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    My C.V. Colour Skopar infinity issue

    I have a 35mm f2.5 C.V. Colour Skopar Classic LTM lens for use on my M8, it is mounted with a code-able John Milich adapter. Focus is fine at near to mid-ground distances, it is a lens that I like for the things it does well. I'm not too interested in wide-open performance [preferring to work...
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    D300 remote firing question

    Could someone please advise me. An artist friend has a D300 [not me] which came with the UK bundled RAW software [presumably Capture?]. To properly record a piece of 'floor work', I suggested that the solution might be to fix the camera to a beam above the work, and fire it from his laptop...
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    Any 24-PC users?

    I believed that the introduction of the new perspective control 24mm lens was a a long overdue and significant addition to the Nikon lens line. Surprisingly, there is little about the lens available on the 'net. Can anyone here give some hands-on feedback about the lens' handling and imaging...