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    WTB: Fuji GF 30mm f3.5

    Looking for a used Fuji GF 30mm f3.5 lens. Budget <$1,300.
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    Adapted Pentax 67 45mm f4 lens to Fuji GFX 50r not wide given crop factor

    I just tested a newly acquired Pentax 67 45mm f4 lens on my Fuji GFX 50r using a Fotodiox adapter. Given the 67 to GFX crop factor of .50 I expected to achieve a 23mm equivalent field of view. Instead, it looks almost native 45mm. My Pentax 645 lenses behave like they should with their crop...
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    WTB Pentax A645 45-85mm f4.5 and Pentax A645 55mm f2.8 lenses

    Please message me if you have either of these lenses, their condition and asking prices. Thanks!
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    Photos not uploading

    Receiving the dreaded "Oops" prompt when I try to upload an image. No details on what the problem is.
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    Recommendations for non-native wide-angle lenses for Fuji GFX

    I have the great Pentax A645 35mm (28mm equivalent FOV on my GFX 50r). I'm looking for FF or MF lenses that range from 20-24mm equivalent FOV on that sensor that would cover the image circle with no vignetting - if such a thing exists. Thanks for any recommendations.
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    Lens and sensor coverage questions

    I'm not very knowledgeable about this topic but here goes. I appreciate any advice and feedback. Are there advantages to using medium format lenses on a medium format body if 35mm lenses seem to cover the sensor well (such as no visible vignetting)? Is that the only thing I need to be aware of...
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    New or recent to medium format photography: What changed when you started using these systems?

    I'm curious to hear from others like me who are fairly new to medium format. Have the subjects you shoot or your ways of seeing and approaching subjects changed when you started using these systems? I'll start. I come from many years of using APS-C and full frame digital mirrored and...
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    Spam appearing on site

    I'm seeing what I judge are spam posts, including three for London taxi services and several for Japanese girlie magazines. Time for a clean up!
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    Your favorite and recommended adapted vintage lenses on the GFX 50r/s

    Curious to know which vintage lenses members have adapted to their 50r and s cameras and whether you have any favorites and recommendations. Thanks for sharing, My collection so far (lenses that have no or minimal vignetting at 4:3 or 3:2): Carl Zeiss Jena (DDR) MC Sonnar 135mm f3.5 Tessar 50mm...
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    Thumb grip for the 50r

    Wondering whether anyone here has found a thumb grip for the GFX 50r that they like. Unfortunately, my go-to manufacturer for thumb grips - Lensmate - does not make one. Thanks.
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    Nikon F to Fuji GFX lens adapter

    K&F Concept Nik-GFX, not for pre-AI lenses $40 including USPS Priority Mail to lower 48 US only.
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    Set of 4 lens adapters for Fuji FX mount

    Fotodiox Minolta MD to FX - also fits Minolta MC Fotodiox Nikon to FX K&F Concept M42 to FX K&F Concept Nikon AI(G) to FX - not for pre-AI lenses $60 includes USPS Priority Mail to lower 48 US only.
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    Fuji APS-C lenses for sale

    Selling my set of Fuji lenses because I am moving up to the GFX system. Each price includes USPS Priority Mail to the lower 48 US only. All are in very good condition and come in original boxes. Fuji 16mm f2.8 R WR plus JJC LH-JXF16F28 rectangular lens hood and cap: $300. Fuji XF 23mm f1.4 R...
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    Fuji X-T3 black body, low shutter count, with extras

    Selling my Fuji X-T3 in very good condition. Shutter count is just below 2,200. Sale comes with Fuji MHG XT3 handgrip and Lensmate thumb grip installed, one extra Fuji battery, two Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB SD cards and box and paperwork with supplied accessories (flash, strap, owner's manual...
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    Some images taken using adapted 35mm films lenses to the Fuji GFX 50r

    While I wait for my 50r to come in, I thought I would share couple of the images I captured with one I borrowed from my local camera store in August. These were shot using a Pentax Super-Takumar 35mm f3.5 circa 1965. To reduce vignetting, I switched to a 3:2 aspect ratio from the native 4:3...
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    Dean Forbes from Washington state

    Hello all, This is Dean Forbes from Shoreline, WA, just north of Seattle. I am soon to be new to medium format as I have a Fuji GFX 50r on order. I gave into temptation to Fuji's sale price on the body and after trying out the camera on loan from my local photography store. I have used Fuji...
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    Introducing myself - new to the forum and soon to Fuji medium format

    Hello all, My name is Dean Forbes. I live in Shoreline, WA, just north of Seattle. I've been a longtime Fuji APS-C camera user and now I have a GFX 50r on order. I borrowed the camera from a local shop a couple of times under Fuji's try-it program. My initial plan - a bit unconventional...