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    Leica M8 upgrade FS recent CLA

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    how many lenses for day trip

    One lens... Tri-Elmer
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    tip about capture integration

    CI has been more then fair with me on every deal.
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    Gear Insurance

    APA offers a good policy.
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Ed, as always a great image.
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    One Camera, One Lens!

    IQ180 on Cambo AE with HR32
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    32mm HR

    +1...I also sold sk35 for this lens
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    Technical Camera Images

    Matt if you can fit the 9900 it is the way to go.
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    Technical Camera Images

    It was a great time for all... Thanks Jack & Guy
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    Technical Camera Images

    I think #2 has the feel of the cold winter.
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    Best place to pre-order the new 35mm Summilux?

    David or Josh at Dale Photo are the best.
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    Technical Camera Images

    Dan +1 ... I love it...
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    Technical Camera Images

    Jack, #2 is outstanding... I am cold just looking at it
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    Technical Camera Images

    Jack, the waterfall is outstanding.
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    Technical Camera Images

    Dan, please do not stop posting your work is joy to see.
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    Okay I'm in the tech cam world.

    I am waitting for your report on the WRS. I am up in the air go the ALPA STC or the WRS.
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    Two Spots Left for Oct 5-8 NE Workshop

    Well it is moving to the front burner, but not untill after the first of the year.