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  1. JohnBrew

    To those with new Mono, any lens failing to pass muster?

    There have been many suppositions in the past when sensor resolutions have risen that the existing lenses were not up to the task of the higher mp sensors. And one website claiming that NONE of the existing lenses of a certain manufacturer could resolve the higher mp’s. So has anyone with an...
  2. JohnBrew

    Focus update for Z7, problems

    While I have not tried the “eye” focus from the upgrade yet, I have had strange focusing issues now from the upgrade. When I press the AF button the image in the viewfinder is not sharp. I have to press it a second time to acquire sharp focus. And my long adapted lenses are not sharp, I have to...
  3. JohnBrew

    Alternative to Adobe

    My Adobe subscription is up for renewal next month. I’m looking for another processing program with which I can print. I like and use Luminar 3, but they have no print engine which is very frustrating. I only process Nikon Z and DNG files, if that helps. Thanks for all replies.
  4. JohnBrew

    Hasselblad CFV ll 50c

    Announcement of this back is the big news, IMO. It has several advances over the old one: battery in body, flip screen and a high resolution LCD. And the 907x body idea is just terrific. How about pricing and availability, Hasselblad?
  5. JohnBrew

    Help! Good card recovery system?

    I was trying to move a file in Bridge to a newly named file and PS said that name was already taken. Huh? Anyway the file simply disappeared and now I need to try and download it from an SD card I erased. At least I haven't used the card again. Any help appreciated.
  6. JohnBrew

    FS: Nikon D810

    D810 w/box and all original contents. 4,900 clicks*, very good condition. Also includes Kirk L-plate for D800 (fits the same but does block port access), SD & CF cards, remote shutter release and DK-17M viewfinder magnifier. *2016 shutter replaced and shutter count reset to zero by Nikon 2016...
  7. JohnBrew

    FS: Arca-Swiss d4 ballhead, RRS tripod

    Arca Swiss d4. Very good condition. The quick release knob took a hit in Death Valley and is cocked down a bit but still functions perfectly. See images. $675, includes shipping and insurance in CONUS. PayPal +3% or personal check. RRS TVC-3X (34L) tripod. Good, used example. Comes with bag...
  8. JohnBrew

    FS: Nikon Df chrome

    I bought this body refurbished by Nikon last July. Less than 6K clicks. Excellent condition except for a few scratch marks on bottom plate (see images). Comes with strap, body cap, battery & charger, USB cable and viewfinder cover. $1350, shipping and insurance included.
  9. JohnBrew

    FS: Zeiss Otus 55 for Nikon

    Zeiss Otus 55 f1.4 ZF.2. Excellent condition, with usual scuff marks and signs of use on rubber (?) focusing and aperture rings. Includes caps, hood and original box. $2850 including shipping and insurance in CONUS. Payment by PayPal (add 3%) or personal check.
  10. JohnBrew

    Shout out to Ari Kermaier

    I swear we worked this deal for months. Ari was a real gentleman and I would deal with him again in a heartbeat. Lovin’ the camera, man.
  11. JohnBrew

    WTB: Leica 90 Elmarit-M in chrome

    Not picky about body condition, but glass must be pristine. Thanks for all replies.
  12. JohnBrew

    Canon 6400 question

    I had to move my iPF 6400 last month to storage for five weeks until I can move into my new house. Canon instructs you to drain all the ink from the printer and remove the cartridges before moving. I did this and noticed most of the cartridges had been completely drained of ink! And I was...
  13. JohnBrew

    Rodenstock 40HR & 180 APO Sironar

    In Arca-Swiss RM3di mounts. 40HR. I purchased new last year from RodK. Excellent+++ condition. With caps, shutter release, electrical cord, AS focusing chart, scroll for viewfinder and mask for 6 x 6 film. $5000. 180 APO Sironar Digital. Excellent condition, glass is free of any imperfections...
  14. JohnBrew

    FS: RM3di w/accessories

    Arca-Swiss RM3di body w/cap, viewfinder, AS strap, Hasselbald "V" adapter and Hasselblad 12 film back. Also included lower handgrip which I removed because it isn't needed and it's ugly! Body is functionally excellent and in very good condition. Viewfinder is near mint. Film back is light tight...
  15. JohnBrew

    FS: 70 HR in RM3di mount

    Rodenstock 70 HR with caps, excellent condition - no flaws, scratches or dings, glass is perfect. Arca-Swiss RM3di mount. With shutter release, cord, Arca focusing chart, cylinder for viewfinder and mask for 6 x 6 film. Will also include two Formatt-Hitech Firecrest IRND filters, 6 stop and 10...
  16. JohnBrew

    Double exposures on D810

    The last two times I went out I came back with two or more double exposures. How is this even possible? I attach an example.
  17. JohnBrew

    lightweight ballhead?

    OK, this is probably a silly question but I'm looking for a lightweight ballhead which will support at least 7 lbs for a new travel setup. Yeah I've read all the bs reviews, etc. but I'm looking for real-life experiences here. As I, ahem (cough, cough), get a bit older I find that weight is...
  18. JohnBrew

    FS: CFV-50c digital back

    Hasselblad CFV-50c digital back. +/- 400 actuations. 9 batteries and 3 chargers. With original packaging, 16 Gb card. $7000, shipping in lower 48 included. Bank transfer, PayPal (+3%) or personal check.
  19. JohnBrew

    Some from last roll

    Mods, please delete - wrong thread
  20. JohnBrew

    New rant against Adobe

    Once again had to update PS before I was allowed to use it. What a pain. But wait, there's more...this time, before I can use the updated PS I MUST update my computer to Windows 10 Anniversary!!! This just gets sillier and sillier. Also I bought Luminar, for a few features and as a backup photo...