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  1. Stefan Steib

    Fuji GFX - HARTBLEI Superrotator Optics by Carl Zeiss 4/120mm Macro

    HARTBLEI Superrotator for Fuji GFX Optics by Carl Zeiss 4/120 Macro for Fuji GFX The new standard for professional Work with the GFX. Get the precision (geared + 3x 360º Rotational) movement Power of a Viewcamera, with Zeiss Optics. We have taken the famous Medium Format 45mm tilt and...
  2. Stefan Steib

    New HCam DRS shift adapter for Fuji GFX

    Ladies and Gentlemen See the new HCam DRS Shiftadapter for GFX Worlds first EOS EF to Fuji GFX with Dual Rotation Shift - parallaxfree and unprecedented usability. Reach 2x15mm(bidirectional) of (single)shift with TS-E, EF-L 11-24 and many other lenses including MF Hasselblad, M645, P645...
  3. Stefan Steib

    HCAM Dual Shift - HDS - New on Photokina 2016

    HCAM Dual Shift - HDS to be seen on Photokina Ladies and gentlemen - here is the first teaser for our new Dual shifter EOS to Emount, EOS M, Leica SL and FujiX (changeable) "Mini Viewcamera". Driving precision engineering and finest german mechanical work to a new limit, we have done a full...
  4. Stefan Steib

    Tamron SP 45 mm f1.8 for TS on HCam Master TS, HCam-B1 and Alpa FPS

    As I have tested all 4 new Tamron SP Prime lenses for digit! magazin 04/2016 , one of the many interesting findings was, that the 45mm has a huge image circle. Stopped down to f11 I was able to shift 12mm horizontally and 15mm vertically in both directions with my HCam Master TS V2 on my Sony...
  5. Stefan Steib

    New article about Otus lenses on HCam Master TS on ZEISS LENSPIRE

    Thanks to Thibault Roland who tested this combo with the Otus 28+55mm on our HCam Master TS V2 on Sony R7R II. Tilt-Shift Adapters and the ZEISS Otus lenses for a longer version with more images see here...
  6. Stefan Steib

    Lee filter for Canon 11-24mm - vignette free with movements !

    HCam Mod of the Canon EF-L f4/11-24mm Using a Lee Filter - at 11mm without Vignetting AND without vignetting even at shifting with the HCam Master TS V2 ! We move the lens forward in the filter holder, which is possible, as we cut the sunshade. The Lens nearly touches the filter now...
  7. Stefan Steib

    Finally - Dark Calibration for IQ3 Phase Backs can be switched off !

    Just one Info that may be very interesting for People like me doing crazy stuff with cameras: after drilling them on the last Phase Demo in Munich, they showed me the "aerial" setting of the New IQ3 on a XF camera , that essentially does what I asked for maybe 20 years now: The dark calibration...
  8. Stefan Steib

    Dear Sony: I want Sensorshift Mulitshot - FW Upgradeable or as an app ?

    Dear Folks here is a german article by Traumflieger (with image samples comparing an EM5 II, Canon 5Dsr and a Sony A7r the sensorshifted MFT chip really shines on 40 Mpix, can anybody imagine what would happen if the A7RII would do the same stuff - 80 to 100 Mpix in brilliant quality ? I would...
  9. Stefan Steib

    Sony A7RII SDXC card write speed - very enlightening !

    Especially with the uncompressed 14 Bit Raws, People now run into this - without thinking and just because they wish to do best quality. As someone on a FB Sony group wrote: he had problems to shoot a wedding with uncompressed Raws, as the buffer filled too fast and he missed a lot of...
  10. Stefan Steib

    WTB Sony 3D Camcorder TD10/20/30

    WTB Sony 3D Camcorder TD10/20/30 if somebody has an alternative proposal - please - go ahead, I´d be glad to hear ! Looking to experiment with it, so the look, complete packaging or small dents and dinks is definitely not important , can be heavily used, just needs to work and be a good price...
  11. Stefan Steib

    HCam Master TS on Sony A7R II

    Some Lensporn on Sony A7RII - HCam Master TS with Canon TS-E 17mm up to 27mm of Shift and 20 Degrees of Tilt.
  12. Stefan Steib

    HCam B1 with Canon EF-L 11-24mm New wideangle records

    New record: HCam B1 Medium Format Camera with Canon EF-L 11-24mm modified by Hcam 14mm focal length and full image circle on an IQ250 15mm focal length and full image circle on a P45+ 17mm focal length and full image circle on an IQ380 all longer focal length Zoom settings cover, so this...
  13. Stefan Steib

    HCam Master TS 11-24mm

    HCam Master TS 11-24mm Ladies and Gentlemen - worlds first 11-24mm Shift and Tilt System over 130 degrees of Image angle diagonal, up to 15mm of shift and unseen Movements with a Superwideangle ZOOM ! More to come soon. Greetings from Germany Stefan
  14. Stefan Steib

    8 shot Multishot works on MFT - when does Sony follow

    40 Mpix from MFT in 8shot Mulitshot mode - seems to work pretty good ! Now - when is Sony offering this feature as an "App Upgrade" for Sony A7 II and future FF 24x36 models which will follow ? Anybody can imagine 8x36 or even 8x50 Mpix ?............... Olympus OM-D E-M5 II First...
  15. Stefan Steib

    Meike Battery grip for Sony A7/R/S

    Today I got my new Meike MK-AR7 2.4g Wireless Control Battery Grip for Sony A7 A7r A7s, similar as VG-C1EM, but with Radio Remote trigger / timer, very cool ! Works nicely, logical functions - 80€ ! Best feature so far: it works for single shots even when the grip is not on ! And you can set...
  16. Stefan Steib

    Another MF maker died today - DHW bankrupt.

    Sorry the link is in German - DHW has filed bankruptcy. DHW Fototechnik GmbH hat Antrag auf Insolvenz gestellt | photoscala A sad day, I really thought they were on a good way and keeping the Hy6 and the heritage of Rollei alive. Greetings from Germany Stefan
  17. Stefan Steib

    HCam Invitation to Photokina 2014

    When you come to Photokina Cologne 2014, go to Hall 2.1 Booth A40 at Novoflex - where you see this Rollup, you can find the HCam Master TS Demo ! I will be there as much as I can, so I´d be happy to meet some of you People in real life. See you in Cologne ! Greetings from Germany Stefan
  18. Stefan Steib

    Final version: HCam Master TS 14-24mm

    Ladies and Gentlemen - here we go. Just assembled from the very first parts. Still needs some finetuning, the lever of the Aperture will become bigger, an additional stop screw will be added for the collar rotation and an adapter for the battery handgrip to not interfere while rotating is...
  19. Stefan Steib

    Can it get worse Hasselblad ? Yes - it can....

    No Comment Vertu $11,300 Signature Touch Smartphone Dons Hasselblad 'Certified' Camera Greetings from Germany Stefan
  20. Stefan Steib

    Do the math - focal length and Format demystified

    OK - this will probably astonish many, it is probably known in parts by most, but I haven´t seen this yet put into such a nice, stringent and logical explanation in one run. I am sure this should be posted to all the sections of GetDPI mostly for the smaller sensor cameras, but I post it to Sony...