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    FS: Sony A7rII with Kolari mod for Leica M lenses

    It's time to sell my A7RII with Kolari sensor modification. The modification makes it more compatible with Leica and other 'legacy' M-mount lenses. It includes a Leica M to Sony FE adapter and the usual accessories. It did much of the work for this book (SHADOWSCAPES - Kirk Thompson...
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    GFX, Techart/Kipon smart adapters, and Canon lenses

    A month or so ago I read how well the 40mm Canon f2.8 pancake lens functions on GFX(50s) if you use a Techart or Kipon smart adapter, so I tried the Techart. I'm indeed impressed by the lens and how well the adapter autofocuses, but something else has surprised me: When I mount this...
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    Canon to GFX smart adapters: Techart? Kipon?

    Apparently the Techart autofocus adapter for Canon lenses to GFX has been available for a while. Fairly recently, Kipon has replaced their first version with a newer and smaller one that's also $100 cheaper than Techart. I couldn't find any comparative reviews, but thought someone here might...
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    Happy 'Ween!

    From Kirk:
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    Focus-stacking MF landscape images

    This weekend I've been experimenting with focus stacking on GFX landscape files. I'm a bit surprised at the results and would appreciate hearing about different experiences. It's about 3 months since I switched from A7r2 to GFX, and I've been concerned about DOF and about diffraction with...
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    GFX 32-64 and nodal point for stitching

    Using Really Right Stuff stuff, I just checked out the nodal point(s) of this lens and wonder if others have seen similar results. I ended up with one point, 95mm. After trying primes, and despite a longstanding prejudice against zooms, I've settled on the 32-64 as my lens-of-choice for the...
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    Epson 3880 Piezography printing system & ink supply (SF Bay area)

    Available for pickup in the San Francisco Bay area: Epson 3880 17" printer with the new Piezography Pro inkset for 8-tone black-and-white printing, with full backup ink supply. If one of your New Year's resolutions is to accomplish better BW printing, this might help a lot. If you're not...
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    Fuji GFX 63mm lens

    Fujinon GF lens, 63mm f2.8, SN 68A02192, used only a few times; in like-new condition with box, caps, hood. $1000. Selling because with GFX for landscapes I seem always to use wide angle lenses, never a 'normal' one. CONUS; you pay Paypal, I pay shipping. Thx for looking, Kirk (PM or...
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    FS: Canon 45mm TS-E in exc condition

    Canon 45mm tilt-shift lens, SN 24951, with its original hood and front/rear caps. Cosmetically I can see just one small mark on the body and some friction marks on the side of the hood that distinguish it from new. Optically no scratches or cleaning marks, and minimal dust inside. $775 – you...
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    GFX and Fotodiox adapter

    Adapting Pentax 645 lenses, and perhaps others, to GFX with Fotodiox: I've acquired the Pentax 645 35 and 55mm manual focus lenses to use with GFX and find them quite impressive, but I ran into an adapter issue that others might want to know about. With no Novoflex adapters yet available I'd...
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    FS: f0.95 Noctilux

    I've finished the project for which I bought my f0.95 Noctilux. Optically it is outstanding: Little dust, no oil on blades, no haze or scratches. Always protected by B+W 010 MRC filter (included). With box. Cosmetically excellent: no wear except a few shiny spots beginning to emerge on the...
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    FS: Noctilux f1 E58

    The E58 is the first of the f1 Noctiluxes, designed by Walter Mandler. It offers the classic rendering of a Mandler lens with emphasis more on tonality than on contrast. I have both the f1 and f0.95 but don't need both, and for quite a while I've had trouble deciding which to sell. The f1...
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    WTB: Summarit f1.

    I'm interested in a 50mm Summarit f1.5 with intact coating, no scratches, haze, etc. Smooth focusing (or reduced price to compensate for the necessary CLA.) Either LTM or M mount, but M preferred. Let me know if you have one you don't want/need. Full description and price, please. Kirk
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    A7 series flash options.

    I've scaled back to A7rII body and Leica lenses, and have been sorting and selling and giving away Leica accessories that had accumulated like geological strata. I just came upon my Leica SF 58 flash unit, which I haven't used in several years. I'd used it for bounce/fill flash using a Nikon...
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    FS: Leica Monochrom, 'better than new'?

    My Leica MM has returned from CCD sensor replacement, and in the meantime I've moved on to other projects besides monochrome. It's 'better than new' in the sense that the replacement sensors aren't subject to corrosion. And it's accompanied by a test certificate guaranteeing all functions...
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    Where to post RX1rII images?

    A recent thread discussed whether or not type-of-camera was the best way of arranging categories for the whole site, but I don't want to re-open that whole question, just a specific one: I just acquired an 'RX2' and find I have too many choices, none of them 'right on,' about where to post its...
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    DPR allows some Leica SL and A7RII comparisons

    I don't often look at DPR, but I glanced and saw this preliminary review, which others may have seen before: Studio tests and samples: Leica SL: Digital Photography Review It allows you to look at 100% test files with SL and RII (or Nikon, Canon, etc., models) for resolution and dynamic range...
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    A7II / A7RII dimensions: will accessories fit A7RII?

    I just asked Really Right Stuff if the A7II L bracket would fit the A7RII, and they replied they don't know yet – they don't have a camera body, nor do they know the dimensions. If anyone has an A7II and has already received an A7RII, could you please see if the body dimensions are the same...
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    Image stabilization / shutter vibration?

    While setting the menus in his new A7II this afternoon, a friend and I came up with a question: The A7R has a problem with shutter vibration; The A7II has image stabilization; So, would an A7RII with image stabilization 'autocorrect' the shutter vibration – or would it take further changes in...
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    One more A7r shutter question

    I've been using a Leica Monochrom for BW and an A7 as a casual color camera. I've accumulated some good Zeiss C/Y lenses to use on the A7. But now my MM needs to go to NJ for servicing, and I'm considering acquiring an A7r body for BW conversions while the MM is out-of-commission. I figure that...