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  1. Robert Campbell

    Adobe dng converter: a request

    I normally use a Leica CL which writes dng files. I tried a Leica D Lux 7 as a lighter alternative. It writes rwl files — it's a Panasonic clone. So, I used Adobe dng converter to change the rwl files to dng. This worked very well. As a side-effect, when working with original dng files, it...
  2. Robert Campbell

    CL colour versus SL colour

    'Tis the Last Rose of Summer 60mm macro I was going to leave it there, but I also took some images with the SL and 24-90 lens (at 90mm Both images were taken within a few minutes of each other, both on auto, and both with the same LR processing. Both are DNGs. The CL has a colour...
  3. Robert Campbell

    The Island of the Colour Blind

    Sanne de Wilde visited the island and wrote an article for the Guardian: You might recall that the island was first described about 15 years ago by Oliver Sacks. A...
  4. Robert Campbell

    Fun on The Border

    There is an international border between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Both countries are at present in the European Union. It is between Northern Ireland (the north), part of the UK, and the Republic of Ireland (the south). The UK will be leaving the EU at the end of March...
  5. Robert Campbell

    SL lens firmware update

    I tried the SL 90-280 on the CL. I got an error message to say that the lens firmware needed to be updated. I tried the 24-90; no problem. So, I searched the Leica website; I could not find any SL 90-280 lens firmware updates. Then, using the 'famous search engine' I discovered that lens...
  6. Robert Campbell

    A question about the MATE, coding and focal length recognition.

    I was organising, and came across some images taken with the MATE. It was a coded lens, and this was correctly recognised. a series of three images I noticed that the focal length is recorded in the EXIF as 28mm, 35mm and 50mm. Looking at the pix, this is clearly correct. How is this...
  7. Robert Campbell

    SL and exposure problem with the WATE

    I normally use the KISS technique with the kit lens; Aperture priority, Auto focus, Auto ISO, maximum exposure of 1/2f and multi-field metering. Most of the time this works well enough. I have to photograph house interiors – I'm house hunting – and like to take a few images to send to family...
  8. Robert Campbell

    Lightroom 6.3 synchronisation

    I'm now on LR 6.3 I keep my image files on an external HDD (with two further backups). Images are kept in folders by month, and months are inside years: so, 2015 contains 2015-01 through to 2015-12. I add new images to the external HDD, and then synchronise LR by right-clicking on the folder...
  9. Robert Campbell

    "Attention No Lens Connected"

    I have several non-coded lenses for the M240 (f/w and M246 (f/w I get this error message when using some of them; Live View doesn't work, yet I can still get a snap. This happens with matrix metering; with Classic metering, I can't use Live View (which I haven't disabled)...
  10. Robert Campbell

    A digital Leica M3

    A student plans to convert a Leica M3; he's also looking for funding: Student who converted film camera to digital targets Leica M3 - Amateur Photographer
  11. Robert Campbell

    New Macro adaptor question

    The new macro adaptor can be used with any lens. What about the "old" 9cm Macro-Elmar; can the new adaptor be used with it in the same way as with the new lens?—On the new lens, the adaptor can be left on, and the unextended lens will focus to ∞; will this work with the old lens?
  12. Robert Campbell

    AP visits Wetzlar

    The UK magazine Amateur Photographer was at Wetzlar recently, and this week's issue has several articles. There's an interesting interview with the CEO; he doesn't reveal all, but does say that the humidity in Wetzlar is better than in Solms—I didn't know that humidity played a part in lens...
  13. Robert Campbell

    100 Years of Leica

    An interview with Tom Stoddart, illustrated with many famous pictures: BBC News - One hundred years of Leica cameras
  14. Robert Campbell

    A few questions about the MATE

    Hi there, I've a few questions about the MATE, and hoping some of you can help. It would be for use on the M240 and MM. It seems like a good 'travel' lens; it would be about 300g lighter than my combination of 28/35/50 lenses together. Weight is a significant issue for me, as I have neck...
  15. Robert Campbell

    Sun compass

    We don't take sunshine for granted in Ireland, and it's often so overcast that you don't know where the sun might be. This little gizmo is useful for estimating the sun's position. It's calibrated for London; I think there are other models for places further south. It's about 12 x 6.5 cms.
  16. Robert Campbell

    Model release

    A friend of mine is an amateur photographer and lives in HCMC (Saigon). She recently tried to send a street photo to the Guardian: it's a few kids playing in the street there, with their mothers in the background. It is quite innocuous—I've seen it. (The Guardian is a leftish-wing English daily...
  17. Robert Campbell

    M9 or wait for M typ 240?

    It's a couple of decades since I used an M (M3 and M4), but I feel the urge returning, though it's time to go digital. But...should I go for an M9 or wait for the M typ 240? I've used live view (on an Olympus, and with the finder) and I'm not greatly impressed. The major difference between the...
  18. Robert Campbell

    Stiff Arca ballhead

    Hi I've an Arca B1 ballhead. It's become very stiff, specially after locking and then releasing the ball. I've tried cleaning with alcohol as per the destructions, but to no avail. It says not to use any lubrication. What can I do more? Any ideas? TIA
  19. Robert Campbell

    ColorChecker Passport

    I've just got this gizmo which allows you to make dng profiles easily, either in the application or through Lightroom. It does indeed do what it says on the tin...but I cannot get it work with the EP-1 and the two kit lenses. In Lightroom, it brings up an error message saying to try it in the...
  20. Robert Campbell

    MF Zoom with the Pen

    I've just got the m43 adaptor for a few Hexanon lenses, to use on the EP-1. If there is a way to zoom when manually focussing, I can't find it. Is there a way? BTW, the focussing on these Hexanons seems quite stiff -- some probably haven't been used for years. Is this normal, or am I just...