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    New GFX Firmware

    new update:
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    Leica S3 S3 User Guide : S3 Tech data:
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    Contax 645 Apo-Makro-Planar T* 4.0/120 mm

    Hello, has anyone tried the Contax 645 Apo-Makro-Planar 4.0/120 with the GFX, and if so which adapter did you use ?
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    FujiFilm ACROS-II

    Finally :) "Fujifilm Co., Ltd. announced on June 10 the development of the black-and-white film Neopan 100 ACROS II. It plans to release 35mm size and 120 size in the fall of 2019. The sale price is undecided. Sensitivity ISO 100 black and white film. The company ended black-and-white film...
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    ACR + Xtrans
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    65mm f1.4 on GFX

    has anyone tried this lens on their GFX?
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    GFX InfraRED

    Has anyone gotten their GFX converted to Infrared? i saw some very nice landscape and Astro photos on flickr from a user with a converted GFX.
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    finally GR3

    RICOH GR III, a high-end digital compact camera, to be exhibited for a preview at Photokina 2018?RICOH IMAGING
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    the factory

    quite different from the Leica factory video ;)
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    MTF mapper

    pretty interesting How to Get MTF Performance Curves for Your Camera and Lens | Strolls with my Dog
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    rainstorm tests

    Water Torture: Nikon D850 vs Sony A7RIII, Canon 5D Mk IV & Olympus E-M1 II
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    cool gfx video
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    Meyer Optik
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    Fuji GFX Raw

    pretty neat idea FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO - Features & Users Guide | X Stories | FUJIFILM X
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    memeory cards

    nice article
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    high Sierra and Nvidia

    here is the fix for the silly nvidia/mac os Glitch...because of which C1/LR etc etc will run really slow
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    645Z DXO Mark
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    Leica S > GFX

    anyone tried this yet ?
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    new GFX firmware ?

    is this the latest FW ? GFX 50S Firmware Update | Fujifilm Global