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  1. jlancasterd

    Monochrome with D850

    Now that I'm using a Z6 as my 'go to' camera for colour work, I'm thinking of setting up my D850 for monochrome work. Does anyone have any recommendations about settings for general, architectural and landscape work? I intend to shoot in hi-res JPEG mode.
  2. jlancasterd

    Optical Film Copier

    I've been searching for an optical film duplicator which will accept medium format up to 6x9. I already have a Nikon 35mm film copier that works quite well with the 60mm macro lens and am looking for something similar for medium format. Pentax announced a film duplicator meeting my requirements...
  3. jlancasterd

    Pentax film duplicator

    I've been searching for an optical film duplicator which will accept both 35mm and medium format up to 6x9. Pentax announced a film duplicator meeting my requirements in 2014 but I've been unable to find any substantial reviews of it on the web or elsewhere. Has anybody used it and, if so...
  4. jlancasterd

    Got my D5

    My dealer (Cambrian Photography, Colwyn Bay) rang this morning to say that my D5 had arrived – only the third they've had in. I'm currently charging the battery and doing the "personalisation" (DK-17M viewfinder and eyecup, Artisan & Artist strap), and looking forward to checking out the low...
  5. jlancasterd

    LCD Viewfinder for D800 & D800E

    Kinotehnic (Kinotehnik - The makers of LCVDF and LCDVFE) has just announced a clip-on magnifying viewfinder for the rear LCD screen of the D800 & D800E. This would appear to be a useful gadget when using live-view to focus Zeiss and other manual lenses. Has member tried one? Apparently they've...
  6. jlancasterd

    Zeiss 25mm f2.8

    Does anyone on this group use the f2.8 Zeiss ZF.2 25mm? How does it compare optically with the f2 version? It's lighter, and considerably cheaper, which are major attractions in my book!
  7. jlancasterd

    Nikkor AF-S 70-200/2.8G VRII

    I finally received my Nikkor AF-S 70-200/2.8G VRII yesterday after a 3-month wait. It was certainly worth waiting for - I took it out today to see how the VR active mode would cope when shooting with my D700 from the rear of a moving (Rocking and Rolling!) narrow-gauge train and I'm extremely...
  8. jlancasterd

    Kids' Training Week

    It's been Kids' Training Week on the Railway for the past few days... Nikon D700, 24-70/f2.8G
  9. jlancasterd

    UK Railway Photography petition - Downing Street responds

    The usual guff, unfortunately...
  10. jlancasterd

    Capture NX2 Query

    Having just moved from a Leica R8 plus DMR to a D700 to gain full-frame capabilty with wide angle lenses, I'm reviewing my image processing requirements. I always shoot in RAW at the highest possible quality - 14-bit, uncompressed in the case of the D700. When dealing with Leica RAW files I...
  11. jlancasterd

    D700 ISO setting

    As a very new owner of a D700 I have been delighted with the quite remarkably 'clean' images it produces at high ISO. Given this exemplary performance, what ISO setting do other owners of this camera use as their 'normal' setting? I'm thinking of using ISO 400, but could be persuaded to go...