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    Leica S3 and the 35SL.

    So I spent the late afternoon chatting with Stephan Daniel (nice guy) and playing with the S3 and 35SL lens. Few takeaway points keep in mind my track record with Leica and the fact that I don't pull any punches so this is an honest assessment coming from someone who's used every system and...
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    FS: Leica 75mm Summilux

    Hi guys, Selling a 75 Summilux from roughly 1989. Full box set!! Made in Canada, barely used and in near mint condition. Would love to keep it, but ultimately want to reduce my non-work kit to the M10 and 50APO only. Wanted $5,000 OBO and would prefer local deals in L.A. but will ship within...
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    FS: Leica M10, SL, 24-90SL, 50SL, 90-280SL, S-adatper, M-adapter, 26/40 Flashes, RRS

    Hi guys, Selling some excess gear now that I'm back in LA (as of the 20th). I prefer to give priority to local LA ppl who are willing to drive/fly up to buy items. But will ship at buyers risk any way buyer wants at a cost to the buyer. Also would prefer chase quick pay or other bank transfers...
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    FS: Panasonic GH5 + 12-60 Leica + VLog

    Price: $2,800.00 Payment method: Paypal gift or bank transfer or meet up in person (cash). Item condition: 10 Preowned equipment, but appears as new Shipping instructions: Shipping at buyers cost anyway buyer would like. Hi guys, Selling a GH5 that I purchased in Singapore about 4 weeks ago...
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    SL, 50SL, 90-280SL, 35TL, M-D, Leica flashes, Leica Adapters.

    Hi guys, Selling the following items. They all work as they should, no problems no funny business. I'm offloading because I'm re-arranging my priorities from fun/work to mostly work only gear. So all the "excess stuff" must go... For the record I am keeping a Q as my fun camera, and one small...
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    WTS: Leica M-D + 50APO + (maybe SL + 24-90 + 90-280)

    Hi guys, Am considering selling a M-D and a 50APO. Both are mechanically perfect and function as they should. They both have ever so slight cosmetic flaws. M-D = $5,000 50APO = $5,500 Buy both for $10,000 Am also considering selling my SL gear. All items are near mint and work perfectly. SL...
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    WTS: Leica Vario-Elmarit-SL 24-90mm f/2.8-4

    Hi guys, Selling the SL standard zoom. If you're keen it'll be $4,000 nett to me. I'm in L.A. Best, Adam P.S. Would consider selling with a SL body for $9,000 package price.
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    100mm Summicron-S + S-adapter-SL

    Hi guys, Selling my 100S which recently came back from Germany for the AF fix. Also selling my S-adapter-SL. I will sell them separately only if the 100S sells first. Both are in perfect working condition. Both are almost mint. Minor user wear only on the 100S (and difficult to see). Asking...
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    WTS: Leica Monochrom M246 (CMOS)

    Hi guys, I have a mint M246 full box set. Asking $5,000 net to me. The camera will have around 1 year of warranty left. There is a minor mark on the coating on the LCD. Not in the picture area. Mint elsewhere. Local deal in L.A. is possible. Will consider M lenses in partial trade. Best...
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    WTS: Leica SL + 24-90SL + Extras.. (+100S w/adapter)

    Hi guys, Selling a near mint SL + 24-90SL + 2 Extra batteries + RRS L-bracket Asking $10,500 for the above mentioned items. Also have a 100S + S-adapter-SL Asking $6,000 for the two item set (won't sell separately). Also have a M-adapter-T Will sell for $300 (only if SL set sells). IF...
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    WTS: Leica S-006 + 100/2 + 120/2.5

    Hi guys, Selling a S-006 w/full box and spare battery and RRS L-bracket. But today I noticed an issue with the sensor. So here is the deal. IF you want the camera, it has a 2 years of the loaner warranty left (Leica will give you trade in value, but I don't think it's worth it). Obviously they...
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    WTS: Leica M246 (Monochrom) + 50 Summicron-APO-M

    Hi guys, I have a mint M246 full box set. Asking $5,500 not including shipping or paypal fees. The camera will have around 1 year of warranty left. I have a 50 Summicron-APO-M full box set. Asking $5,100 not including shipping or paypal fees. The lens has minor wear on the twist out hood...
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    Leica S-006 + 120S Macro

    Hi guys, Might be back in LA sooner then expected. If so I will be putting the S-006 w/warranty (2 years left, loaner warranty, full box set). And 120S (just the lens w/front and rear caps + hood). Asking $8,500 including shipping to continental USA for the set and will include a spare...
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    FS: Leica M246 + 50APO + 50Lux + 75APO

    Hi guys, M246 has warranty for another 18 or so months. It's mint, with full box set. 50Lux has warranty for another 16 or so months. It's mint, with full box set. 50APO is just front filter and rear cap only. 75APO is full box set, no warranty. M246 + (spare battery) - $5,800 50Lux - $2,700...
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    S-006 + 45s + 100s +120s

    Hi guys, Selling a mint S-006 w/full box etc. It has remainder of the 3 year Leica loaner warranty. I've only had this unit around 6-8 months. So you'll get 2+ years of warranty. The shutter count on this unit should be pretty low, considering I have two sets. This is the newer set. All the...
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    Leica S typ-006

    Hi guys, I have two Leica S cameras. I'm considering selling one as "knock on wood" I haven't had a problem with either camera. And I'm confident I can get by without a backup S (in all fairness I have like 10 other cameras!) It would be a full box set w/3 years loaner swap warranty. Mint...
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    M Typ-246 Monochrom (almost new)

    Hi guys, Considering selling my Monochrom M246. It's mint and only a few months old. The reason I'm considering selling it, is I don't know if I can wrap my head around Monochrom images.. It's cool, and truly is a day to night camera. I'm on the fence about selling, so I'm asking $6,200-ish...
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    M-P Typ 240 Silver Chrom + 50APO

    Hi guys, Brought a Silver Chrom M-P up from Singapore for a friend who has since decided he wants black. So I thought I'd list it on here to see if anyone is interested. I prefer a local Los Angeles area sale, but am open to shipping it. It's mint and only a few months old (manufactured at the...
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    21Lux, 35FLE, 50Lux, 50APO, 75APO, 90APO

    Hi guys, Most of my lenses are like new. The 50LUX and the 90APO are in fact only 6 months old, and have ONLY been mounted to test performance (check for IQ issues). All lenses have full box/contents aside from the 50APO and the 21Lux (only front and rear caps). These all work great on an M...
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    "NEW" Leica lenses announced..

    Hi guys, So the "new" lenses that were announced apparently have new optical formulas. But I'm thinking they're just the same lenses with cosmetic updates. Can anyone confirm this? Jonathan are you molesting any of the new lenses as I write this? IF so deliver the goods.. I'm curious to see if...