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    S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots

    Kurt, how much would a replacement CCD cost? For me, that's one of the reasons a traded my S2-P in for an S007.
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    a leica s story and 4th of july

    msadat, when the lenses failed, had the lenses been unused for a longer period? It’s a workaround, but it has been said that it might be a wise idea to manually turn the focus ring a few times before starting the camera. The idea being that the lubricant inside the focus mechanism becomes...
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    S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots

    Indeed, the 120mm is really an exceptional lens, outstanding. I fully agree with Roger's assessment.
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    S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots

    Agreed, I guess some contributors went to other MF systems, some went FF. Anyway, you're absolutely right this thread should never fade into oblivion. Here's one from last month: Last Boat Leaving For The Islands. 120mm, ISO160, f2.8 @ 1/500
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    ZFF rumour

    Exactly! I can see the usual suspects - myself included - coming online to talk about this camera :) For me, the thought of a camera/lens/sensor combo, even better my RX1M2, maybe with German design and minimalistic button layout, maybe with a new 35mm 2.0 optical design ...
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    What are the chances of Sony shocking with a FW update for RX1

    And how would you fine gentlemen feel about a new RX1M3 in Zeiss clothes?
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    Mr. Kaltner out...

    This may be of interest to you guys too: Me, I'm still very happy with my S2-P, 24, 70CS and 120CS. I've had my moments of doubt because of all the FUD that's being spread around the net. Especially during these past few months, it...
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    X1D 4116 first impressions

    Howard, with EFC, that would be just one shutter-close to end the exposure and then open again.
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    Fun with X1D

    Hi Erik, that could very well be the case. I think I recognise some motion blur in the Leica S shot. Something I know all too well from shooting my S2-P with the 120mm handheld, which I find very difficult with shutter speeds < 1/500.
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    X1D 4116 first impressions

    Exactly what Tim said. It's a lot of (confusing) clicks. I can understand that some may expect exposure to be on the first click and think the camera is slow because of the next two, three clicks. There's the leaf shutter system for ya. Still, it's such a beautiful camera, I'm tempted by her...
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    Leica 007 - A Warning To Potential Buyers

    On my S2-P, which did not have the improved firmware addressing AF performance, I've had two AF failures on my 120CS, always on start up, always a couple of days after the lens worked flawlessly. There had not been a lens-change prior to these failures. It's what I do nowadays, maybe it helps...
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    Leica 007 - A Warning To Potential Buyers

    I'm an S2-P user for over three years with 24mm, 70CS and 120CS. I have had the 120mm AF motor fail twice, but my dealer was always helpful though repair was not as fast as I would have liked. I too find it worrisome when I read about all the glitches the S system is prone to, but up till now...
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    Where is the X1D ????

    About startup time: I saw in the video that Kevin Raber did with a Hasselblad technician that startup time is indeed quite long, but that you can leave the camera in sleep mode all-day long without battery problems and that from sleep mode it starts up real quick.
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    Fun with the RX-1R II

    I've always thought the price increase had everything to do with the shortage of sensors due to the earthquake, supply and demand. No big bad Sony/Leica in my book anyway, both companies make really good stuff that I like to use.
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    Fun with the RX-1R II

    I hope it's not against the rules to post this here: During the past years I've been enjoying the user groups of various cameras - mostly Leica - on Facebook very much. So since I am now the proud owner of a Sony RX1RM2, I thought it might be a good idea to start a group named Sony RX1R II User...
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    Fun with the RX-1R II

    Since this week I'm the happy owner of an RX1R II. Here's a selfie I made yesterday.
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    Fun with the RX-1R II

    Take care, Vivek. I always enjoy your photos of my hometown The Hague. By the time you'll be back in the streets it will be ... Spring! Best wishes from Friesland.
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    Leica SL (601) ..Oct 20th?

    Trusted source on the German LUF says not to read anything special in to the 'full AF support'. It's just a translation-thing, i.e. the camera is AF, nothing more or less.
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    Leica S 100 2.0 vs. 120 2.5 plus general lens kit advice needed!

    Here's a recent thread about the same subject over at LUF.
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    My sort of S-007 review..

    I've taken a quick look through the LUF link, great, great photos Jono.