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    FS: Mamiya RZ67 lenses (excellent!)

    Hi Peter I answer your qustion here although this ist not really the right place for such a discussion. In the future, you should start a new thread in the "Medium Format Systems and Digital Backs" section. I translated your text with google translator. The Fotodiox adapters for the Mamiya RZ...
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    Medium Format Ultralight Hiking Kit

    Here's another compact and relatively lightweight hiking kit: ALPA TC, IQ4150, SK APO-Digitar 5,6/35mm XL, SK APO-Digitar 4,5/90mm LCC plate, black plate as sun shade (incl. flare buster / flexible arm), hoodman loupe, blower and extra battery. Total weight is 2'600g (5.7lbs) As for the...
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    Positive feedback for Anne Holtrop

    I had bought an ALPA lens from Anne in January 2022, he certainly is a trustworthy seller! Jost von Allmen, as "vonalpen"
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    Sold: ALPA Adapter kit for Mamiya 645 lenses

    Sale pending, waiting for payment. Jost
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    Sold: ALPA Adapter kit for Mamiya 645 lenses

    For sale: ALPA adapter kit to mount manual Mamiya 645 lenses directly to any ALPA 12 camera (SWA, STC, TC, Max, Plus…) Included are: 1 ALPA adapter for Mamiya 645 lenses 1 ALPA intermediate adapter 17mm 1 ALPA 12 FPS adapter 11mm 1 Mamiya bayonet cap (body cap) Everything is in excellent...
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    FS: ARCA-Swiss d4 SOLD!

    Sold! Thanks for watching.
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    FS: ARCA-Swiss d4 SOLD!

    New price: US $ 690
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    FS: ARCA-Swiss d4 SOLD!

    New price: US $ 780
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    FS: ARCA-Swiss d4 SOLD!

    For sale: ARCA-Swiss d4; geared tripod head with classic knob quick release Used, but in very good, fully functional condition Renowned quality, long lasting construction Gears run smooth and are absolutely clean Tiny scuffs from normal use. There’s one mark at the bottom from a locking screw...
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    IR filters on modern mirrorless cameras?

    Hi Peter I thought I might copy my answer to your private message here as well, just in case somebody is interested. Any normal digital camera just won't work with digital filters because every "normal" sensor has an IR-cut filter in front of the sensor. So if you put an IR-filter in front of...
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    Positive Feedback

    Re: Positive Feedback for ggibson I bought a Voigtlander APO Lanthar 4/180mm from Graham: Smooth transaction, lens in perfect condition, highly recommended seller!
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    positive feedback for ggibson

    I bought the Voigtlander 180/4 APO Lanthar SL from Graham. Smooth transaction, lens in great shape, as described, highly recommended seller!
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    FS: Nomatic Camera Pack (Kit)

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    FS: Nomatic Camera Pack (Kit)

    For sale: Nomatic photo travel backpack (by Peter McKinnon), brand new, unused! Complete bundle with backpack (35 litres), integrated Cube pack (expands to 21 litres, with padded bottom camera compartment, can be used as a separate daypack), two accessory cases (solid build), rain cover...
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    FS: Sony A6000 IR converted

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    FS: Sony A6000, black & white converted

    New price: US $690 buy it together with my other A6000 (infrared converted / listed in this forum as well) and get a great deal on the bundle!
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    FS: Sony A6000 IR converted

    New, low price for the whole kit: US $390 !!