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    View camera adapter for A7rii?

    Hi, Does anyone know of a view camera adapter for the a7rii, like the one Fuji makes for the GFX 50s? Thanks.
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    Scale (mm) and centering on Arca Swiss Universalis

    Hi, Could someone explain the relationship between the rise and fall scale (mm), centering the lens and sensor/film plane on the Universalis, please? I had a chance to look one over the other day, but could not work out how they relate to each other. Thanks.
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    Any Free Eye users?

    Hi, Has anyone used the Free Eye shift adapter? Freeeye System | Still photography, motion pictures and video How is it to use?
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    Best alternative to 35mm Pentax 645 A using Mirex on A7rii?

    Can anyone recommend a better lens (distortion, CA and *usable* image circle) than the 35mm Pentax 645 A for use with a Mirex adapter and A7rii? Thanks.
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    p0 hybrid

    Hi, Does anyone know if just the leveler for the Arca Swiss p0 is available yet? And can the panning section of the original p0 be removed and placed on top of the leveler? Anyone know if the spacer is available? The spacer is the metal ring that sits on top of the panning section (in the...
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    Assistant in Seoul?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a photographer's assistant in Seoul, South Korea? Thanks.
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    Difference between proPsolution TSE Adapter and the Hartblei TSE Tripod Collar

    Hi, Does anyone know what the difference is between the proPsolution TSE Adapter and the Hartblei TSE Tripod Collar? Or are they the same product, just a different name? And am wondering what the difference is between v2 and v2.1. And does anyone know if the Sony a7rii works ok with the...
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    Adapter for Nikon shift lenses on a7rii yet?

    Hi, Anyone know if there's an adapter to use Nikon shift lenses on the a7rii yet? Thanks.
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    Kipon Baveyes adapters

    Hi, Anyone any experience using any of the Kipon Baveyes adapters? Thanks.
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    Lowest distortion medium format lens?

    I'm thinking about getting a Pentax-67 43mm f/4, but does anyone know of any other medium format lenses at a similar focal length (40-50mm) by Contax, Mamiya or other manufacturer that show less distortion than the Pentax-67 43mm (and which are also sharp)? I'll be using the lens on an a7rii...
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    Pentax-A 645 35mm f/3.5 vs Canon 35mm f/1.4 vs Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art

    Hi, Does anyone know how these three lenses compare, especially in terms of sharpness and distortion? Thanks.
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    Qestion about Pentax-A 645 lens on a7rii

    Hi, I bought a Pentax-A 645 55mm f/2.8 and a Pentax 645 to Canon EF adapter. The a7rii has a Fotodiox Pro EF to E-mount adapter on it. It all works fine. My question is about the field of view of the Pentax-A 55mm on the Sony. It's slighly less than what I see through my Sigma 50mm f/1.4...
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    Which adapter? Sigma 35mm Art on a7r

    Hi, Does anyone know which adapter works best with the Sigma 35mm Art and an a7r? The Sigma 35mm Art works okay on the a7rii when using the Fotodiox Pro adapter, but not well at all on the a7r. Thanks.
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    Question for Mirex tilt shift adapter users

    Hi, I have a Mirex (Canon EF lens mount/Sony E mount) tilt shift adapter. Does anyone know how to shift vertically when the adapter foot/support is attached to the tripod plate? I can only shift left and right. Thanks.
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    Actus, A7rii and back swing

    Hi, Does anyone have any architectural shots showing examples of back swing used to correct horizontal convergence? Examples with Canon TS lenses would be great. If you have any shots showing how back swing on the Actus enabled you to get a shot you couldn't have got without it, that would be...
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    Mirex adapter and Sigma Art lenses

    Hi, Has anyone used a Sigma Art 35mm or 50mm on a Sony A7r or A7rii, using an Eos to E-mount Mirex adapter? How much shift do you get? Thanks.
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    Question about HARTBLEI Digital 45mm Super-Rotator Tilt Shift Lens

    Does anyone know what, if any, difference there is between the HARTBLEI Digital 45mm Super-Rotator Tilt Shift Lens and the older version? Is there an older version (the one reviewed by Michael Reichmann)? Has anyone seen any reviews of the newer version (if there is a newer version)? Thanks.
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    Nikon to E mount adapter work with Nikon shift lenses?

    Does anyone know if this adapter will work with Nikon shift lenses and the A7RII? Nikon F Lens to Sony E-Mount autofocus adapter is now available on eBay | sonyalpharumors Thanks.
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    Hi, Does anybody know what the latest is regarding lenses that can be used on the Arca Swiss Universalis? Thanks
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    How to remove A7RII red green hot pixels/confetti-like noise?

    I took a few 15 second and 30 second exposures this evening, and was surprised to find the red and green confetti-like noise sprinkled all across the images. Much of it's gone when processed in Capture One, but was just wondering if there's another way to remove it. Thanks.