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    wtb: Baseplate or L bracket for Sigma DP Merrill

    Hello, Maybe someone here has a Really Right Stuff or other baseplate, L bracket or grip set for the Sigma DP Merrills. I'm interested in buying one or more. Thank you, Robert rknewcomb Athens, Ga. USA
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    Wtb evf eye level electronic viewfinder for sigma dp 1 2 or 3 merrill cameras

    Hello, I'm wanting to buy one of the third party made in China EVF EYE LEVEL ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER FOR SIGMA DP 1 2 OR 3 MERRILL CAMERAS. There was talk here about these a few years back and some people bought them - maybe they are willing to sell it. Thank you, Robert USA
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    Sigma SD Quattro Questions

    Hi Folks, I was reading a review and the person said that as the ISO went up the pixel count when down. (two questions). 1) Does the camera actually lower the number of pixels as you shoot at a higher ISO? 2) If you stay at a lower ISO to Avoid problem (1), if you use a tripod and a longer...
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    Fun with Pentax QS-1

    Just starting to learn the little Pentax QS-1 with Holga 10mm lens. Robert
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    Sigma SD15 Question

    Hi, I'm interested in one of the Sigma reflex cameras but also have reasons to wonder if it might not be the wrong thing for me. The prices of very clean SD15's are attractive. I know there are folks on this forum who know way more them about Sigma cameras so I want to ask. Is the SD15 one of...
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    Earlier Sigma "analog front end" ??

    Hi, Would one of you smart people mind telling me what the heck is an analog front end in the early DR2X series of cameras. I'd like to understand this but if its a bother to explain thanks anyway. regards, Robert
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    WTB:Ricoh GXR A12 28mm LH-1 lens hood

    This is the lenshood that fits on the 28mm lens module for the Ricoh GXR camera. Thanks! Robert
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    Use Sony Nex lens on Micro 4/3 ???

    I got a Jackar Snapshooter "toy" lens by accident in the Sony Nex mount. I wanted to use it on a OMD EM5 micro four thirds camera. I can not for the life of me find an adapter. Are the physics wrong or something? Thank for any help! Robert
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    DP1 No B&W unless shooting Jpegs ??

    Was checking out my new DP1 last night. When choosing raw+jpeg the B&W option is grayed out on the color menu. In jpeg only, the B&W can be selected on the menu. With my other Merrills I can shoot Raw&jpeg, choose B&W and it gives me B&W on the rear LCD screen when viewing and B&W images on...
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    Shoulder Bag for three DP Merrills ?

    Hi, Any ideas about a shoulder bag the right size for three DPx Merrill cameras and maybe a couple of additional small items? Wanting a smallest shoulder courier satchel bag that does not look expensive. There is one pictured in the Sigma accessories thread but I did not see a brand name. Any...
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    X3 Magazine

    Hi, I may be way behind the pace here. I found this X3 Magazine online. A place for images made with the X3 sensor. Here is a link one person's work on that site. Seascapes by Lea Tippett on X3 magazine I'm not really much on sunset "postcard" pictures but holy crap these are pretty. Robert
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    DP-X Merrills Price went up

    :confused: I noticed at B&H the price on a DP2 Merrill went from $650 to $799 in just the last few days. The other DP-X went up as well. Interesting also the the Quattro is $899 The out going model and the latest and greatest are getting closer in price. They still have a $200 "discount" but...
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    Actus Tech Cam Anybody tried it?

    Hi, Has anyone actually tried the Cambo Actus camera for anything other table tops? How well does it work? Infinity application where the bellows is tight? What lenses? Thanks, Robert
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    Sigma Software 5.5.3 Correct?

    Hi, I've only made a few photos with my DP2 and I've had to use the jpeg function because the Mac OS on my home computer was too far out of date. I'm now ready to shoot raw and will soon download the software. Is the 5.5.3 the latest and/or correct one? I seem to remember folks here having...
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    SD1 should I or should I not ?

    Hi, I have all three of the DP Merrills and really like them. The image quality and I actually like the funky little camera bodies. I am not crazy about the lack of viewfinder and sometimes it seems like actually looking through the lens and seeing what the lens sees might be nice. Thinking...
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    Nikon 1 V3 ??? Anyone got one?

    Everything kind of went silent on this one. Anybody have one of these or had their hands on one. Any feedback? Thanks! Robert
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    Nikon 1 V1 image

    Hi, Seems like some people poo poo on the little Nikon 1 V1 camera. I happen to think its a good little camera and fun to boot. Attached is an image shot ISO 1600 1/30th f5.6 on the kit zoom lens. thanks for looking. Robert
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    Sigma Promotional Video

    Hi, Many of us have seen videos on the careful production of Leitz cameras and lenses. Thought it might be fun to show these two on Sigma equipment. Take it from a person who has trouble cutting a board straight at 90%, I marvel over what skilled people can create and bring into being. Two new...
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    Nikon 1 V3 blur background "filter" ??

    Hi, I'm interested in finding how and how well the feature on a Nikon 1 V3 that allows you to blur the background works. Does it take place in a single shot or stack frames? Do you get to set how much blur? Any help is appreciated. Robert
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    Lens Hood for DP2 Merrill

    Hello, What is a good answer for a lens hood that will also let me use filters on a DP2 Merrill? I see at B&H a plain hood and two different Sigma adapters that say you can use filters. I don't quite understand the difference. I also read about a Lensmate brand DP1 adapter. Any thoughts...