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    Shiny stuff. a question for the product people

    I have been trying to make visually interesting pictures of shiny objects, and failing miserably. Here, for example, is a shot of a pocket knife using an IQ180/Rodenstock 135 and monolith view camera. It is a single POF and lit by multiple strobes. The usual tactic with things like this is to...
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    Getting a 120 macro set up for product work

    I have a Rodenstock 120 apo macro sironar in a Copal 0, and use it for images up to about 1:1. Mounted on an AS Monolith, it's a superb lens but I am really missing an electronic shutter for this application. I do have a spare Rollei shutter lying around so I could get th is lens mounted into...
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    FS: 8 x 10 Sinar P2 with accessories, $3500

    I have my 8 x 10 gear for sale as a group in an earlier post. I am getting requests to break out the camera, lenses, and darkroom equipment. Here is the camera system, priced at US$3500 plus shipping. Note, the 200 mm Grandagon shown is not part of the sale. Other than that, it includes...
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    Extensive Sinar 8 x 10 kit, P2 camera, lenses, Jobo film processor, etc.

    Much as I hate to admit it, I no longer use 8 x 10 film. The time has come to pass it on. I would like to try selling it all together at first. If that does not pan out, I will look at splitting it up. US$8000 for everything. All in excellent condition, except the ATL 2200 processor. It is...
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    Phase 1 and pixel shift, ms, whatever

    Some years ago, I used a 50 MP Hasselblad MS camera for a while. Sure, the MS feature had limited application but, when it could be used, it was an obvious leap in image quality. It was so good that I ended up using it whenever I had static objects - this despite the extra time and trouble it...
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    USB3 cables

    I have a generic USB3 cable I got at my local computer outlet. It works well enough for tethering the IQ180 with my Surface Pro 2 computer, but is getting kinked and twisted to I thought I would replace it. In a fit of fashion awareness, I bought a lovely orange Tether Tools cable. With that...
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    holiday cards

    Anyone got any seasonal cards they've sent out? Here's a couple I've used.
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    Arca FPS

    Speaking with my dealer, I am told that the Arca FP has been out for some nine months now. This is not the internal shutter - which will be available real soon now :watch:- but the focal plane shutter. I have yet to see a single report from anyone using this. Any experiences?
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    FS: RBL (Really Big Lens) Rodenstock Grandagon 200mm MC f6.8

    While my large format work has tailed off, I have kept this lens just because it is so ... different. The Grandagon 200 retailed for somewhere in the high $4K range when new. That price meant that very few were sold and they are rare today. This one was bought by a photographer who passed it...
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    flash bracket for Profoto B2

    I am thinking of a B2 single head unit to allow me to get into some small spaces that my D1 and D4 heads won't fit. Not the ideal solution (low output) but should do while keeping everything on the Air system. I know how to use that, and I find fancy flash controllers as challenging as the old...
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    Arca eshutter????

    Anyone know what is going on with the Arca FP, CS, DM and so forth - all the eshutter bits. Looked rather good when announced a year ago. Now, vanished. Looks like Arcashop even took down their preliminary item description. Is there a sad story here? Glad I kept my Rollei gear.
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    Sony A7R, excellent, $1,100

    Yes, I am drinking the A7R-II Koolaid. Mine is on order and my A7R is available. With original box, battery, docs, little plastic thingie for the flash socket, strap (I have to find that but it's here). I shoot mainly MF so this camera was lightly used (3150 actuations). Finish is excellent...
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    FS: Zeiss Biogon 2/35 ZM, includes haze filter and hood. $750

    In excellent condition, about two years old and I can't recall when I last used it. Certainly used very little. Includes B&W F-Pro haze filter (which has always been on it) and Zeiss hood. All original boxes and paperwork. Lens is in Canada, will ship elsewhere. Price is US$.
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    Different things with a shared character

    Somehow, these remind me of each other. Anyone else care to juxtapose?
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    Arca shutter details?

    I understand AS are continuing to develop the new eshutter system, now hoping for availability in spring sometime. I am considering whether to wait and order a lens or two in the new shutter or stick with Copal despite the availability issues. It would help to know a bit more.before making...
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    Wide angle for arca R

    I am settling the lens selection for my new (to me) Rm3di. Wonderful that I can now move lenses back and forth between the 3di and Monolith rail camera. That's the reason I sold the Alpa (sob) and the flexibility is working out as I had hoped. Anyway, my present range is 70 - 210 mm. I need...
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    Rollei LCS + e-shutter Rodenstock 120, 135, 70 HR

    I'm in the process of changing some equipment around. My Rollei electronic shutter lenses and controllers will go. Lenses are mounted in Arca Swiss 110mm boards. Except as noted, everything is in excellent condition and works perfectly. No nicks, scratches or cleaning marks on the lenses...
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    Alignment of IQ back

    I recently picked up an RM3di (used) and have noticed that the IQ180 and the camera disagree about pitch level. 1. The bubble level on the camera frame shows a bit more than a half bubble of tilt when the electronic level in the IQ shows no tilt. 2. The IQ level shows a bit more than 1...
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    Some really better bits

    It seems to me that the investment and trouble of MF are becoming more difficult to justify. I love my IQ180, but I can no longer show just anyone that the images it makes on a DF camera are obviously superior. Takes a reasonably skilled eye to see the differences and the 35mm cameras continue...
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    Alpa complete set incl TC, Max, 40, 90

    A few years ago I ordered two Alpa cameras with all the associated bits and pieces. Direct purchase invoice was 25,000 Swiss Francs, about a 10% discount on US prices (I am in Canada, near Niagara Falls). As I use my studio rail camera almost exclusively, now selling the kit for US$15,000...