SK 35mm XL. Here is what I found, not sure whether I get it right: - RM3Di length is 40mm, not sure whether 35 XL...
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    What cause under exposure shows pink lines in P45+?

    There is a seller selling a P45+. However, the seller said the back shows some weird lines when under exposure as shown in the image. I wonder what could cause this and does this worth buying
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    FS/FT: Hasselblad 50mm CFi f4

    I bought this recently on eBay to use with Flexbody. However, I have modified the Flexbody to use copal 0 lenses, and hence I don’t need the Hasselblad lens anymore. Here is the original link of the item Looking to trade with a Canon 24mm TSE II or $1200 CONUS
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    What is the distance from sensor to mount on a M-mount DB?

    I am thinking of converting a V-mount camera into M-mount, due to the inventory of DB. I measured the distance from ground glass to mount on a V-mount ground glass. It is 3mm. I wonder what is that distance on a M-mount back. That will affect whether I can get correct flange distance when using...
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    New Member cannot send PM?

    I believe my account is from 2013, but I didn't login for a long time. When I login recently, I notice it becomes a new member and I cannot PM people. I wonder for what reason I cannot send PM, is there a way to fix it? When I click on member's username, I can only see follow and ignore...
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    Hello from US

    I have been on the forum since 2013. But didn’t login for a few years until recently. However, I don’t know why my account is shown as new member. I guess I need to intro here :) I started with Canon 5D II when it just came out, then got sold in Leica family and did some street photography in...
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    What is the max speed of leaf Aptus with Hasselblad lenses?

    I just got a Leaf Aptus II and Hasselblad 50mm CFi. When I tested the combination with a sync cable connecting the lens and the digital back, I noticed that the shutter speed can only goes to 1/30. If I use 1/60, the digital back will get a black image. I wonder is this expected?