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  1. AreBee

    Panorama stitching errors

    To add to the above, if each gradient edge is indicative of each image edge, it seems an excessively large overlap in neighbouring images was adopted. A value of one-third is typically suggested for the proportion of overlap in neighbouring images. In reality it can be significantly less...
  2. AreBee

    ALPA 120° viewfinder - Size of frame relative to mask

    Hi Paul, Not sure if you're requesting a frame for the 180mm but I've edited the OP to include it anyway.
  3. AreBee

    ALPA 120° viewfinder - Size of frame relative to mask

    Thought I'd share some plots I made for lens FOV, as viewed through the ALPA 120° viewfinder. In the attached image are frames for 54x40 aspect and 54x19.1 aspect, which is to say 617. This, for the Rodenstock HR 23, 32, 35, 40, 50, 70, 90, 138 and 180. Gives one an idea of frame size relative...
  4. AreBee

    Tilt/swing now possible with Alpa HR 23mm

    Thought I'd share for anyone interested something I noticed recently: the 23mm HR is now available as a SB lens, which seems to enable it to be used in conjunction with tilt/swing. Link.
  5. AreBee

    ALPA Pano

    Nice. Thanks for confirming (though we both could have miscalculated ;)). Agreed. I suspected this but wasn't sure. Thanks for confirming. *nods* Understood. Separately, FYI I've inserted in my previous post a 5th point to my ordered list.
  6. AreBee

    Rodenstock's Hard Stop Vignette

    A few thoughts: Perhaps how visibly hard/sharp-edged a so-called hard-stop or body vignetting is, is a function of the lens focal length, analogous to how a hard GND filter viewed through a long focal length lens seems, in fact, like a soft GND filter, due to magnification by the lens of the...
  7. AreBee

    ALPA Pano

    Hi Dave. Thanks for clarifying—much appreciated. Unfortunately, not useful to me, I think. I ultimately would like to confirm the horizontal angle of view returned through the use of Rodenstock HR lenses used in conjunction with a 54x40mm sensor (in landscape aspect) shifted to the limit of...
  8. AreBee

    ALPA Pano

    Hello, all, I've been investigating the Alpa Pano and hope someone could clarify a section of Alpa's datasheet: I've confirmed the values in the "Sensorposition Landscape" section but am not clear what is being conveyed in the "Aequivalents Horizontals" section. Please can you help clarify?
  9. AreBee

    Noob question re printing file format

    Hello all, Question: If a professional printing company required customers to upload images for giclee printing in jpg format would that be a red flag to you? My understanding is that it is best to capture images in the largest bit depth but that when it comes to printing the norm is to...
  10. AreBee

    Thoughtful and deep-seated photographic quotes or citations

    We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are. — Anonymous
  11. AreBee

    Nikon 24-70/2.8E ED VR

    Thom Hogan's review.
  12. AreBee

    IQ3 100MP long exposure issue - shadow filled with red color cast

    voidshatter, Perhaps the adverse effect is related to infrared light, given the strength of ND filter in conjunction with long exposure.
  13. AreBee

    Some reflections on my V-series Hasselblad/P45 kit…

    Erik, It is my understanding that the Leica S also takes focus shift into account when focusing.
  14. AreBee

    Hasselblad X1D

    Nick, 14mm equivalent will be fine, thanks.
  15. AreBee

    Some reflections on my V-series Hasselblad/P45 kit…

    Erik, You have written this on several occasions, but have you considered why it is the case? Could be important.
  16. AreBee

    Hasselblad X1D

    We all make mistakes, Erik, and for what it's worth, Ming Thein strikes me as someone who would welcome factually incorrect information being brought to his attention so that it can be corrected. However, there is no argument from me that your rebuttal is fair and well made. I'm not sure I...
  17. AreBee

    Hasselblad X1D

    Erik, Emphasis mine. Ming Thein clearly talks about a mechanical rear curtain, presumably referring to the (obviously mechanical) leaf shutter: "Sloppy writing" is not synonymous with "Ming Thein".
  18. AreBee

    What Hasselblad *won't* be announcing on the 22nd. (Cross-Posted)

    richardman, Tell that to Leica, which has sensors fabricated to its specification. Bob, Tell that to NASA: Previously, the best images of Jupiter were taken by NASA's two Voyager spacecraft, which flew past the planet in 1979. JunoCam's field of view is much wider than that of Voyager's...
  19. AreBee

    What Hasselblad *won't* be announcing on the 22nd. (Cross-Posted)

    HiredArm, No doubt. However: 1. Hasselblad was first to announce "the world’s first 50MP medium format CMOS sensor camera" (even if Phase One actually shipped units first). Likewise, Hasselblad is first to announce the world's first mirrorless MFD camera. It would be one more feather in its...