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    Hasselblad to be acquired by DJI

    The standard of Volvo safety features, it will be a while before the Chinese bastardised the safety features to its level. As for Chinablad, that's another story...:o
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    Anyone used "Mark II Artist's Viewfinder" with a tech camera??

    Artist's Viewfinder is great and has become a permanent replacement for my viewfinder masks. The only funny side is, when the reception is out of range, ie Australian outbacks, they are great - until you starting using within cell reception, calls start interrupting the app. So best to have a...
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    Cambo HR40 T/S mount - question

    No play with mine nor with other HR-cambo lenses with T/S. Richard
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    Medium Format Ariel photography?

    I had a first attempt and experience with a Cambo RS with HR28mm and HR40mm aerial around Flinders Ranges SA (AU). The result was satisfactory considering that I had only the viewfinder to view my shots. But certainly there is more benefits with MF-DSLR.
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    Leica takes over Sinar

    ...well perhaps Leica may further assist in evolving the 75LV (33mp) to 85LV (48mp) that is currently used with the multi-shot eXact.
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    Multishot - I wish .......

    I've seen Sinar eXact file and the workflow from the back and you should include this option in the future when looking again for MS backs - ie when comparing with "image quality". My experience with MS has been with the early days of Imacon and it ended there.
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    Cambo Wide DS Serviced - Excellent Results!

    I have had some small and major issues with their products and each time, with consistency of service excellency!
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    Cambo Mounts

    I used a rubber "O" ring and a fine nylon thread and simply sewn the "O" ring to the cap, making sure to use the same two needle holes (ie to avoid dust getting in).
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    Cambo HR40 T/S mount - question

    Thanks for that information which I was not aware of. I recall clearly that when I first pulled it out of the box, it had a slight-minor wobble/wiggle - but thought nothing more than must be the T/S design of the entire system. The performance is not impacted that I can confirm for the way I...
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    Cambo HR40 T/S mount - question

    When T/S first came out and picked up the HR40 (1.5yrs ago), I asked Cambo whether there was sufficient room to mount the HR90 as I had the lens. Cambo said that they could try but cannot guarantee that it would work and that I was the first to had them requested for that lens. After a week...
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    Cambo HR40 T/S mount - question

    Thanks Ken, Usually forums such as this and others are the last line of defence to get some sense over issues or techniques. As LF user, they should NOT wiggle or wobble, just wasn't certain as I never own a T/S lens before until recent orders where I had to give up on Cambo coming up with a...
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    Cambo HR40 T/S mount - question

    Has anyone had a problem with a "wobbly" front element of the lens (ie the section that connects to the copal shutter with this particular lens or with any of the Cambo T/S mount lenses? It sort of rocks 1-2mm. All Cambo fixed non-T/S lenses that I have do not "wobbly". cheers Richard
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    Sinar eMotion 75 - any infos appreciated

    I'm using SanDisk 32GB + internal DB SSD storage. Regarding rotating adapter, I use the HY6 adapter with my WRS interface plate with minor modification with the Cambo interface plate (ie removing the red release button... so the HY6 could rotate clear pass the release button). I have used...
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    Hoods on Tech Cams

    I totally agree...
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    Hoods on Tech Cams

    I have a LEE WA shade and it works well with HR28 (as long as you have the WA adapter ring and NOT the std ring. I use step up/down to interchange my WA adapter. When handheld my WRS on location or trekking (per travel journalism-ish shoot), I use chinese generic equivalent 35mm lens view...
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    Sincerely sorry to PM directly. I know your mind is set on Cambo WRS and my guess would be you...

    Sincerely sorry to PM directly. I know your mind is set on Cambo WRS and my guess would be you are from US albeit you don't have access to a Sinar arTec. And if I am wrong and you have tested the ArTec, then you must have a very good reason for Cambo WRS. For arch/interior, it is still the...
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    Magnifi - innovative design

    Those looking for adapters for iphones and especially those with ipod touch as viewfinders, here's another innovative design and hope they achieve their goals: Magnifi - World's First iPhone Universal Photoadapter Case by Xianne and Isaac Penny — Kickstarter If successful, this will work on...
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    New Cambo Technical Cameras Product Updates

    Less hope that the iPhone 5 (Sept/Oct 2012) specs does NOT change where the lens is located...