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    Which V lens is best on X1D

    would be amazing compare 90mm from Leica to 90mm XCD, it will be an amazing test. contrast, bokeh... you have a hood for the 45P, isn't it??? I didn't know there was one. I found flare only shooting against the sun or close to direct shooting. Cool lens still testing, and learning :)
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    More Fun with Large Format Film Images!

    amazing pictures
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    907x and non Hasselblad lenses and Phocus?

    Does those lenses need corrections ???
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    Capture One Import from Hasselblad

    Hasselblad lenses are designed balancing optical correction and software correction to get the best from the system. Even using HTS, tubes, duplicator... lens correction profiles are available in Hasselblad Phocus data base. Just think how difficult would be to analyze all the possibilities...
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    Capture One Import from Hasselblad

    don't you loose the lens corrections ? and what about color profiles ? does it has sense? regards
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    Open letter to Hasselblad

    I would like, in the next X1D firmware, the possibility of shot cropped images tethered. As many pictures will shown on Instagram, and I love 4x5 ratio for portraits, it would be very easy and GREAT to keep the crop function available when shot tethered on studio. PLEASE. Most of people I shot...