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    Contax 645 Complete Boxed Set with Lens $2600. Other items available too.

    Selling a used complete boxed-as-new set with prism, film back, and prism together with the 80mm/f2 lens. I am the first owner and have used this very little. It is in excellent condition with few signs of use. These are harder and harder to come by in this condition. Will ship anywhere in CONUS...
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    Sony file numbering help

    Unlike Nikon or Canon, where file names can be customized in camera, as far as I can see, there is no such customization in Sony cameras. Now that I have used multiple Sony cameras, how do you keep these files straight and prevent accidental overwriting? What is the best practice when...
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    Metabones IV Canon EF to Sony FE Smart Adapter

    Used Canon EF Lens to Sony E Mount Smart Adapter (Mark IV). In box with accessories. With the increased number of FE mount lenses, I no longer need this. $295 shipped in USA, PayPal included.
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    Metabones Mark III Canon EOS to Sony FE Autofocus Adapter, Mint

    Price: $225.00 Payment method: PayPal Item condition: 10 Preowned equipment, but appears as new As new, used once. PayPal only, USPS shipping in CONUS included (insurance extra). In addition to FredMiranda, I have 100% perfect feedback on over 1100 transactions on eBay (cengel001).
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    Sony A850, boxed, complete

    AVAILABLE: 1. Sony A850. 2385 clicks. Carefully used by amateur, showing no wear that I can see and working perfectly. I am sad to let this go, as this is a superb camera design, the last with reflex mirror, and with excellent full-frame image quality. Sony USA warranty is expired. $950. SOLD...
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    CONTAX 645 Set Brand New with NEW Grip, 2 Screens, Flash, Metz Adapter etc.

    I bought this as a backup camera from Helix and never used it. This is a brand new complete boxed set including everything pictured in new condition. As I still have three bodies which have been working perfectly for many years, I am letting this go. Also included are the following optional...
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    Sony Vario-Tessar T* FE 24-70mm f/4 ZA OSS Lens

    This is the next lens after the 55mm and the first zoom. I really have great hopes for this, as it would make a convenient travel lens. However, there are significant concerns when I compare the ZA zoom with the relatively new Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS, particularly filter size. The Sony-Zeiss is...
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    Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Flash: New, unused

    Since my Metz sytem does the job, I decided not to go with this route after all. It is radio controlled wireless, a major upgrade from previous Speedlites. $449.99 shipped in USA (new price $499).
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    Sony NEX Hybrid Autofocus and LA-EA1 vs. 2 Adapters

    Newer NEX cameras such as the NEX-5R now have hybrid autofocus on sensor, i.e. both phase and contrast detection. My interest is in using Minolta/Alpha SLR lenses. Doesn't this technology eliminate the need for the bulky and expensive LA-EA2 adapter with the built-in mirror? The older LA-EA1...
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    Brand New Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Kit with STM lens

    This was going to be a graduation present, but is now available due to personal preference of the recipient. You can't win them all... Never used or opened, just released (USA model). Smallest SLR ever, great new lens with IS and STM. I am willing to sell at a loss: $699, free shipping in CONUS...
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    $125 Canon EF 40mm f2.8 STM: Brand New

    Unused, in box. Bought from Adorama a couple of weeks ago. Small pancake lens, for full frame or APS-C. Essential equipment, particularly for video (STM) and travelling, but I am going to stay with my existing lenses for now. Asking $125 plus $5 shipping in CONUS.
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    Nikon Coolpix P330 Brand New: RAW/GPS/f1.8

    Bought from Adorama a couple of weeks ago. I tried again, but my wife refuses to use anything but her iPhone for photography. I myself am not ready to downsize so this hot new camera is available. Not a single shot has been shot with it. Nikon USA warranty. Black version. Specs: 1/1.7 image...
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    SOLD: Brand new Sony Alpha HVL-F60M Flash for A99 for $100 off.

    Brand new, unused Sony Alpha HVL-F60M Flash. Got this as a package deal with the A99 but won't be needing it. Never opened or mounted!! Lists for $548 everywhere. $100 off the regular price = $448. Shipping $10. - Christopher
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    Brand new Sony Vertical Control Grip VG-C99AM For A99 for 20% off!

    Got this as part of a package when I finally gave in and acquired the camera. I don't need it. Lists for $378 everywhere. Will sell for $325 with free shipping in CONUS. I have 100% positive feedback on eBay with over 1000 transactions. - Christopher
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    Kipon Contax 645 adapter to Nikon F or Canon EOS

    This adapter has been available since early this year and I was wondering if anybody here can share their experience with it. This is a mount adapter with it's own diaphragm while the Contax lens aperture remains open. What effect does this different posittion have on bokeh, rendering, etc? This...
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    Discounted, unopened Canon 5D Mark III $100 off list

    A. I got on two pre-order lists because I absolutely wanted the new camera for an upcoming trip (ironically to NYC). Both are from highly reputable NY dealers, and so I am selling one (from Adorama), unopened at list price minus $100 and with free shipping: $3399 net to me. SOLD B. The used...
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    SOLD Leica R9 Black with Luigi leather case and strap

    Really hardly used, perhaps three rolls of film through the camera. The leather is beautiful and also shows no wear. Boxed and includes the unused original Leica strap too. One of the most advanced manual focus 35mm film camera of all time. Luigi Crescenzi Leicatime case new price Euro 180 and...
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    Zeiss ZF for Nikon Sale

    I am reducing the number of un-chipped lenses in my arsenal. All are mint, have had filter protection since day one, and have hardly been used. 25mm 2.8 $799 35mm 2.0 $899 50mm 1.4 $549 50mm 2.0 Makro-Planar $1049 85mm 1.4 $1049 100mm 2.0 Makro-Planar $1399 For reference: new ZF.2 versions are...
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    Video Aliasing with Nikon D800/D800E

    I wonder if this is going to be an even greater issue than with the Canon 5D Mark II. There is an interesting removable antialiasing filter available for the Canon. Do you think such an attachment would make sense for stills with the D800E, turning it essentially into a D800? See: VAF-5D2...
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    Fotodiox Filter for Nikkor 14-24mm

    I have rarely used my 14-24mm lens outside my home because I am afraid of damaging the front element. Until recently, filter solutions were limited to the bulky Lee system. Now there is a somewhat more manageable system available from Fotodiox. The filter is 145mm and screws into an adapter...