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    XCD 21mm for architecture instead of tech cam

    I can only agree with that, especially with the X2D where I have more pixels than I need this would be a great addition. I never thought I would like the Leica M's perspective correction so much.
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    X2D + new lenses: first impressions

    I am using the following XCD lenses: 30, 45p, 90, 135+TC and am very happy with its image quality on the X2D. The lenses are focusing faster, the sound is the same of course. What I love is the IBIS, opens a new field for me. And also with the much better viewfinder it is so much easier to...
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    X2D + new lenses: first impressions

    I never used GPS and I am absolut happy with my X2D and do see no need for the new lenses, they don´t fit into my lineup and I don´t want to change them all.
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    Hasselblad X2D coming soon to a divorce near you

    Yes and these 139.824 are the really important one! 😂
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    Hasselblad X2D coming soon to a divorce near you

    I completely agree because I fear that the profiles are stored on the SSD and whenever you format it they are gone!
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    Canon TS-E on X1D?

    Sorry for the late reply, I have overseen it. Well I have two Macs, one MBPro with OSX Catalina, there I have also no chance to open it (only 64bit programs work on it). Then I have an iMac where I didn´t upgrade because some programs I really need (Hasselblad Scannersoftware, etc) don´t work...
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Re: Jokulsarlon at sunrise Hi Vieri, I hope you get good money for naming the filter manufacturer You use with every picture You show. :) br Wolfram MODERATER EDIT That is unnecessary, No rules have been broken. thanks -bob
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Hi Dan, what really catched my eye is the tripod head. Is this an arca swiss? It looks so small. Wolfram
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    Question on Hasselblad X1D ll

    This has nothing to do with the camera body, this is an issue of the lens. The shutter is in the lenses. There is no optical viewfinder "only" an electronic one. So whenever You look through the EVF the shutter needs to be open and when You take a picture first the shutter closes, then it opens...
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    You need to clean your sensor! :cool:
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    Gitzo Tripod Feet

    I am using these: And I realy like them. Greetings wolfram
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    Canon TS-E on X1D?

    Yes it works, but You will need the latest Firmware 3.0 which I found under: best regards Wolfram
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    Possible tariffs on German lenses

    Re: Possible tariffs on german lenses For sure we will!:rolleyes: That´s what some people don´t understand: Tarifs are bad for both sides!
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    Hasselblad XD series with Techart Canon EF adapter with Canon TSE Lenses

    I also sent several emails to them, but they do not react! Bad service! :(
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    is leica m ready for an evf?

    The M maybe not, I hope the M will continue to exist, I love it for lenses from 28 to 50mm. But how about an update for the EVF with the resolution of the SL? Or how about a FF C-M with the size and the battery of the M10, the EVF of the SL an without the display on the backside?