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    FS - Leica Q Digital Camera Kit, including Luigi half-case, in “As-New” Condition!

    Hi all: I purchased this camera and all accessories new, but quickly found that a 28mm field of view is too wide for my style of photography. I have used it only a few times—and only at my home. The camera and all accessories are in “as-new” condition. The sale includes the following items...
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    Sony sensors to be separate company

    Sony has spun off its censors unit to constitute a separate company. I wonder if they will, thus, end their normal "time bans" for other companies (e.g., Nikon, Fuji) to use new sensors. Sony's lucrative image sensor division is now a separate company
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    Soft release for Sony RX1-R?

    All, I'm not sure if I'll end up regularly using one or not, but I have been looking into getting a soft release for my newish RX1-R. From my testing with a Match Technical beep, as well as reading of various posts here and elsewhere, it seems that it's hard to find a soft release that well...
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    Question about manual 50mm lenses

    Hey, if the D600 comes out later this year in a form similar to the rumors, I am planning to give it a try. (I have been using an M8 for five years and would keep it.) For a D600, I would want to start with a manual focus 50mm lens that is relatively light in weight. I like the idea of having a...
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    FS: New Summicron 35mm f/2 ASPH 6-bit coded

    FS: New Summicron 35mm f/2 ASPH 6-bit coded I am listing a New Summicron 35mm f/2 ASPH lens for sale (see details below). I am listing the lens for the original purchase price of $3,195, which includes PayPal fees and USPS Priority Shipping with insurance, tracking, and signature confirmation...
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    new Ricoh GRD IV!

    All, I have had just one camera (a Leica M8) for about four years. Recently, I added the new Ricoh GRD IV. In fact, it arrived just yesterday. I think I'm really going to enjoy it, using it as the camera I can take anywhere when I'm not up to toting my RF, bag, and several lenses. My first...
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    Leica lens typologies?

    All, I have come to understand that some folks view Leica lenses in two*typologies specific to rendering,*which often guide their lens choices. First, you have the lenses with classic rendering. These lenses have lots of "character" and were often developed by Mandler,*including the Lux 35mm...
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    Focus shift

    All, I am hoping to achieve a conclusive understanding of focus shift. I have never experienced the problem firsthand, but see that the topic comes up fairly common in posts (e.g., regarding the Lux 35mm). I always thought it mean that, when focusing a lens at a certain f-stop (e.g., 4), the...
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    Lenses for M9

    All, Here are three lens scenarios for an M9. I shoot street and do not want a lens wider than a 35mm. 1) the two great lens plan #1: the new Lux 35mm asph and latest version of the Elmarit 90mm. 2) the two great lens plan #2: Cron 35mm asph and Lux 50mm asph. 3) the one great, two good lens...
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    M8 to M9 and other early-summer permutations

    All, I have had an M8 for more than three years. I love it--and have learned a great amount from using it. I normally shoot street/urban photography and currently have three lenses: Elmarit 28mm ASPH, Summilux 50mm ASPH, and Rollei Planar 80mm HFT. Thus, on an M8, these permit the following...
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    WTB: Elmarit-m 90mm, 6-bit coded, mint

    Hello: I have been pondering different RF 90mm lenses over the course of the year. My first choice would be an Elmarit 90mm. (If they were still being manufactored, I would have already purchased a new one. Of course, they are not.) So I'm interested in getting a pre-owned one that is 6-bit...