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  1. J

    X2D 100C Firmware Update (2.0.0)

    Yes it did/does, not sure about the later versions.... john
  2. J

    Which might be the Better choice

    Depends on which lenses, if native then the S(007) yet again... john
  3. J

    Done. Thank you

    Didn't you own, then sell both (at least once)? john
  4. J

    has anyone tried the Hasselblad CFV II 50c with tech camera?

    Prontor Professional was my preferred shutter in sheet film days, less chance of movement with multiple exposures..... john
  5. J

    Fun with MF images 2023

    Primarily the more northern bits..... John - Scottish Highlands
  6. J

    The chase...

    Gear Acquisition Syndrome john
  7. J

    Using Black & White filters for digital.

    I found orange and red filters affected focus too much on my Leica Monochrom CCD, I tend to shoot at wider apertures so stopping down may have covered it... john
  8. J

    Leica R8 + DMR

    Sorry, that was on my website £2000 / 2300€ / $2500 US plus shipping at cost from the UK. Payment by bank transfer only. john
  9. J

    Leica R8 + DMR

    Selling my black R8 with DMR details at john
  10. J

    Hassy 60/3.5 or 50/4 for CFV II?

    ?? My last kit was 903/50FLE/100/180, sold ~20 years ago when it still had some value! john
  11. J

    Leica M bits left for sale

    Offers may be accepted..... john
  12. J

    Help With Phase one XF just acquired

    "X system you previously owned is more than capable and adequate to shoot any portrait studio session." As would the H5D, Leica S(007), Pentax 645Z each of which has been bought and sold again after a couple of weeks.... john
  13. J

    Help With Phase one XF just acquired

    Did you try the 160 on his camera? john
  14. J

    Leica M bits left for sale

    Leica M2 with Canon 35mm f2.8 LTM - $1000 US Leica M(240) black body - $2250 US (cannot currently find the battery charger) Leica 35mm Summilux FLE mk1 - $3750 US Leica M(240) Multigrip - $325 US Leica (M240) RRS L bracket - $85 US Leica Macro-Adapter M - $325 US Pictures at...
  15. J

    Help Deciding purchasing 4x5 Film Camera as it compares to Medium Format Digital

    What will that offer over you (3rd?) X1D? Why do you always want to change system, just find one a stick with it.... john
  16. J

    Looking for some super telephoto help

    I find my Cube not to be the best if there is a fair weight a distance from it, too much leverage. I use a Wimberley gimbal head with my long lenses.... john
  17. J

    Looking for some super telephoto help

    I have only seen it on a single web page, never seen one for sale. I have the 300/2.8 APO for my Leica S system john
  18. J

    Leica M bodies and lenses for sale

    Forgot to add Leica Noctilux f1.0 v4 - $3250 US
  19. J

    Leica M bodies and lenses for sale

    M2 is sold john