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    Hasselblad X1D II for sale

    Hi, is your X1D-II still available? Thanks...gregg
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    Rumors of new XCD lenses?

    LOL SMH - wasn't even thinking about that. I sold my 90/3.2 last year when the 90V was announced. Was anticipating a sooner release date. Plus, the 90/3.2 rental rate is significantly less expensive. Thanks for the idea. ...gregg
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    Rumors of new XCD lenses?

    I know the feeling - am hoping the 90V ships before my June trip (Yosemite/Glacier/Moab/Palouse). Have reserved a 55V rental in case it doesn't, so I can at least crop it. ...gregg
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    Rumors of new XCD lenses?

    Buying used is the least expensive way to protect a lens investment should a "replacement" come out in the future. However, given the slow production of the 38/55 and the yet-to-be-released 90, it seems if you need a focal length now, buy it. Even if H were to replace their minimalist versions...
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    naive question: is it possible to use mirrorless lens with digital back?

    As you noted, the first issue is the flange to sensor focal distances. Nikon Z measures 16.0 mm and Hasselblad XCD measures 18.14mm Therefore, one has about 2.14mm with which to machine an adapter for Z mounts to X mounts. Pretty thin. There might be a way to insert a lens to remedy this...
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    Phocus Mobile 2 now compatible with X2D

    Thanks - is helpful. The nice thing about the hardwired remote release cable (for the X1D/907X) is that you don't have to look at the device to fire it. But, if the button on the iPhone screen is large, the problem is solved. ...gregg
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    Phocus Mobile 2 now compatible with X2D

    Quick question - does PM2 (on iPhone or iPad) allow for use of one of the mobile device's physical buttons to activate the shutter? Thanks...gregg
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    Hasselblad XV Lens Adapter Questions

    IIRC, I had to file the metal lock catch on the Hasselblad XV adapter to get it to lock the lens in place. However, the lenses fit reasonably snug, so no significant sag with a 250/4 FE + 2xMutar. Agree with others - try another Hasselblad version before going 3rd party. I have not had good...
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    Hassey V lens with mold… still worth buying

    I have a Zeiss 2x Mutar T* converter on a 250/4 FE. The lens itself is not that sharp [compared to modern optics] and the Mutar does not improve it. Unsure how it would do on a 350SA. ...gregg
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    Hasselblad X2D first impressions

    I just checked my X2D. The 120/3.5 Macro is rock solid without any axial rotation play. The 80/1.9 and the new 38/2.5 V have a very slight rotational play - perhaps 0.25mm or so at the most. I've already sold the X1D-II and 907X so cannot compare them directly. There is considerably more...
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    Hasselblad X2D first impressions

    Thanks for the tip on the Peipro bracket! I just ordered one at AliExpress. ..gregg
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    Any update on when the X2D will be Phocus Mobile compatible?

    I read a post 2-3 weeks ago and someone mentioned 2023. The poster was not a Hasselblad rep however.
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    Hasselblad Closes NJ Office

    I queried US service about a new phone number this morning - response was that the new phone lines have not yet been set up. So, the number will change - suspect by the end of the month. I also learned that "You will be working with a new service and support team in California." Seems not all...
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    Finally there will be an Arca Swiss Website...

    Per the comments on Instagram, seems to have been up and online for about 6 months.
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    FS: Hasselblad 907X/CFV-II 50C, Control Grip, OVF, XCD 30/3.5 & XCD 45/3.5

    Optical View Finder (OVF) has been SOLD.