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  1. J

    Whither Solux?

    Email sent, and ignored unfortunately. The search continues.
  2. J

    Whither Solux?

    Thanks. I will ask if they ship to Australia.
  3. J

    Whither Solux?

    I have been looking for Solux bulbs having just run out. They seem to be unavailable except in small numbers and/or exorbitant prices. Is this a Covid thing, or has something else happened, or is there a substitute?
  4. J

    Arca Swiss Cube

    My Cube is now in the B&S forum
  5. J

    Arca Swiss Cube

    Mine is now in the B&S forum. Thank you all
  6. J

    FS: Arca Swiss Cube C1

    I am selling my Cube as it is just gathering dust. It is in good condition with the normal signs of wear from mounting brackets. It has been lightly used. I am asking $1200 plus your choice of postage.Please contact me with any questions.
  7. J

    Arca Swiss Cube

    Agreed, thanks Ken
  8. J

    Arca Swiss Cube

    I am in no hurry It’s been sitting unused for a while now. PM me if you wish. I have a lot going on so won’t be rushing to sell.
  9. J

    Arca Swiss Cube

    I just don’t use it any more. I have a D4G which sees much more use.
  10. J

    Arca Swiss Cube

    Thanks Ken, will do. Is LULA a thing these days?
  11. J

    Arca Swiss Cube

    Thank you both. I’m not a fan of FM, or Ebay so will try here first. I trust that the new getdpi is as honest as it ever was.
  12. J

    Arca Swiss Cube

    I am thinking of selling my Cube but finding any for sale is nigh on impossible. This leaves me unsure as to what is a reasonable price. Any ideas?
  13. J

    Manual focusing and the D850 viewfinder - is it better?

    I am happy with the D850. I shoot often in low light usng Leica R and Zeiss lenses and have never found it to be an issue.
  14. J

    Any experiences with the Arca Cube C1 gp (geared panning) FlipLock in rough landscape photography?

    The Cube is much slower than a ballhead. If speed is important you could look at the D4, still not as fast as a ballhead. If you do go for the Cube, never move around with the quick release unclipped If you don’t clip it down, they come undone and the bits fall out. This can be a problem...
  15. J

    How Can We Help GetDPI Stay Alive

    I have found GetDPI to be the best site around for all sorts of things. I haven't been involved much of late but would hate to see it go away or morph into something less. GetDPI has been an island of sanity and honesty in an increasingly hostile internet.
  16. J

    Requirements for glass splashback

    I have been asked by a friend to use an image for a splashback. This is strange territory for me. I have no clue about what resolution is required or how to prepare an image. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this.
  17. J

    To those with new Mono, any lens failing to pass muster?

    Slightly left field but my R lenses aren’t showing any stress coping with a D850. They just keep on keeping on.
  18. J

    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    503CW with 120 Makro, probably
  19. J

    High resolution mode on EM1 ii

    That is my understanding. Hires uses silent shutter so should be better. I just wish that C1 supported hires.
  20. J

    What is the Closest DSLR Image Quality Compared to Hasselblad X1d

    I would be inclined to upgrade his lenses. I went from an H4D to a D800 and then D850. The image quality is very close and with adapted Leica R lenses you get a beautiful image. The H glass is good but the Leica lenses really sing.