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    Tempted, very tempted... GRIIIx

    Tempted, too. I downsized my camera gear to just a Leica Q-P in January 2020 (being without a Leica M for the first time since 2008), but have had a hankering lately for a longer FoV. A 40mm perspective would be great. Plus, over the years, I have used and enjoyed the Ricoh GRD and GR i...
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    Leica M monochrom 246 corrosion issues

    Correct: The problem was limited to the M9 and MM1 with the original CCD sensor.
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    The Leica Q2

    All, A recent find online: While I’m not a big fan of DXO ratings, this may be of interest here. Regardless, I find the Q2 to be a very interesting camera. I’m trying to control the urge to sell another camera to buy a Q2 ;) ... I have...
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    The Leica Q2

    Dust on the Q2’s sensor? I don’t want to hear that, and I don’t even have a Q2.
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    finally GR3

    Godfrey: Thank you for your helpful input here, which has me thinking more about the current iPhone options. Alas, if we're pushing the limits of this thread, it was certainly my doing. Pardon that, all!
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    finally GR3

    I definitely ended up liking the X113 more than I thought I would, including the aspects that you mention. Your comment about iPhones is on point for me, too. I'm still using an iPhone 5s (pretty much for an occasional call or text and GPS) and have been wondering if an upgrade to a XR (or...
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    finally GR3

    Thanks for the input on the CL, Godfrey. Actually, yesterday, I cancelled my preorder of the GR III--not because I don't think it'll be a solid camera, but because I'd prefer to wait until mid to late summer if I'm going to pull the trigger on a new camera purchase. Anyway, your mention of your...
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    finally GR3

    In my opinion, the GR is a mighty different beast than the Q. You hit on some of the major differences. For me, I would use the cameras very differently—with the GR being a carry-everywhere camera while the Q is more of a camera I’d take along when I knew I was heading out for photography. I had...
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    finally GR3

    Preorders anyone?
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    finally GR3

    It looks like the GR III will be available very soon:
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    Leica M10-P

    That's the one I'm waiting for, Jono! (Thanks for your thoughts on the M10-P, with these improvements--I'd hope--carrying over to the M10 Mono.)
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    I would like

    Close, but no AF (as mentioned by the poster) ...
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    I would like

    Leica Q35 or Q40 or Q50--and I'm in. I'm hoping one will be announced at Photokina. If not, I will remain Leica-less (for the first time since 2008).
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    Jono's reply, by the way, is a great one. It effectively (and even politely) moves us all past a somewhat trollish, incendiary comment, but it also builds upon the discussion knowledge base (in terms of the 4m dots), provides some early support for this camera (from a well-known camera...
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    Leica Q vs Rx1r II

    Well, I ended up getting a Q and now am selling it (see Buy/Sell section). In amazingly quick fashion, I learned that 28mm doesn't well fit the way I see ...
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    FS - Leica Q Digital Camera Kit, including Luigi half-case, in “As-New” Condition!

    Hi all: I purchased this camera and all accessories new, but quickly found that a 28mm field of view is too wide for my style of photography. I have used it only a few times—and only at my home. The camera and all accessories are in “as-new” condition. The sale includes the following items...
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    50mm Summicron v Summilux

    Size, speed, price: those are the differences. I had a cron, gave it up to get the lux, but later returned to the cron. If you're not going to be shooting wide open an awful lot at 1.4, the cron is definitely the way to go. The cron's size and weight are ideal IMO.
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    Fun with the Leica Q

    David: love your Q processing. As a result of this thread, I checked out your website. Great stuff. Ceatec Tradeshow #7 works really well.
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    How R U former MM1 and now M246 Shooters Getting Along?

    Now that cracked me up. Well said.