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  1. ShaunQ

    WTB - SK 150mm 3.5 Blue Ring Lens.

    Hey, recently dropped my silver ring 150mm f3.5 LS lens, very sad day as it was a good copy and one of only 2 lenses I own for my XF system. So looking to purchase a second hand Schneider Krueznach blue ring version of the 150mm 3.5 leaf shutter lens, any offers out there? Cheers. .
  2. ShaunQ

    Arca Swiss Geared D4.

    Time to sell my geared Arca Swiss D4 Classic as I have a new head on the way, the D4 has been great to use very compact and versatile. Has minor wear marks around the clamp and base but otherwise in great condition. Because I like orange and a splash of colour within my gear I replaced the Arca...
  3. ShaunQ

    Phase One XF Cable Release, Really?

    Hey new to the forum and a new owner of a Phase One XF camera system. Bit rattled to see they haven't designed and offered a nice cable release for this camera? Through a lot of searching it seems they did sell the older DF style cable release for the XF but only for a limited time? Sorry but I...