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  1. guphotography

    fs: phase one iq260 hasselblad h mount digital back

    I'm travelling in europe at the moment, will send you photos when i return next week.
  2. guphotography

    fs: phase one iq260 hasselblad h mount digital back

    I managed to pick up a v mount back, decided to let go of my much loved h system. Good condition, sensor is spotless, sound working condition throughout. Back comes with hahnel dual charger, 4 batteries, tether cable. £4500 plus worldwide postage. I'm in Europe frequently, can bring it...
  3. guphotography

    FS: Arca Swiss R mount Rodenstock Apo Sironar Digital 150mm complete with extension box

    Selling mine 150mm ASD in mint condition, complete with extension box, finder kit and cable release. £2700 plus postage worldwide.
  4. guphotography

    6x7 Film Holder with Arca Swiss 6x9

    I have a non N version film back adapter if you are interested. As long as botb ground glass and film back adapter match, you are okay. Either non N or N for both.
  5. guphotography

    6x7 Film Holder with Arca Swiss 6x9

    Horseman makes the film back for Arca Swiss, just a different sticker on the top, and a big price difference because of it. If you use non N standard, you are fine to shoot both landscape and portrait orientation; if you choose N standard, you will need rotamount with universalis and m two in...
  6. guphotography

    FS: arca swiss m two mf camera with universal bellow and ground glass

    Well, I'm all set with everything I would ever need camera wise, hence offloading the kit, not looking to exchange it for another camera :D It was a hard decision, but life is rather short milling about on something may or may not happen, I'd focus on today rather than waiting for that some...
  7. guphotography

    FS: arca swiss m two mf camera with universal bellow and ground glass

    I've not had time to shoot any roll film and don't see that change in the foreseeable future, hence letting it go to someone who can actually make some use out of it. Camera is complete with universal bellow, both function carriers, 25cm rail, extension bracket and non N ground glass, just add...
  8. guphotography

    Is tilt/swing available on Universalis with Canon lenses on a GFX 100S for portraits?

    If I understand correctly, you want to utilise the swing/tilt to achieve a certain look for portraits. The fast lenses for smaller format cameras are designed in such way to mimic the look of medium/large format cameras at normal aperture, so using fast lens while combing tilt/swing might be...
  9. guphotography

    Accurate colour temperature app ios, any recommendations?

    I wonder if anyone uses colour temperature app on their iphone for recording accurate white balance at the time of capture. I only tried the free version of Light Meter app, occassionally it was spot on, but mostly just entertainment once the value is dialed in in c1. Any suggestions would be...
  10. guphotography

    Arca-Swiss F-universalis system

    Thank you Rob, that's quite a lot for any back and lens combo I'd imagine! For 6x7 or digital back, what's the maximum rise/fall you can achieve with this? Am I right to think universalis gives you more rise/fall than F line 6x9 bodies?
  11. guphotography

    Arca-Swiss F-universalis system

    Hi Rob, what's the maximium rise/fall you can achieve on the camera please?
  12. guphotography

    Looking for a IQ4-150 - Update: On hold

    Hope I'm not mistaken, for colour cast you may not need LCC but it is still required for light fall off, unless you have centre filter for every lens you plan to use, or only apply limited movements?
  13. guphotography

    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    Marsfjorden, Norway, end of April. 503CW, 80mm cf, portra 400
  14. guphotography

    DIY ground glass mask, advice please

    Thank you all, will spring into action next week, starting with a transparency sheet. How hard can it be, right? :ROFLMAO:
  15. guphotography

    DIY ground glass mask, advice please

    Hi folks, Has anyone made viewfinder mask for ground glass themselves? I want to make a semi transparent mask for arca swiss 6x9 ground glass, with guides for 6x7 and 645. Ideally with material allows snug fit without using glue of any sort that might leave sticky marks once removed. Any...
  16. guphotography

    Fun with MF images 2023

    Masfjorden, Norway, end of April. IQ3 trichromatic, 150 digitar, two horizontal frames stitched.
  17. guphotography

    focus screen for hasselblad v

    Thanks everyone, I've managed to find a basic version of the acute matte D without split image, which I found it rather cumbersome to focus with, much prefer "seeing" the bigger picture unobstructed. Fingers crossed!