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    Megapixel size of GFX 100S in 35mm mode?

    I know it seems crazy but I have searched the internet and cannot find the answer to this... Any ideas? Also, just received the GFX 100S and it did not come with an instruction booklet.. Is that standard these days? Thanks in advance! :)
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    Strange "box" M43 camera?

    Hope somebody can help me.. I remember a while back seeing a M43 camera, that was essentially just a small box and the ability to swap lenses. I feel like it was a bit of a flop in terms of sales... Any ideas? * Am also wondering, what is the absolute smallest M43 camera? * What M43 camera...
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    Iphone aperture equivalence? Does the f1.78 wide lens let the same amount of light in as the equivalent "full frame" lens?

    Hi, Apologies if this has been discussed, I did search and could not find an answer. If using the new Iphone Pro, does the main (wide) lens have the "light gathering ability" of F1.78, whilst having the "equivalent" D.O.F of f6.2.. ie if shooting a full frame camera at f1.8 and the Iphone...
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    Fuji GFX 32-64mm with the 18mm extension tube? How to get an idea of maximum and minimum focus distances?

    So, I have basically looked everywhere and with maths not being my strongpoint, have struggled to find out how close I can focus as well as the maximum focus distance... Without an extension tube, the minimum focus distance at the wide end (32mm) is 50cm and is 60cm at the long end (64mm)...
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    Modifying a GFX 100S to be used as a digital back? Possible?

    Giving that there is no dedicated 33mm x 44mm digital back using a BSI sensor, was wondering if it would be possible to modify a GFX 100S to use on a Tech camera (Cambo Actus or Arca Swiss Universalis) and have access to wider tech lenses? This would obviously need to alter the flange...
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    Can you "Focus Stack" using a lens with movements applied?

    Very possibly a stoopid question but I could not find any answers online... Just wondering if you can focus stack on either a Tech Cam with movements applied to a lens or a GFX and Canon TS-E combo? Or is this something only achievable by the dedicated combo of a lens and its intended camera...
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    Is the Canon 16-35mm III minimum focus distance the same at all focal lengths?

    I am thinking of purchasing the Canon 16-35mm III to use on my Fuji GFX (there is currently no wide zoom in the GFX lineup). The zoom I have for the GFX is the 32-64mm and its minimum focus changes from 0.5m at the wide end to 0.6m at the long. I see that Canon states their M.F.D of the...
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    Is Sony A7S series the best for getting a good image on the LCD in low light?

    Hi, I have a project where I am shooting in extreme low light and I intend to hook the camera up to an external monitor, due to the awkward positioning of it. Was just wondering what camera you guys would suggest for getting the best image on the rear LCD (which then feeds to the external...
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    Any examples with the Mamiya RZ 50mm ULD/Canon 50mm TSE and Cambo Actus and GFX?

    Hi, Was just wondering if anybody had use the Mamiya RZ 50mm ULD with the Cambo Actus and GFX? I have read that it is optimised for better edge performance compared to the standard 50mm. I have both the Pentax 67 45mm and the Hasselblad 50mm FLE for use on my GFX 50S and find that I...
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    Maximum "Rise" with 33x44 CMOS back and HR Digaron 40mm?

    Hi, I have seen it mentioned a number of times that the CMOS 33mm x 44mm backs do not play well with movements on a tech camera. Was just wondering what the maximum rise in portrait orientation is when used with the Rodenstock 40mm f4? The specification sheet from Rodenstock suggests...
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    Do 35mm and Medium Format have the same amount of "front shift"?

    Hi, Just wondering if the amount of effective "front rise" is roughly the same across both full frame 35mm systems and Medium Format systems? The Canon TS-E lenses provide 12mm of shift whilst a "full frame" Phase and Tech camera combo seem to offer as much as 20mm of front rise... Are...
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    Still only 3:2 aspect ratio for Sony cameras?

    After handling both the new Nikon and Canon mirrorless cameras, it is good to see that they both have multiple "aspect ratios" that are visible in the EVF. This is an amazing viewing and composition aid and as far as I know, they both include the full RAW file to be played with in post...
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    App for tethering the Fuji GFX to Capture One...

    Just saw this on the Fuji GFX Facebook page.... Datenbankfehler Seems to work pretty well, slower than native obviously but still seems useable to me... Thoughts?
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    WTB: Mirex P645 - Eos Tilt/Shift adapter...

    Am looking to purchase a used Mirex P645 - Eos Tilt/Shift adapter. Please contact me if you have one.. Thanks!
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    Hcam Master Tilt/Shift adapter for sale.

    Up for sale is an excellent condition Hcam Master adapter for all Sony mirrorless cameras. This adapter enables tilt/shift movements with a multitude of lenses. Essentially a mini view camera in a compact package. Also enables parallax free stitching. Here are some links that showcase the...
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    Shutter lag of A7RII? Compared to Nikon D810?

    I recently saw mentioned that the shutter lag of my A7RII is measured exactly the same as the Nikon D810. According to "imaging resource" the Sony A7RII measures 0.212 with single spot autofocus and 0.107 with manual focus. The Nikon D810 was measured at 0.212 with single spot autofocus and...
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    Please add the Sony RX1R2 firmware to the A7 series of cameras! We want crop modes!

    Please Sony, add the features in the RX1R2 to the current A7 series of cameras in a firmware update! We want a 5:4, 4:3 and 1:1 crop to our Sony A7 cameras! I have had just had a chance to try the Sony RX1R2 in store and it has a great feature that is seriously lacking in the current A7...
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    Will we ever see leaf shutter lenses for the A7R II?

    With the A7R II being similar in quality to "some" Medium Format digital, is there any chance of Zeiss ever releasing a set of leaf shutter lenses for the Sony A7 series? They have the technical know ho to do so right? Or would this eat into RX1/RX2 sales? For me, the RX1/RX2 is a no go...
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    Contax 645 Shift adapter..

    I have been in contact with Steel Chen who has previously made Contax 645 adapters to work with both Nikon and Canon EF.. JAS Contax 645 Automatic Lens Adapter for Canon EF mount-in Lens Adapter from Consumer Electronics on | Alibaba Group...
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    Exposing for Sony A7R? Same as all digital cameras?

    Hi, Just posted this on Fred Miranda and received a very mixed bag of responses, so I thought i would post it here and see what the general consensus is.. This forum seems to be the place for Sony related discussion, so maybe will be able to reach a more definite approach here.. :) My...