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  1. Mexecutioner

    Unable to log into profile

    Hi, Have any of you guys experienced this? Maybe the website is under maintenance, but at the moment my account seems to not exist any more. This is the same one I have used for years and it is where my back, camera and lenses are registered. I would email support, but need to be logged in to...
  2. Mexecutioner

    Capture One 21

    Installed just now, installation went smoothly and with no license code registration issues like I've experienced in the past. Will find time today to test it out.
  3. Mexecutioner

    Removed: Feature Update 8

    My apologies I should have noticed there was already a thread about this. If the mods can delete this it would be great.
  4. Mexecutioner

    SOLD: Vintage RARE Nikon Macro Nikkor Multiphot Lens Set

    If you are looking for this elusive set you most likely know what they are and how they perform. While I don't expect a huge amount of interest in these specialty items I prefer listing them here hoping there is someone that has been wanting them. Included in this sale are the following: 1)...
  5. Mexecutioner

    Capture One v21 preorder woes and words of caution

    Hi, Just a word of caution to those pre-ordering v21. I pre-ordered the update just like i did last year and at the end of the process I clicked on the website link that read something like "get started with Capture One" thinking it would allow me to download the code for the future update...
  6. Mexecutioner

    ALPA X-Shutter is coming soon

    Got the email just now that it’s coming. I’m sure many of you guys will be pleased
  7. Mexecutioner

    FS: New with tags f-stop Tilopa backpack with Large Pro ICU, Rain Cover and ICU gate.

    I bought this pack a few months ago to try it out and compare it with the Atlas Adventure. I decided to keep the Atlas as it fits my frame better and preferred not using an ICU, but never returned the Tilopa, so now I am offering it here for sale. I thought I would prefer moving the ICU from the...
  8. Mexecutioner

    Another Phase One countdown on their website. What now?
  9. Mexecutioner

    Burzynski Ballhead for Series 3 Gitzo with 85mm adapter and 100mm leveling adapter

    Hello: I am selling my Burzynski Ballhead in perfect condition. This sale comes with the following: 1 X Burzynski Ballhead 70mm base for series 3 Gitzo tripods 1 X Burzynski 70/85 adapter for series 5 Gitzo tripods 1 X Burzynski 100mm tripod bowl leveling adapter I hardly used this ballhead...
  10. Mexecutioner

    240GB XQD with 256 SD card

    Has anyone ran this configuration? I tried it last night and it seems that with two cards this size the SD card cannot keep up and at some point stops recording files while the XQD is still working. The red LED on the IQ4 stayed lit several seconds after taking the last image along with the LED...
  11. Mexecutioner

    Phase One mirrorless announcement next week?

    Seems like the announcement is a few days away. At least the teaser leads one to believe it is. I am excited to see hat they have in store.
  12. Mexecutioner

    Phase One SK 35mm BR $4,250 OBO

    I am offering for sale my Schneider Kreuznach 35mm LS f/3.5 Blue Ring lens. Lens is in perfect condition and works beautifully. I am the original owner of this lens, purchased new in August 2018 and has a warranty valid until 08/2023. Reason for selling is I find myself using my 40-80 BR...