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    Is there a compelling reason to move to MF?

    Marc, you are absolutely right. They seem to have solved all optical problems and are way ahead of Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, and Canon:
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    Phase One IQ3 100mp. Shipping now. Full frame CMOS. HDMI.

    Re: In the Air with the IQ3 100 Sharpness is lacking in the upper left and right corners, OK in upper center.
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    G Master lenses - 24-70mm f/2.8, 85mm f/1.4 & 70-200mm f/2.8

    A-Mount as a stand-alone system is dead as soon as a successor to the LA EA4 adapter is introduced without mirror, using the camera's focusing and a motor for the screw-drive A-mount legacy lenses. My hope is this is the path Sony takes with a mirror-less A9 to succeed the A99 and introduce this...
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    FS: Canon 7sZ and LTM lenses

    Wonderful classic gear!
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    Contax 645 Complete Boxed Set with Lens $2600. Other items available too.

    I forgot to mention a small detail: The lens is new, never used.
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    Contax 645 Complete Boxed Set with Lens $2600. Other items available too.

    Selling a used complete boxed-as-new set with prism, film back, and prism together with the 80mm/f2 lens. I am the first owner and have used this very little. It is in excellent condition with few signs of use. These are harder and harder to come by in this condition. Will ship anywhere in CONUS...
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    A7rII with Canon AF database reference.

    Loaded new Metabones firmware V0.43 and my Canon 135mm L works!! Great job, Metabones! Also verified: Autofocus works on Conurus converted Contax N 24-85mm, 85mm/1.4, and 100mm macro.
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    Sony file numbering help

    Unlike Nikon or Canon, where file names can be customized in camera, as far as I can see, there is no such customization in Sony cameras. Now that I have used multiple Sony cameras, how do you keep these files straight and prevent accidental overwriting? What is the best practice when...
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    A7rII with Canon AF database reference.

    Canon lenses with Metabones IV latest June 2015 V0.41 firmware: Work: 24-105/4L 24-70/2.8L II 85/1.2L II 16-35/4L 70-200/2.8L II Do not work (engages AF but hunts and never finds focus): 50mm/1.8 II 50mm/2.5 macro 100mm/2.8 macro USM (previous version, not new L version) 135/2L Conurus...
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    New lens lineup for the A7rII

    Lensrentals has a brief video with the Canon zoom, looks very good to me. I'll be able to try this tomorrow.
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    A7RII delivery dates and last minute availability

    UPDATE: Adorama order is on it's way, despite what was told me. Glad this worked out, I again like both Adorama and B&H equally. Still waiting for the 85mm Batis, though.
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    A7RII delivery dates and last minute availability

    I ordered with Adorama in the first minute of availability 6/17/2015. Status check with online chat: "They are scheduled to ship by Sony today, but it may take a couple of weeks to get them in Adorama will notify you as soon as it is ready to ship to you." Fortunately I placed a second order...
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    Metabones IV Canon EF to Sony FE Smart Adapter

    Used Canon EF Lens to Sony E Mount Smart Adapter (Mark IV). In box with accessories. With the increased number of FE mount lenses, I no longer need this. $295 shipped in USA, PayPal included.
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    Pentax 645Z vs Canon 5DSR

    FWIW I was told in one of his galleries that Peter Lik used Pentax 645 in Italy recently.
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    New Rumor Nikon D850/D900

    Photorumors has the upcoming Pentax full-frame using Sony's 42 megapixel sensor, according to a Pentax rep. Sony is walking a tightrope, selling leading-edge technology to competitors. If the A7RII sensor is going to Nikon, I would expect that to be at least 6 months out from their own camera...
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    Mount conversion question

    Instead of the LA-EA4 with mirror, you could use the less expensive LA-EA3 for manual focus operation only.
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    Upcoming A7rII

    Exactly why I am not at all excited by the Cano 5dR.
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    CONTAX 645 Set Brand New with NEW Grip, 2 Screens, Flash, Metz Adapter etc.

    Camera and lens set has been sold. Other items still available.