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    Mint Leica APO-Macro-Summarit-S 120mm f/2.5 boxed

    I have too many lenses for my S006 and need to pare down. Mint Leica APO-Macro-Summarit-S 120mm f/2.5. Includes box and all contents, papers, pouch, caps and lens hood. There are very faint marks to the lens hood. The lens body and glass are clean and unmarked. The focus motor has been replaced...
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    FS: Phase One IQ260, 8 lenses, 2 DF+ bodies - may trade for Fuji 100s

    I love this system and the huge CCD sensor but the weight is just too much. I am getting older and need to simplify my gear. Everything is in excellent+ or better condition and working properly. The IQ260 is in near mint condition and has 9939 actuations. Here is what I am selling: IQ260 back...
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    Phase One DF+ rechargeable battery really hot

    I bought a new Phase One rechargeable battery and charger for the DF+. On first charge it got almost too hot to touch during charging. It seems like it should not get that hot. Anyone have experience with this battery? Is this high heat normal or is something wrong? They are both Phase One brand.
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    WTB Covers for digital back ports

    Looking for rubber port covers for my Leaf Credo 60. I have searched the net with no luck. I shoot a lot in weather and blowing sand here on the Great Lakes. I would like to find these. See photo.
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    SOLD Fotodiox Pro Mamiya 645 -> Fuji G Adapter US$80

    Interested in the Fotodiox adapter. Can you post a couple photos? Can you give me a final cost To Michigan 49085?
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    Beautiful Hasselblad H1, 3 lenses and Phase One P25+ back kit

    I'm thinking of selling my H1 system and testing the waters to see if there is interest. I have the following: Hasselblad H1 body - excellent plus 86.201 actuations Phase One H101 P25+ back - Excellent plus 30,167 actuations Hasselblad 80mm HC lens - excellent - 6591 actuations Hasselblad HC...