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  1. MoJo

    Taos Pueblo, New Mexico B&W

  2. MoJo

    Fuji X100-T and Infrared.... New York City Shots

    It looks like my new Fuji X100-T is nicely infrared sensitive... These were shot hand-held, usually wide open or F2.8, and with a Hoya 72 filter..... More to come......
  3. MoJo

    Fs: Leica legendary thambar lens, 9cm f2.2, super rare and nice!

    Hi: I have a nice Leica Thambar screwmount lens for sale, with Hood, rear cap, and box. I believe this was from approx. 1938, the serial number is #226223. The focusing and shutter appear to work very smoothly. This belonged to my friends grandfather, you can see the name on the bottom of the...
  4. MoJo

    FS: Leica M Safari Edition - plus extras - only 100 shots on it!

    Hi all: a friend and client of mine has asked me to sell his new Leica M Safari Edition Camera, with some great accessories. The accessories are the Electronic Viewfinder, the Leica handgrip, and the Leica Filters, accessories cost was $885. There are only about 100 shots taken with this...
  5. MoJo


    Hello again: I have 2 of these Nikon tilt-shift lenses, one was accidentally ordered by my client not realizing he already had one. They are both As-New in box, all papers, warranty cards, etc. Do you call them new other? Mint++? Anyway, here they are, and I am asking $1800 for each one...
  6. MoJo


    I have 2 of these, from a client who forgot he already had one and ordered another. Both boxed, warranty cards,etc. exactly as new! 1 had been handled - looked at and a couple shots taken, and put back in box. So do you call these New, As-New, Mint+ ?? In any event, they are wonderful lenses...
  7. MoJo

    FS: SONY ALPHA 900 CAMERA BODY + battery Grip and finder

    Hi All: I am selling my Alpha 900 camera body, with accessories, all can be seen in photos. Of note is that this was my camera - I am the original owner - and am selling it quite reluctantly, - I have a trip to Bali to fund, and have too many cameras. The camera works beautifully, probably the...
  8. MoJo

    FS: Sony Zeiss 24-70mm f2.8 Vario-Sonnar T lens

    Hi: I am selling my Sony/Zeiss zoom lens here, I used it for my Alpha 900 (which I am putting up shortly). It is a 24-70mm f/2.8 Carl Zeiss T* Alpha A-Mount Standard Zoom Lens from Sony in Excellent used Condition. the only signs of use are just some light handling marks on the rubber rings. It...
  9. MoJo


    HI: I am selling for a friend his new Leica X Vario, with Leica Hood, Grip, and Leica Finder. The shutter count appears to be only 144, he has huge hands and found the layout of the buttons didn't work for him.... His loss, our gain! All bought new from Camera West and B&H Photo, copies of the...
  10. MoJo


    Hi: I have for sale the Sony Optical Viewfinder for the RX-1. It is mint, only used a couple of times, I'd call it As-New. Included are the box and instruction sheet. Only $370 + shipping. I'll post photos tomorrow. Have both sold here and on E-bay for 10 years, with a perfect 100% rating...
  11. MoJo


    Hi: I have too many cameras, so am selling my Fuji X100. It works beautifully, never had any issues with it, and the files are best described as magic. Check out the photos - it may have only a little over 5K clicks, though i find it hard to believe I shot it that much. Lens always had filter...
  12. MoJo


    HI: Here is a New- Unopened FS: SEKONIC L-478DR BUNDLE - LITEMASTER PRO METER AND X-RITE COLOR CHECKER PASSPORT. This was won in a photo contest by my client, and has never been opened. The amazon price of this is $518, I will take $425 net, and will include free shipping. You can see all...
  13. MoJo

    Leica Summilux M 35mm f1.4 Apo Black and Leica Summicron 75mm f2 Black Both New

    A sad story...... my client, a local pro fine-art photographer, ordered a new Leica M-240 and these 2 Leica lenses from Samy’s on Feb12, on their promise that he would have the camera body very soon..... the lenses were in stock. The date for delivery of the body kept getting pushed back, to...
  14. MoJo

    FS: 97 Cameras and 50 Accessories

    Hi: I have been given the task of disposing of an "estate" of cameras, from a German local (Santa Fe) who passed away. They are 97 old cameras, some with lenses attached, and another 50 lenses and accessories. They probably don't have too much value, there is 1 old Leica DRP and 1 nice Rollei...
  15. MoJo

    Aristo Platinum Printer...Very Rare! Also 97 camera estate!

    Hi: I am selling this Aristo Platinum Printer in excellent condition. Have a perfect rating of almost 300 @100% on ebay - seller name "viswan". $900 OBO. I also have an estate from a collector of 97 cameras..... Exacta's, Minoltas, Yashica, Konicas, Olympus, etc. Let me know if you are...
  16. MoJo

    FS: Panasonic Lumix G1, 20mm f1.7, and 14-55 kit lens

    HI: I have an excellent Panasonic G1, with the kit lens (the original 14-45mm f3.5) for sale. I can email photos tomorrow, I should have the boxes somewheres in my garage but can't guarantee that today. Camera is my own, and not used much at all. Price - $350 (includes paypal), + actual...
  17. MoJo

    FS: New Zero Halliburton Case 106C-SI

    Compare at $450 at Amazon. This is a new case, never used. Please see photos! Features: Heat-tempered aluminum shell has the strength of steel at only one quarter the weight Sturdy triple-digit combination lock for superior security Easy to customize, high-density, layered foam padding Extra...
  18. MoJo

    Mamiya 645 AF Lenses all Mint

    Mamiya 645 AF 55mm F2.8 $350 Mamiya 645 AF 75-150mm F4.5 D $2000 Mamiya 645 AF 35 mm F3.5 $700 Mamiya 645 AF 55-110mm F4.5 $750 Mamiya 645 AF 105-210mm F4.5 ($780) + Paypal, shipping. These are great prices folks, check out new prices and weep. All are Mint, hardly used at all, if even...
  19. MoJo

    FS: Mamiya 645 AFD III w. 80mm F2.8 and Leaf Aptus 65S Digital Back

    Here is the next set in the batch: Mamiya 645 AFD lll Body with Mamiya 645 AF 80mm F2.8 Leaf Aptus Digital Back 65S with 5 batteries, hood, case, sealed manuals, software, etc. This 28 mpx back is As-New, with less than 5k clicks on it, only used for 2 jobs. Lens looks as-new, body is Mint...
  20. MoJo

    Fs: MAMIYA 150 F4.5 for 7 II

    This lens is Mint, and comes in original box with papers, caps, etc. $600 OBO, I am 100% rated on Ebay since 2002.